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  1. Don't forget Embalmed Cadavers will switch sides with a little Confusion. I laugh every time one blows up his buddies.
  2. I personally don't count the CT to-hit bonus when considering it. It may just be my 3d6 of Unluck firing, but at least the Warshade clone of CT seems to make it LESS likely I'll hit.* * Of course, the plural of anecdote is not data. It's Someone trying to tell me Something.
  3. Thanks for the correction; my forgettery gets more powerful every year!
  4. In the spirit of going through the superbase's sofas looking for pocket change: I grab the "internal inspiration" power from p2w on all my characters. This gives you 3 medium or large inspirations 2 or 3 times an hour. You can sell these to any vendor for a few hundred inf, or, if the RNG gods are kind, glom something that sells for tens of thousands on the AH. (If you don't have enough slots free when the power recharges, use, sell, or email yourself a few insps to free up room.) You won't get rich, but especially for low-level toons, it can provide some handy walking-around money
  5. Ah! You remind me of one of my favorite aspects of a WP Tank: No PSI-hole! OK, I'll never be the guy tanking Hami, but being able to seek out Rularuu, Psychic Clock King, Carnies, and Rikti -- where many tanks are too busy farming Council to bother -- is a sheer joy. "What can I say? I guess my mind is too small a target for your psi powers!"
  6. Agreed on the Willpower set! Once the anemic Taunt was brought up to par, WP became my favorite Tank primary. I understand the Devs wanted at least some Tanks to be responding to different threats with different defenses, but in practice having to switch toggles mid-fight seems less like Tanking and more like plugging leaks and patching holes. WP, once you get your END issues solved, is just more fun for me. As long as you don't accidentally hit your Stoppable button. (The self-pranking Tank strikes again!)
  7. Right up there with finding cash in the pocket of an old suit!
  8. Does that make you plussed, or do you just break even? Anyway, I agree, I hate it when designers plus you without asking. I would love some more maps. But let's not worry about replacing the ones we have, let's just add some new ones that are more logical -- and some that are deliberately maze-like! I suspect that would be a lot less work.
  9. Anybody else remember the classic "Badger" comic? I have 'em all... somewhere. He was "the psychotic hero for the nineties." Or maybe eighties? (Damn, I'm getting old when I can't recall my comic references.) "You got red on my suit!" But, on topic, sometimes ya just wanna play the Question. He's no Batman, but he still has his seat at the Watchtower. cf: The Cadmus arc in JLU.
  10. Wow. A... friend of mine just saw it and... there were laughs, there were way too many tears, there was a feeling of redemption for a certain game's sudden axing. Also, And a very timely cameo! My friend can't wait for the blu-ray, there were probably way too many easter eggs to count. If my friend can be trusted (and he has never been wrong -- he thought he was once, but it turned out he was right all along) it's a serious must-see. Amazing how much fun a well-placed musical sting can be. TL;DR: Go see this movie.
  11. I was delighted to learn that F10 Battlecrys can be fired off during cutscenes. One of the very few things you can do while the bad guys are monologing. (Apart from making a sandwich, walking the dog, or running out for beer.)
  12. My namesakes, Ill/Rad and Ill/Time controllers, have used Arcane Bolt in attack rotation since it became available. Because controllers need direct attacks and it's very thematic. Now it is even gooderer with reasonable animation times and the Arcane Boost. If you are a controller, getting the bonus damage from mezzing a foe plus the Arcane Boost yields almost triple damage: triple controller damage, granted, but still, it makes me feel like a damage dealer for a few seconds. (OT, but I still say Mystic Flight is the best TP power in the game! Set yourself on autofly an
  13. Also extremely handy for NPCs that insist on dialoging under my minimap! Jerks!
  14. Does it need to be said that there is a way to label your character as a Roleplayer, which might raise your chances of connecting with similar souls? Menu: Help: My Status: Roleplaying It's a way to be visible on everyone's RP-dar.* * It also helps if you play nicely with others. Just sayin'.
  15. True story: After CoH was murdered, I was bereft, and my shrink gave me homework: meet someone. I reconnected with a 30-year-ago college crush and we wound up getting married. Good times. She later got cancer and died. Guess what came back? The timing was uncanny. It helped so much. I wish I could have showed her the game I kept going on about, but the timing was not to be. When I say I love this game, I mean it.
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