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  1. Brilliant guide! Just a small note, if you've forgotten your base passcode (or aren't sure which one is for THIS server), if you nonetheless remember the WORD part, you can type: /sgpasscode word and the game will return your current passcode. Thanks for all the great guides!
  2. Mine resolved after several tries, Szgany, how did yours do? Perhaps the servers were a bit bogged by everyone getting the patches?
  3. Is anyone else running on a Mac and having the game hang at "Parsing File List?" It launched OK once today, but now mine hangs.
  4. Also with a teleporting toon, thanks muchly! May I humbly suggest something along these lines: /macro_image "Teleportation_TeleportFriend" "Teleport Menu" "popmenu tp-menu" (Can't check right now, but should work, and give a little polish to your fine menu!) Would it be difficult to add the Translocation power (comes free with Mystic Flight from the Sorcery Pool)? That way I could visit the Gull and lose the 'toaster popup' power tray. BTW, as a Teleport lover, I find Mystic Flight to be the best personal teleport power. I need to see if Zephyr enhancements added to MF carry over to boost Translocation range.
  5. My favorite is Turkey Pepperoni (so, no turkey in it as opposed to no ham, as is not found in regular pepperoni), Vidalia onions, sliced black olives, and pineapple on half, for variety. Toppings in roughly descending order. And THIN, yeasty crust, dammit: Chicago-style is a form of lasagna!
  6. I tried several times, kept getting "Transaction Failed." Not sure what's wrong, but between a Nemesis Plot and Paypal, my money's on Paypal.
  7. I'd lose the Dell Support Software as well. Of course, I'd lose Windows, too, if I had my druthers. Good catch!
  8. Ah, of course. Sorry, my forgettory is still working!
  9. Ah yes. Defeating the Kraken. One... Tentacle... At... A... Time!
  10. As the other guy who took Group Fly, I feel your pain and like your ideas. The only way it ever worked for me was to cast it and then Follow a teammate. Let them lead. That way, I couldn't outrun them, and nobody fell out of the sky. (Even if I had Rez...) Fixing the speed so everyone moves at the same rate would go a long way to helping GF. Also, remove the -Acc debuff. That causes a lot of whining that I could live without. (Even if I had Leadership to counteract it...)
  11. Also, it's a canard at this point, but CoH is unique among MMOs that the level 50 game isn't THE game. A lot of us enjoy the journey. And there are definitely features in the game (such as Exemplar/Sidekicking, and whatever the Villain names are) that make it unnecessary to dash to 50 at Super Speed.
  12. Adding them to base, you insert a Facemaker either side, the Icon version is one of the styles. But at least for me, they function only as a regular tailor in-base. Had to go to Pocket D to change my body type. Thanks, Itsyagirl!
  13. The Halloween event reminds me of some of my favorite "unintended features." I think it was the first Halloween event when every nonfunctional door worked for Trick or Treat. In the Steel Canyon Tech store, my Grav controller had a blast ToTing the door behind the counter. Of course, he was using Propel, (which at the time did wimpy damage, but the objects persisted a LONG time), so gradually the store filled up with random gargoyles, Buicks, and bit of machinery. The reaction from folks walking into the store was hilarious! Two misfeatures that together made for Good times...
  14. I'm on Fedora 30, running under wine via Play on Linux. CoH has been running great, better than under Windows (& eliminating my last reason to boot Win 10). Last week a patch for wine and assorted libraries dropped, and suddenly my mouse lost the functions of its right and middle buttons. The GUI clearly knows the buttons have been clicked (buttons do their little "throb" animation), but no effect in-game. I tried rolling back, but DNF says no go. I tried creating a new virtual drive, still no mouse love. Only the left mousebutton does anything. If anyone has any clue to offer, please do. I'm facile with Linux but not very experienced with Wine, and my google-fu has failed me. Please, please save me from the Microsoft monster!
  15. Here's a off-the-wall wish: Has anyone tried compiling the client with target ARM64? Best, Doctor Ditko
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