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  1. LFG: Anyone want to join a {Malta, Carnie, Rularuu} mission arc group? ... Anyone? Yeah, this game must be too easy!
  2. Clearly, Ultra, you need more alts! (Still not at 1000 yet!) I think sufficiently advanced technology falls out of this scope, that what we have Super-Science and Super-Tech for. Where I run into classification issues is the line between Magic and Natural. OK, victim of a curse, Type 4 magic (for liberal definitions of "granted.") But isn't an angel simply using its Natural abilities? As in, created at the beginning of the universe by deity fiat. What could be more Natural? I'm glad the origins have no greater effect on gameplay, or I'd be staying up nights trying to suss this stuff out! Fun to think about, though!
  3. Not seeing it here, stripped-down Winders 101, no Logitech software. Good luck, and thanks for /showbind, I had missed that one! 1 By that I mean as many services as possible disabled, only TCP/IP v 4 net protocol running. As many "features" uninstalled as O&O will help me to do. Again, good luck!
  4. My friend who has suffered the nickel-and-dimeing of a lifetime subscription to DCUO (why waste it?) says you may be in for some culture shock. In a good way. Welcome home!
  5. Interesting! I had not noticed that option. I went back on the character I thought had seen this, and it wasn't checked. However, the effect was gone also. Probably misremembered the alt. Or dementia starting at last. I figure 50-50 chance either way. At any rate, thanks for the tip, I'll use that to help declutter my P2W menu!
  6. I notice that the P2W vendor no longer offers things I can't currently buy. E.G., If I have 8 hours of 2XP already, I no longer see the Custom XP category. Hadn't seen this in the notes, thought I'd mention it.
  7. Beta setting is still available. Pick the option that doesn't overlap the slot numbers for best effect.
  8. Goodbye 2020, make sure the door hits you in the ass on the way out! (And don't think we won't be watching you, 2021!)
  9. I was on a Vigilante in Atlas last night, and easily 10 of 13 presents were 'naughty." Anecdote, not data, but still strange. My teammate had a much more even split.
  10. Isn't HC the only group trying to negotiate a legitimate license? AFAIK, that's the case. Which means they need to be more careful of IP laws. Seems pretty simple to me. It's likely the NCSoft folks are politely negotiating, it's sort of a cultural thing to conduct negotiations as opposed to declaring war, which benefits us all. Anything that activates the lawyer-bots is not good, and "profiting" from streaming -- actually anything that amounts to advertising -- will aggro the lawyer-bots. The result will be bye, bye Homecoming! Let's not aggro the sleeping dragon.
  11. First time I was brushed aside by a citizen... Into the street... Then pushed half a block by a truck... I knew I was back home! Love this place!
  12. I always wonder about the sanity of citizens who continue to reside in Paragon City who aren't secretly super-heroes. I mean, stick around for the chance to be bitten by a radioactive super-hero, trained by an Antique One, finding a Mallet of Destiny, or building your own suit of titanium armor, but at some point, you have to realize that won't be happening, and the smart thing to do is get the heck out of Dodge!
  13. It all is. The point of forbidding streaming is that, especially for popular streamers like yourself, it could be seen as profiting from the game, which would aggro the NCSoft lawyers. I am not a streamer, but I have enjoyed CoH streams, and I look forward to the time when it is again allowed.
  14. McAfee is not something I would allow on my machines. Glad you worked through it, but you shouldn't have had to. Mid's in all its incarnations doesn't touch the operating system, does nothing that should trigger an antivirus alert. (Probably a fingerprint false positive.) I second the vote for Malwarebytes, if you are rich please buy the payware version, but I still think it should be run only on demand. Seriously, though, McAfee is one of the more system-intrusive, problematic, resource intensive anti-virus applications. You are essentially trusting a commercial rootkit to protect you from all the other rootkits, malware, and viruses. Good luck to you if you elect to continue using it, I hope it proves to be worth the trouble. (I am, however, a confessed computing curmudgeon, so I hold a miniscule minority opinion.) In any event, enjoy the game, and Bona Saturnalia, by Jove!
  15. The first step in advanced slotting is admitting you have a slotting problem! I tend to overslot for Accuracy, because whiffs are not fun. (Ask me about Sands of Mu, aka Multi-Whiff, if you have a few hours.) I know you specified SOs, but honestly there are IO set procs/uniques/etc that are well worth the trouble to research. One-slot wonders can benefit from boosted IOs, as well.
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