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  1. Plus, he was a bad guy on Owlman's Earth!
  2. There's a new option to Turn Off XP, which he use if willing until you guys catch up.
  3. Wow! My wife was a huge BBT fan, I thought I'd seen every episode many times, but I missed this completely! Good catch!
  4. Aw, darn it! You are absolutely correct. My numbers didn't add up! Thanks for the correction, and R.I.P. Fry's. T'was a cool place! Incidentally, this is why "eyewitness testimony" is unreliable. Our brains store memories with a lossy compression algorithm. Every time time you remember something, your brain has reassembled the event from whatever data points it saved. And our minds love to smooth things out into a narrative that feels right.
  5. Yes, how many times have we seen nods to CoH in that famously derivative game, Real Life?* Eben Brooks, obviously, whose 2010 album "Geek Mythology" has nods to CoH, Firefly, and Babylon 5. The original Teen Titans show has a few call-outs, I remember a Cooke's Electronics appearance that I believe was even spelt that way. I recall CoH map nods in some Titans indoor missions, sewers and warehouses, I think. The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe guys have mentioned they used to hang out online in CoH, so podcasting was a logical step. Mercedes Lackey was a player, w
  6. Let us hope for an appearance of the infamous Spawn Sensor and his partner Gordon "Gut" Buster. (They may not really be psionic, but they solve a lot off crimes.) There's Hadrian, the "Hermit" of San Francisco (he has the real deal OCD), and in nearby Poseidon, CA, there's Harmonica Moon and her dad. And can't we make room for the classic Rue B Rue gang in DA? (I'd love to see Thelma and Delphine pull the rubber mask off of Mot's ugly mug!)
  7. Oy, sorry to hear it. NV have the best hardware, but someone decided to monetize the drivers, and recently most of them are all about streaming, "intelligent" (read: run on their servers in the cloud) configuration optimizing (oh did we spy? Just looking to see if you have any games we partnered with)... Disclaimer: I have been mad at NVidia since they bailed on the 3D api that ran lcd shutter glasses for stereoscopic effects. But this advice is still supporting NVidia hardware; it's just that you need to take their drivers to the vet and have them "fixed." I strongly r
  8. A thousand blessing upon you! I have begged and dreamed for this! Thanks so much!
  9. I'm with youtuber Steve Shives: this is the best version of Superman in years! Hey, look! Up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a guy who gives a shit about anyone but himself! Hurrah! Sorry about the covid hiatus, looking forward to them resuming. My only criticism is that Clark should give himself a heat-vision shave on his way to appear as Superman. "Wait, if you take the glasses off of Clark... And did you notice Superman stopped shaving right when Kent was fired?"
  10. Agreed! Plus it's a spoonful of sugar for folks still upset about the limits placed on /enterbasefrompasscode! Yay devs!
  11. Works brilliantly for me with Fedora 33 Workstation using Lutris (following the instructions on the forum).
  12. I think the essence here has been stated: There are players who demand the star, and those who request the star to help XP or effectiveness, and we've all experienced both. The OP has an excellent point, in that the former are a serious pain in the ass not helpful, and the latter can be good for the team. (Granted, the label "team stealing" may be a bit over the top. Let's not be distracted by that!) For most teams, though, the star = team leader, and therefore the person who decides which missions to run (and how). The person who went to the trouble to arrange, recrui
  13. @The Philotic Knight He's one of my heroes. (Not as in " I play him," but someone I appreciate for all his work to make life easier on the average hero in the street!) I've been trying to install his CoH Modder on my Mac, (Ideally using the same WINE that HC installs and uses). if I figure it out, I'll gladly share the incantation. But if you are running any version of Wind**s: Go thou forth, and quest until thou hast downloaded the most holy CoH Modder! Only then shall thy quest be compleat! Then shall thy characters rejoice and feast upon the lambs, and slot
  14. OK, confession time: I've been a fan of a certain strange ex-surgeon since stainless Steve Englehart and fabulous Frank Brunner's classic run in the 70s. (Then I went back and discovered reprints of the Ditko/Lee run, and was hooked for life.) So one Halloween I went through the available powersets and picked everything I could see that fit the character, for an homage. Ill/Rad was what I eventually came up with. (This was before it became FOTM, honest!) There was also an amazing Roger Stern run, crowned with a 1-issue collaboration with Michael Golden, which inclu
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