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  1. Anyone else seeing Mapserver attacks much more frequently? I'm having trouble finishing missions. Also, I can confirm the PA zoning bug. 1 survivor each time.
  2. Yay! Worked great, thanks! Sorry, didn't realize it was compiled, for some reason I expected text source and an interpreter. Is it irony to use one back-from-the-dead project on another? And again, many thanks! PS: I'm running CoH under Fedora 30/xfce, with Wine Staging 4.19. What's your setup?
  3. I'm sorry, but my arch-nemesis Verizon is attacking! I'll have to go somewhere with a wired connection. So I'm going to have to wait to install Lazarus. But when I can, from what I see, this is a Libre reimplementation of Pascal? Cool! So for everyone on Fedora 3x, the command is: sudo dnf install lazarus But once I do that, how do I launch your program? (All I see is an exe, which will launch in WINE. I'd don't want to create yet another winebottle, I'm starting to fill up my SSD with Windows crap!) With the Lazarus interpreter installed, I should be able to run it natively, no? I didn't get source from the link, just the Win binary zipfile. But many, many thanks for all your hard work!
  4. Replying to myself (that's a sign of something, I think). The next update of WINE fixed whatever was broken, and I'm happily playing away without leaving my penguin comfort zone.
  5. I finally made it work this time! Yay! Is there a badge? Keep up the good work!
  6. Sorry! I guess I just missed it. Saw the re-roll-out announcement and went off to play. Thanks!
  7. Didn't see them mention it at all, where did you learn about the new pricing?
  8. OS? Version? Does it do the same running from the command line? If you try it from the command line, post your results as a text file, please.
  9. Can anyone offer insight as to why Mid's Reborn would run V E R Y S L O W L Y under WINE on lInux? The same hardware actually runs the game slightly /faster/ under WINE. I'm not suggesting it's a priority for you, it's just so slow I can't really make use of it. MR is sufficiently useful to resort to booting into WIndows, abhorrent as that is to me, but if there's a fix on my end, I'll be glad to implement it. Does it maybe have a soft dependency that makes it resort to an emulation mode (the way some gfx programs fall back to CPU rendering when the GPU is not recognized)? Thanks again for all your hard work!
  10. Many folks are math-phobic, and the sight of the sigma sends them running. Also, humans are story-loving critters, so adding a narrative to your guide might be able to overcome knee-jerk innumeracy. In any event, thanks for all your work!
  11. Yes, I tried all that, even reinstalled and tried a different account. In my case, it was definitely a patch that broke directinput.
  12. I had this issue under WINE on linux. A WINE update broke things, then a later one fixed them. Maybe check for a newer update?
  13. Just a note: On my Mac, the game was crashing to desktop (after downloading 1st patch, it still worked, though). Seems the rollback killed it. The fix was to rescan all files: it grabbed a new CoH.exe, and all was well.
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