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  1. Wow. I have no suggestions to offer, no nits to pick. That is an amazingly well-thought-out design, and the implementation seems solid from this end. /em praise
  2. Lucid, well-written, and dead-on AFAICT! Thanks for the extra effort! And blessings upon you for including Fedora! So many companies claim their programs run on Linux, then you find out it means "install this Ubuntu PPA and trust it implicitly." ... Again, many thanks!
  3. I figure the Gray Goo will be one of these, but good point on SkyNet!
  4. Lutris is just another system to help Linux OSes emulate Winders (I know, W.I.N.an.E.) but it makes it easier for folks to share settings/scripts that work well for particular games. If you are running Winders, if won't help you unless you switch to Linux. * There is a utility call ReShade for Winders that can make the game look better, at least to some people's eyes. It has a preset for COH. Good luck! * Which you should totally do. You can thank me later, after SkyNet. Or the Matrix. Or the Gray Goo. All of which will run on Winders. Guaranteed!
  5. I'm still disappointed there is no official Talk Like a Pirate Day (19th of September), Pi Day (3-14), or Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you)! But I'm up for a Hurricane event. Just, please, can we NOT have a pandemic event? Escapism is why I'm here!
  6. May I ask what Linux distribution you were using when you got the high FPS results? And what emulation? I had some good luck early on with "bare" WINE and Winetricks, on Fedora 31, but since rebuilding my machine I haven't delved into that rabbit hole. I see LUTRIS has some CoH scripts, but again, haven't tried them out.
  7. An excellent technical writer and great all-around person. My last interaction with him was a few weeks ago, he was on Torch with one of his many cat-themed, punny characters. IIRC, it was named "Catlike." I send him a tell quoting "With catlike tread..." from the Pirates of Penzance. Without even pausing to think, he fired back, "I am the very model of a modern kitty criminal!" He could even make the damned Doc Q and Faathim the Kind TFs fun to play. (Not to mention buying Assemble the Team for anyone who lacked it, at 10 million inf the pop.) He will be missed. Rest in Peace, RT*F*M!
  8. Still a stand-out among my favorite albums! I happened across the CD at the public library, and checked it out on a whim, circa 1993. I was really pissed at all my friends when I raved about it and they all said, "Well, yeah, we knew about TMBG." Bastards didn't tell me, did they? I have since forgiven them, but it took a while. Damn! This, kids, is why you should never be your own proofreader! I'll turn in my press pass. I can't remember his character's name, but the "Missus Hu-whiggins" and the agonizingly slow shuffle (to the point where he could regularly corpse* Carol) was one of the funniest things I can remember from that era. * Beware tvtropes link: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Corpsing
  9. Wow, fascinating! I had read what I reported in an interview with Julius Schwartz, so the reporter must have gotten it wrong. Because comic industry celebrities never misremember their history. >KAFF< Excelsior >KAFF!< Thanks for the details! My introduction to the Freedom Fighters was in a ~100ish issue of JLA, and I still remember the scene of the Batman scaling the Nazi tower and terrifying the "Gott in Himmel!" out of some nasty brownshirts! (Phantom Lady was pretty sweet, but I always liked the Daffy-Duck-I-can-do-this-trick-but-only-onceness of the Human Bomb!)
  10. OK, Ben Grimm could certainly superjump, but he's a test pilot with access to a Fantasticar. He gets an all-season pass! Plus, he can take the Hulk out with judo. Smarter, not harder FTFW! And when Reed or Plasticman (or Elongated Man, who was created because Julius Schwartz didn't realize DC had bought the rights to Plasticman -- true story!) needs to cover lots of ground, they could pull off some serious leaps!
  11. AFAIK, it was absolutely the animation team trying to make it easier on themselves, and DC just said, "Whatever, he can already do almost anything, flying isn't much of a stretch!" The Silver Age later took this to extremes, with far less justification. Leading to the Super Creep Problem. If anyone cares, and doesn't know, the radio show was responsible for the invention of Kryptonite, when Bud Collier desperately needed a vacation, so they came up with a plot device that would weaken the Man of Steel so that he could be whispered by another voice talent. Thus giving the writers a slight antidote to the Super Creep Problem.
  12. ABSOLUTELY! First thing I do on MMs, and thanks for bringing it up! MMs with well-behaved pets are a joy, and more of us should be out there making teammates joyful. (Now, if my Illusion pets would allow me to control them the least little bit, I, too would be joyful.) One can but hope...
  13. Point of order: They all got the flight rings, which came in handy a few times when, say, kryptonite was involved. Nice to have a device that doesn't use endurance when you are bluelined or supressed.
  14. You should play as you like! If you're not having fun, you'd better be getting paid, 'cause it's not playing! I may have mentioned before, but on Live I made a Storm Defender called Antipodea who was from McMurdo City, in a slightly dystopian future where most of Australia had migrated to Antarctica to escape the anthropocene apocalypse. As I played her, I found myself more and more talking to teams in character. I act as though I was logging in from Antarctica, and even using New Zealand Daylight Time (UDT +13) as a time reference. Granted, I was unemployed at the time, and my entire entertainment budget was $15 per month for CoH, but it happened almost without my noticing, and when I did, I simply shrugged. So, I guess for me it depends on how immersed I am in the character. I broke character when a teammate started having what I considered alarming health complaints, so make of it what you will. Some folks use (parentheses) for out-of-character dialogs, and I respect that. Maybe that's an idea?
  15. I think The Creeper qualifies. Solomon Grundy grows more and more Hulk-like, and has been a superleaper at times. He gets a pass though, as he gets a free respec every time he comes back from the dead. I seem to remember the Shaggy Man did some jumping. And, of course once you get to the 30th century, there's Bouncing Boy!
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