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  1. On live I had a Grav/FF with Dimensional Shift, I used it for agro control when agro goes way out of control. Scrapper gets bored, agros another group and people start dieing, pop it at the new group. They are out of the fight for a few minutes. Only have one tank and he gets Alphaed, pop it. You get time to let the tank Rez and get back in the fight. Only down side, if your team doesn't know to switch targets, they end up attacking an untouchable enemy.
  2. Thank you for sharing this ❤️ I have used it as the path to build mine. Currently at lvl 39 and climbing. Just with basic IO's it's performing nicely, very flexible both solo and with teams. I will start slotting sets when I hit 50.
  3. wrongholecohv


    I like using force bubble with all that annoying knockback, especially indoors..... Makes it easier to get everything in a corner for those burn patches to really get the full effect.
  4. I need to rewrite the origin of my botz/ff MM anyways to line it up for the RP SG I'm joining anyways..... I think I'm going to take that idea and run with it. Maybe alien that arrives to Night Ward, crossed over to First Ward and got hooked by the sunlight that they have never seen before.
  5. Looks solid. The SS/WP I had on live was really forgiving. The Regen Aura is were the build will come into it's own. Resistance always adds to the Regen, so I bet you enjoy it. I rerolled with Claws on homecoming, still having a great time with WP.
  6. I have a Ninjas/Thermal MM that I play very much like you described. I jump right into the fray, apply my heals and keep the team alive...... While my henchmen that I rarely give orders to slice, burn, and snap necks with crane kicks. I think it would work great with any support set you want to build up, and it's very "fire and forget" damage. Just defend your pets like you do your team.
  7. Kings Row should also be no issue for Kheldians. The free lvl 1 travel powers really help. An evil Warshade just makes sense.
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