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  1. Regarding the Running on Empty (200 Sappers) badge: I just soloed (couldn't get any interest on LFG) Operation: World Wide Red from Crimson at -1, x4 and breezed through it without breaking a sweat. Treated every Malta mish as a kill all, and blew through the Knives as fast as possible. Started the arc with 112 out of 200, and the badge dinged in the mish right after the Kronos Titan shows up. I imagine a full team of 8 could knock out most of this badge in one thorough sweep through this arc. Plus if you don't have the badges for the Kronos Titan and/or the Zeus Titans, it's g
  2. Also, if you go to The Chantry (the actual structure in that zone) and just fly around the perimeter, you'll find a ton of brutes that are all gray and green (if you're level 50) and they go down fast. Just keep flying around the building until you get the badge.
  3. So I just decided to hit every plaque in Echo: Galaxy again, and sure enough, I clearly missed one at some point. Thank you so much for replying (and also, I guess, for making me question my sanity lol). Appreciate it!
  4. Thanks for the reply. I definitely don't have it, when I look in History badges, it says I'm 75% complete, so one of these plaques just isn't registering when I click on it. I went back to all of them and got right on top of them. Clicked them all. Even tried it again doing them in the correct order, not that that's a necessary thing. No luck. I'm only writing all this here to document it. Hopefully this is something that can be fixed at some point.
  5. I'm wondering if anyone can help shed some light on this weird problem I'm having. I've clicked on all the required plaques for the Expert badge, but I'm not getting the badge. The only thing I can think of is that at least one of the plaques is located in Echo: Galaxy, but that's just a guess. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. So I'm downloading the ZIP file and it's empty. There's nothing to unpack. Is there a newer link, or am I just missing something super obvious?
  7. So if I'm still running a Windows 7 machine (I know) and if I was dumb enough to install the game in the My Documents folder (I know) and I get this error (see attached image), does that mean the only solution is to reinstall the game in a location that's less stupid?
  8. Hi Everyone- Way back in the day, I used to play on all defender and all controller teams, and it was a blast. I was wondering if there are any SGs out there that are support / control focused. It'd be fun to play on one of those teams again. Thanks!
  9. It's childish, yes, and even lazy, but my Captain America knockoff toon is named USAHole and it makes me smile every time I see him.
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