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  1. I noticed while ToT, the vampire accuracy debuffs last too long. Before I quit the game, the accuracy debuff was still listed as being a status effect, even though over 5 minutes had gone by since I finished that fight. Even after I was defeated and went to the hospital, I still had the status on me. I was playing a level 10 stone/energy tank.
  2. I could see that as an option that auto-disables when you are in combat.
  3. This is really cool. The only problem I could see about it is that I don't think Rikti models are very customizable. You'd be pretty stuck with a set number of variations from the game. This is another Primary Set I would like to see: Primary Set - Communications 1 - Laser Burst - Ranged damage (Energy) 2 - Monkeys - Summon Rikti monkeys from a portal. These are controllable minions. 3 - Laser Blast - Ranged damage (Energy) 4 - Equip Troops - Equip HenchRikti 5 - Thermal Grenades - Ranged (AoE) damage (Energy) 6 - Drone - Summon Rikti drones from a portal. These are controllable minions. 7 - Defend Troops - Force field giving DEF boost 8 - Conscripts - Summon Rikti Conscript from a portal. This is a controllable minion. 9 - Bleeding Edge - Upgrade henchRikti
  4. Yes, privacy was very important when I was thinking of this. Not only are the characters unconnected to the actual users (or global handles), but also hides some of the stalker-ish information (like last login date, last location, hours played). I'd like to know from the rest of the player base if it should be an opt-in or opt-out option.
  5. How about adding a character compendium where we can see all characters across the different servers. This could be a good tool when you get inspired by a character name or concept and want to see if it's already in use. It would also be useful to check if you and your friends qualify for taskforces or events when not in game. I realize a real-time list might tax the game servers, but it could be generated by an SQL dump at 3am (or whenever the servers are least busy). The character list could be searchable, filterable, and would include: Character name Archetype Origin Level Creation date Supergroup affiliation Alignment Game server Clicking on a character could also show: Titles Powers selected Achievements and badges Auction house and crafting statistics What wouldn't be displayed: Player, player id, or global handle associated Last time character was active Hours played Costume (due to complexity) If the list is still too huge, we could ignore characters under level 10. For added privacy, we could have an opt-out, either character-wise or account-wise. What do you all think? Did I miss anything?
  6. We have a pretty passionate player base here. This suggestion is for both the community and the Homecoming team. How about recording voice-overs for mission descriptions? We could find some volunteers from the community who would like to record some NPC dialog lines. I don't think it would be too hard to add a script that plays an audio file when a mission window comes up.
  7. It would be neat if the phantasms could duplicate the creator's costume. Essentially making illusionary doubles of the hero/villain.
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