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  1. None of you have gotten nifty temporary powers from mayhem missions? Some of those are sweet rewards.
  2. I just want properly labelled mission objectives, not bad "bait-and-switch" missions. There are good "bait and switch" missions in CoH, but those communicate when the mission objective has changed. Those are fun. The missions I'm talking about are repetitive and unclear chores.
  3. Story-wise, make sense. Game design-wise, redundant.
  4. Also many of these have pointless secondary targets. "Save the scientists and defeat all enemies" Why bother adding saving the scientists if you have to clear the map anyway?
  5. After a review, I don't think the portals qualify. They have special mechanisms that are pretty balanced.
  6. The Longbow Warden with the broken detention field. You can only use power that affect self. Meanwhile, all the longbow agents can attack you with impunity. They are rare, but nigh impossible to defeat unless you get the drop on them first.
  7. I created a topic about this recently.
  8. Can we can add community events to the calendar? You could also optionally filter by server. Maintenance schedule Raids Task forces Arena events When you click on an event, it sends you to the forum post for more information. This way, reoccurring events are easy to find and build on the community. The bad part is it would require more administration to clear out discontinued events or bogus items.
  9. Hmmm. good question. Those portals have special attributes compared to some other mobs. They are immobile, and I think their perception is lower than most mobs. What do other think?
  10. I forgot to add the Communications officers for the Rikti.
  11. What level characters are allowed? 45-50? Or just level 50?
  12. Yes, that also happens with the buffing pets of Devouring Earth. One of them put down a Fungi pet somewhere in the cave. Good luck finding it!
  13. Thanks, I forgot about those guys. I added to the list above.
  14. The auto-turrets are very frustrating with my Illusion/Dark controller and Mind/Psionic Dominator. Being machines, they are resistant against psychic damage.
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