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  1. Badges are a nice reminder of what your character has accomplished and where they've been. However, sometimes it difficult to recollect which "big bad" your character might have faced if there isn't a badge associated. Also, while in the heat of combat, you don't always get a change to appreciate the character model or costume of those special characters you face against. I'm thinking it would be nice to have something like this. To see your character's Rogue Gallery, as it was. Here is what I am thinking: A character viewer, like the character select screen, and
  2. Typically, I've leaned more towards Fly or Mystic Flight. However, Infiltration is quickly becoming my new favorite.
  3. Did some clean-up. Now available: Doctor Deathwish Darkula Mister Chiller Earthward Bantam Blow Fish Frosten Man
  4. A couple of years ago, I worked at a large computer store as a tech, building and repairing computers (mainly). Very few of the systems we sold had an optical drive in them. Usually people bought an external blu-ray drive, for the occasional times they needed them.
  5. Running away is always an option. 😜
  6. Valid concerns. Regarding making the zones emptier, I was hoping my suggestion would make the city seem more dynamic, rather than stuck in a static status quo. For hunting, it would encourage people to go to the Hazard and Trial Zones which tend to be the most empty zones.
  7. Graphically, a problem I could see are mobs appearing and then disappearing when you get close to them. That is a common problem with phasing. I'm also thinking that the team member's flags could be inherited by the team leader. That way, if you are exemplared with a friend, you can help him with the hunt missions, despite the fact that you normally don't see that mob anymore.
  8. When you start a new blue side character, and do Matthew Habashy's first missions, you get a sampling of phasing. That is to say, the Hellions you were fighting a moment earlier are now being arrested by the PPD. Neat! You changed part of the city. But what if we could do that in a bigger scale? Clear the bad guys from a part of the city. Imagine clearing out the Hellions, Skulls and clockwork from Atlas Park forever (*some conditions apply). Essentially, your character would have a flag turned on, if you completed a story arc that removes a villain faction from a part of the city.
  9. I agree with that assessment. When I solo on blue side, I usually switch to redside at about level 30. Redside has better high level story arcs, IMO. The biggest criticism I have with red side missions is Longbow (including Wyvern) has too much presence, making missions seem repetitive. It's unfortunate, because Red Side has interesting factions that never really get a chance to shine. Gold Brickers, Luddites, Slag monsters are present in some story arcs, but are never featured villains. (like the Sky Raiders, Trolls, Skulls, and Freakshow are on blue side).
  10. I think the hazard zone that is the biggest waste is Boomtown. It's too low level to serve anyone (11-19). You mostly only go there for the occasional door mission. What I think would be cool is if: Your character is below level 50, the map is unchanged. At level 50, same map, but there are new mobs and a storyline in which the heroes can "save" Baumton. The villain faction is like an evil version of Ouroboros. If any players are successful, a pre-war version of Baumton is now where Boomtown used to be. No mobs, just a peaceful town. Players who successfully save Baumton can
  11. Is this recent?
  12. It's been a while, but I'm happy to be able to donate this time around.
  13. There is the early bid Hami, everday at 7pm: Check the community calendar for others.
  14. @CrudeVileTerror I think it's actually a callback to the Simpsons:
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