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  1. Could be. It's been so long since that time, i may have misrembered.
  2. After abandoning this tip mission, and taking it again. This time is sent me to Skyway City and I was able to complete it. I think I know why it bugged the first time. When I first took it, it sent me to Khalisti Wharf, and the door was on the red side. This is a hero mission, and I think it may have been confused.
  3. I do miss Galaxy City as a starting zone though.
  4. Actually, I meant was well before you got the Vahzilok wasting disease storyline. If you chose a mutant origin, your contact for missions 1-5 gave you a Vahzilok quest line. Zombies do toxic damage, Reapers and Mortificators do negative damage. Most tanks didn't get resistance or defenses to that until about level 8.
  5. Tried completing the tip mission "Steal the Shadow Shard Artifact" twice. I clicked on the blinkey, beat the two bosses, now I am supposed to talk to Mangle. He never become interactable however, so I can never finish the mission. I cleared the level of all mobs and went back and forth, exited and reentered, but I still cannot interact with Mangle.
  6. On thing I kept having to remind myself was never to create a mutant tank. After outbreak, you would get stuck on the Vahzilok quest line and die a lot.
  7. Before Ouroborous, I would broadcast if I got the Fortune Teller mission. I would often do the mission with 3 to 7 higher level characters.
  8. The Hollow was introduced in Issue 2. It had door missions. Before that, every player got sent to Perez Park for hunting missions. I get that Perez Park was the devs trying to encourage players to team up, but when there was nobody available to team up with, it sucked.
  9. In CSS, they are categorized in font families, so that even if you don't have that exact font, you can find one with a similar look. These fonts don't change alphabets. Wingdings, dingbat, webdings fonts do change their characters. So what you think is a heart on your Windows wingdings, might show up as a crossbones on a Mac's Dingbats.
  10. I hate to be a spoilsport, but I dont think it's going to happen. Not all operating systems have the wingdings font. Even different versions if Windows uses different wingdings. However, the forums could use stickers, small images, which could be easily placed and shared between members. It could be a good substitute to wingdings.
  11. Nice. That should serve you well for CoH and other games. It ia VR ready too. Imagine CoX on an occulus or vive? 😄
  12. I do agree that all city zones should have crafting tables. Some other places they could be found: Police stations Enchancement stores in IP and Skyway City The Portal Corp campus in Peregrine Island
  13. Yeah, temporary buffs or temporary powers could be useful, especially at low levels. Yes, I was thinking of auto-exemplaring when accepting a daily mission, but auto-exemplaring when entering the zone could be interesting as well.
  14. In trying to think of a way to infuse interest in some of the more obscure trial and hazard zones, I was wondering if it would be worthwhile to have special daily missions in these zones. Not only would you get a big XP bonus from a hunting mission, but it could also count towards a special reward badge for each zone. Here is just a spit-ball idea of the special badges you could get from the daily missions. There could be one or two daily missions per trial or hazard zone. Perez Prize You have completed 100 daily missions in Perez Park. This badge gives you a permanent 1.25% increase to your health. Detonator You've defeated 200 clockwork, 200 council, 200 trolls through daily missions in Boomtown. This badge gives you a permanent 2% increase in movement. Classicist You have completed 100 daily missions in Cimerora. This badge gives you a permanent 2% increase to your recovery. Forbidden Fruit You've defeated 200 Crey, 200 Devouring Earth, and 200 Nemesis through daily missions in Eden. This badge give you a permanent 5% increase to you regeneration. Speculator You have completed 100 daily missions in Crey's Folly. This badge gives you a permanent 5% increase to influence or infamy rewards. Honey Badger You have completed 100 daily missions in the Hive. This badge gives you a permanent 10% resistance to slow effects. Daily Grind You have collected 10 daily mission badges. This badge give you a permanent 2% increase to you defenses. The daily missions could also be level locked, so higher level character are exemplared to the maximum level for the daily missions. So this was written up quickly, let me know what you guys think. What do you think could be other badges, zones, and rewards that daily missions could give? Edit: I didn't verify the badge names, so I may have inadvertently used a title that already exists.
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