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  1. He was one of the original starting contacts in Atlas Park. You had different contacts, depending on your origin, and you would be sent against different enemies.
  2. The homecoming team has already made original content! Including (but not limited to): The Sentinel Archetype New missions New Badges A ton of fixes and improvements. Check the patch notes page to see all the updates.
  3. Voted for CoH, but I am surprised EVE online is so low.
  4. What's your budget? Here is an Asus gaming laptop at $649. The hardrive is a little small, but a good processor and video card. There is also this HP laptop at $536 with a gtx1050 video card. Again, small storage, but the SSD will load up CoH levels faster.
  5. Between levels 1-12 tanks, scrappers, brutes, and sentinels have mostly resistance to lethal and smashing damage. Vahz zombies do toxic damage with their puke, reapers and mortificators do negative damage with their blades. Clockwork switch between punches (Smashing) and electrical blasts (energy). Meanwhile, skulls and hellions still do lethal and smashing (except their bosses). The difference in damage types is usually why some groups seem tougher than other at low levels.
  6. Thank you for organizing this fun event.
  7. In comics, TV, and movies, the villain's plots usually drives the story. The heroes assemble to stop the villainous plot. It would be cool if you, as a player, could start your own devious plot. You could have different plots: Terrorize Paragon City; ransom a person or place; overthrow the government; create a doomsday device or artifact. These could be treated as a task force mechanic, meaning you can't do anything else but concentrate on your plot. Each plot has different stages, as you assemble the plan, crew, and resources you need to carry out the plot. At each stage, one or more heroes could show up to try and stop you. The last stage of implementation could have a big battle where you and your crew fights off several heroes trying to stop you.
  8. Could be. It's been so long since that time, i may have misrembered.
  9. After abandoning this tip mission, and taking it again. This time is sent me to Skyway City and I was able to complete it. I think I know why it bugged the first time. When I first took it, it sent me to Khalisti Wharf, and the door was on the red side. This is a hero mission, and I think it may have been confused.
  10. I do miss Galaxy City as a starting zone though.
  11. Actually, I meant was well before you got the Vahzilok wasting disease storyline. If you chose a mutant origin, your contact for missions 1-5 gave you a Vahzilok quest line. Zombies do toxic damage, Reapers and Mortificators do negative damage. Most tanks didn't get resistance or defenses to that until about level 8.
  12. Tried completing the tip mission "Steal the Shadow Shard Artifact" twice. I clicked on the blinkey, beat the two bosses, now I am supposed to talk to Mangle. He never become interactable however, so I can never finish the mission. I cleared the level of all mobs and went back and forth, exited and reentered, but I still cannot interact with Mangle.
  13. On thing I kept having to remind myself was never to create a mutant tank. After outbreak, you would get stuck on the Vahzilok quest line and die a lot.
  14. Before Ouroborous, I would broadcast if I got the Fortune Teller mission. I would often do the mission with 3 to 7 higher level characters.
  15. The Hollow was introduced in Issue 2. It had door missions. Before that, every player got sent to Perez Park for hunting missions. I get that Perez Park was the devs trying to encourage players to team up, but when there was nobody available to team up with, it sucked.
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