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  1. I think the hazard zone that is the biggest waste is Boomtown. It's too low level to serve anyone (11-19). You mostly only go there for the occasional door mission. What I think would be cool is if: Your character is below level 50, the map is unchanged. At level 50, same map, but there are new mobs and a storyline in which the heroes can "save" Baumton. The villain faction is like an evil version of Ouroboros. If any players are successful, a pre-war version of Baumton is now where Boomtown used to be. No mobs, just a peaceful town. Players who successfully save Baumton can return to Boomtown via ECHO:Boomtown transporters or through Ouroboros. Also, if on a team or taskforce ,the player is sent back to Boomtown. In this way, it feels like your character has actually saved or tangibly changed Paragon City.
  2. Is this recent?
  3. It's been a while, but I'm happy to be able to donate this time around.
  4. There is the early bid Hami, everday at 7pm: Check the community calendar for others.
  5. @CrudeVileTerror I think it's actually a callback to the Simpsons:
  7. A new issue means new typos! (Happens to the best of us): The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok
  8. There are several different emotes. The problem is the emotes are clunky to bind or macro. You can't make a macro or bind to turn on fly and pose at the same time, you have to make them separately. Looking for a way to improve this feature.
  9. Instead of immediately switching to the custom pose, maybe put a 5 to 10 second delay before switching pose? Is that possible?
  10. Thanks for looking into that. That explains why the fly pose options weren't put in before sundown.
  11. There is one status effect missing in the conversation: placate.
  12. When choosing power customization for Fly ( or Mystic Flight, Afterburner, or Energy Flight), could we have the option to change the default fly pose? Something like the following: What do the community members think?
  13. willpower is the new regen. IMO, Willpower has the advantage with Rise to the Challenge. If fast healing had a scaling +regen, it would help the set a lot.
  14. Replacing the 3d models is much harder that replacing textures or sounds. Putting aside things like file format and model scale, here is a short list of problems I could foresee: each new model would need new textures ( you wouldn't be able to just import the old skins). Certain animations (like emotes or attacks) might break the new models The anchors of the new models may cause problems for add-ons (costume pieces, weapons, capes) Hit boxes might not accurately reflect the new model Sounds and textures are some of the last touches, so they are easier to change. The 3d models are a baseline, and replacing them means potentially replacing a lot of things associated with them. It's not impossible, just a lot harder.
  15. You are right, its a trick question. Frostfire is only an elite-boss. I think the real answer is Chernobog for solo? Dr Mienst is the first named AV for teams?
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