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  1. I don't know if this has been reported by anyone else or if it's just me experiencing this, but the last few days, I've been having problems logging out to character select. When I go to log out, the timer goes down to 0, but the screen just sits there for a minute or two, then goes back to the login screen, saying the game server couldn't connect. Like I said, this is a recent issue, and nothing on my computer has changed. anyone else seen this problem?
  2. Any chance there's Energy Melee being worked on in the near future?
  3. Of all my memories involving City, one of my favorites will always be running Dr. Q with my friends. We had gotten to a closed door (I was on a PB at the time, Scott was on a tank and Kevin a scrapper), and they were both at the door, with me hanging back halfway down the hall. Well, the door opened, and about 20 Crey came swarming out. They bypassed Scott and Kevin completely, despite the taunt and attacks. Ran straight at me, and slaughtered me. I mean, single-minded "You gonna die" focus. Then they dropped all aggro, turned and walked back to the door. We were all laughing so hard at what happened, Scott and Kevin didn't even try to avenge me. Crey really hate Kheldians, apparently.
  4. I am so impressed with all the well-thought out evaluations, explanations, and solutions. I really can't add anything to this discussion other than my support that Energy Melee really needs a re-tweak. It's my hopes that the Powers That Be are actively paying attention to this thread and realize the potential to show player support by working on this.
  5. I didn't see the WS/PB icons anywhere. Did I miss them, or were they not done? Thanks!
  6. Honestly? More face options and hair styles for male characters. I tend to gravitate to maybe 3-4 face options because the rest are unappealing, and maybe 5 hair styles because it's like the original developers focused only on giving 'good' hair styles to female characters.
  7. Don't know if this has been noticed, but I was building a shower in my base, and the shower head and the shower controls are oriented to be floor-mounted. any chance we can get that fixed?
  8. I'm hoping someone has either experienced this problem, or knows the cause/solution: every time I try to launch, my monitor goes into power-save mode. I can still hear the client running, but the monitor will not turn back on. I always end up having to restart my computer to get the monitor back. Anyone seen this before?
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