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  1. You cant trademark a character's look, you can trademark his name. the look falls under the copyright law.
  2. Seems like a fun thing to do, make them slip in than black tar <evil grin>
  3. Update: the video drivers dated 2016 (that I have) are the newest... Anyone have an idea what to do?
  4. I made her a Dark/Dark, called her Glamoure since her original name was taken on the EU server. I really like the combo! I'll post a screeny later today. Thanks for all the help guys and gals
  5. I just installed yesterday and really loved the trip down memory lane. I found that when entering atlas City Hall or a mission door, the game exits to desktop. No messages or anything. I'm playing the 32bit version (old laptop, clean install) on win10. The game does warn that my gfx driver is old (but duh, the laptop is 10 years old). I'll look into that today just to be sure. Anyone have ideas what it could be?
  6. On the business side: -I'd like to keep your current transparancy, community involvement and willingness to listen/work with the community (which is a breath of fresh air) -if a steady, and greater, source of income is needed i'd rather pay for a subscription than for microtransctions (the free to play made me leave the game in the first place) -security from ncsoft being able to pull the plug again. (or anyone else) And on the game side: -improvement of current gfx quality in general -new costume bits (including npc costume parts) -new powers -new story/mission content The business side ones are the most important ones IMO
  7. 🤦‍♂️ of course! Thnx!
  8. What do you mean by hit null?
  9. I completely agree with this. Popularity is a poor way to measure balance. For one the arguments above stand, for another some powers are staples because of their functionality. Asking why a set or power is impopulair is valid, but be wary of the easy conclusions...
  10. 😳 Oops Though in my defense, the chat bubble doesn't always work?
  11. I'll call her cocktail then 😂
  12. Lol, you're all making this decision soo difficult! I'm actually thinking of dark/dark after reading the proc monster thread (even though I don't fully understand the mechanics of proccing) or maybe dark/storm (though harder to explain thematically) I think I'll leave illu to the wayside in favor of something new.... One week waiting to go!
  13. Something like clicking that chatballon icon to go to the first post writing since you last visited the thread? Only of course If it isn't hella complicated to do of course. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  14. Thanks mercurial, That discounts dark/time. I'd like her to be soloable. Looking at /time in general: it looks to be very team centric... I seem to be leaning towards dark/storm or even dark/dark or go back to ill and do ill/dark I may be wrong but it seems that grav/storm has perfect synergy, so it'd be a shame to break that up (another alt?) So maybe dark/dark or ill/dark?
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