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  1. It's a different play style tbh. I mostly solo too but for me that conversion is crucial : I wormhole to a corner, keep them there with hurricane, use tornado, lightning storm and freezing rain for damage. I only use the control powers solely to keep them in place.
  2. Ehm, high tech transplantation gear? A very big library or organs and limbs to sell to the highest bidder? I see a pretty penny to be earned there......
  3. oh right, i forgot lightning storm as a candidate for the kb->kd. You may want to slot for recharge so you can have perma pets too. corners are your best friends.....
  4. Actually I'm in it for the inheritance, Fred invested heavily in Vahz medical supplies.....
  5. My suggestion, get kb->kd io's for hurricane, tornado, wormhole and sing. Especially the 1st 2. Use hurricane to herd stuff and keep it in a corner {where you wormhole them) Dim shift is good! You an either protect yourself from adds/ambushes or isolate a boss. And it toggles offf Other than that.... Have fun! 😁
  6. I'm not sick! I'm just watching my friends face plant from behind these crates here
  7. Lol look around city Hall in AP, they try to rob the public in plain daylight
  8. The city feels like a not lived in industrial/financial district. Add stuff like a cinema with a line of people trying to buy a ticket, traffic jams once in a while, terraces and bars. And move around the villain spawn a bit: it's really silly that the hellions are robbing all the passersby in earshot of ms libby. Have them be a more logical places: dark corners and alleyways
  9. Ive seen it too, I believe it's a summoned pet (maybe incarnate?)
  10. I crash so often, I'd love to be able to skip entering my pw. I know UI changes are troublesome but still, gotta try don't I?
  11. If it's about costume pieces and powers? no...NO....PLEASE NO! I don't want to have to play till a certain level to be able to actually "make" my character's concept. If I want to be defected Circle of Thorns, I want to be that at level 1, not play the character in a sort Limbo till i can earn the costume pieces. Same goes with aura's and capes. The way they were implemenmted at live with a direct result of them being late in the game, and the devs trying to leverage them for content. But if I have a character that had a nuclear accident and she glows and shoots radiation, i shouldn't have to wait till level 30 till I can actually complete her concept. Earning costume pieces is bad, since it disables a lot of concepts at level 1. If you want to earn someting, why not trophies to put in your base? Kinda like batman had........
  12. I'd revisit the controller inherent. Right now it's a win-more power, have a minion held:do double damage. While when against anything that resists control (I'm looking at you AV's) you do piddly damage. I'd reverse it: If the mob is not controlled it gets triple damage, if only immobed it gets double damage and if it is unable to attack (held) it gets single damage. That way a controller - does- have something to do against an AV.
  13. Number six, you rock!! And yes please!! These days the restriction isn't needed anymore not that we have modern 'puters. I have multiple ideas waiting for this to make them possible
  14. I read complaints of AV's like nosferatu running like Shirley Temple on tap-shoes when fighting them with Fear (run away) type powers. Today I found out for myself running chapter 2 of the Pandora box arc. I play grav/storm, and while I can get a decent chunk of damage out of them, that outcast AV and in a later mission the arbiter both run away almost immediately. (right through my hurricane and immobs) and stay away long enough to heal up and then do it all over again and again. Can we remove the run-away from boss+ content? I get it when they are grey to me or minions who realise that I'm above their pay grade, but not the leaders of a gang or organisation. Plzplz? (with a cherry on top?)
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