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  1. Yes it could be fun, i have 3 veat, and i love the Idea if raid full veat! I have a night widow, 2 solder with 2 different build , 1 in crab melee tank and blast, 2nd have a bane and a soldier build.
  2. for me, the better patron for a bane is mace mastery, you gain shatter armor, a really good damage atatck and an awesome debuff resistance, yes it s a signle attack ( i want the brute/tank version), with that you have a really good attack chain with your mace, for your aoe take venom and frag grenade!
  3. Hello everybody! as i say every time, excuse my english, i'm french! in short, I wanted to offer my 2 crab builds, I built this character a short time ago, I was playing more on the bane-spider side. I found the crab dps quite low, I didn't want to make a crabbermind either, so I looked for ways to increase the crab dps, and it turns out that using the procs is really not bad! We have some res debuff proc, and with alpha musculature , we can have a really good dps ! if think ghost widow patron is better, you can slot more proc, but i wanted Mu for thematic, teinted in white it s looks like spider web for my second build I opted for a tank build, with provocation, a very good defense and resistance, a boost of HP, it is true that it is not at all easy to tank without an aura of agro, but it does the job pretty well! I have a macro _image to have a dynamic switch during a battle! the biggest problem is the nex cooldown of hasten, and icarnate Édit : name changed, Hope to Agro more people
  4. I made a corruptor dar/dark, recolored power, his name IS primal nictus, it s really fun to play, ans i like the concept. I made a wm/ena brute who s call Elite bane.
  5. Hi i really want, no i need to have thé arachnoid part for my crab, perhaps its easy too have? I Hope. Thats all for me 😁
  6. My build : only bane. I love this at, but it s true, we can have better result with a scrapper wm/sr, without ally buff. I think bane, are a good dps at, but they need 2/3 tweaks. - shatter version of War mace, for more "aoe" -reduce the loooong animation - add a little DDR -add a "critical mechanic" With this, no need to have a no redraw.
  7. dinatar

    TW: /Invuln or /WP?

    Less With set you are at s/l cap, easily, ans less other, ok but a huge regen ! It cover f/c/e/n ans toxic/psy...
  8. Hi ! This set can arrive very soon, i tested this on a def. But i want to Roll in controller side, who tested it? In tout monde, with wich primary would pair with it?
  9. Bane should have shatter version of tank/brute/scrapper, a little aoe would offer a lot.
  10. Yes this is the main issue.
  11. after opening a topic on the forum of bane, I allow myself to make a small suggestion. it would seem logical that the bane have slight increases in order to revitalize this class. the night widows, could obviously benefit from the same increases since the class is ultimately quite close. the first proposition is quite simple to set up finally, give this class based on the defense ,some protection against defense debuff. the second, in order to improve the damage and stick to the behavior of a stalker, would be to put in each attack, a component of proc : chance for build UP or hide. obviously the first proposition is much easier to implement, the second requires more balancing. with these few elements this At could restore its name.
  12. Nictus! And see more arachnoid
  13. I understand your point of view, for my part I find that the 3 debuff available are very effective, the attack chain is relatively fast. I have never level a stalker, but I have 2 in level up now, it's true that the build up sequence is quite substantial! maybe we should improve these 2 AT ... i think some DDR should be a good beginning, and as it s not possible to change ATO perhaps they Can have a mechanic to mâle more Crit? howewer, when i group with grand, i find myself much more efficient
  14. Hi all! Yes i want to know why 80%(my number ..) are crab or fortunata. Sometimes we can sera a night widow, and rarely bane. But i think is a really good AT, and the ranged version, soldier IS good too. I think he need some DDR, and perhaps other AT version of shatter to have more aoe, but it s a beast in ST, and not bad in aoe. I use all melee, plus range and melee if mace patron, he broke all the res of mobs, and do toxic damage. I Saw 2/3 build in this forum, 1 IS arround the same of mine. Where is the lover of this AT ? Share your build😉. PS: as usual, sorry for m'y english!
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