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  1. So. I was doing PI radio missions, when suddenly, after bank, I was forced (I could have autocompleted it, I suppose) to do a mission for "BOSS_NAME" and it was full of cimerorans! My team struggled through the whole time! It was tough. Coincidence?
  2. I love experimenting on possibilities! I have seen fold space utilized amazingly, particularly by toons named Astral Projector and V O I D on indomitable. They are phenomenal tanks. I am currently building and designing a sapper tank (Electric/Ice). I am pleased to note that it works very well thus far! I will be presenting him as a concept toon in the tank forum soon!
  3. Don’t give up! Let me review mine and get it typed up and I will post it within a few days. In the mean time, show me what you got already and I will look at it. Let me know if there is anything you absolutely want to keep on it. Also remember that I am running a toon that is in the high 90s vet level and has all the accolades. It took a lot of work to get him there, but it is a fun toon.
  4. For my toon, I took the resistance, but you really need to look at how you are slotted. If you are at res cap, you only receive the regeneration and status protection bonus so you should take the defense. If you are capped defense, it may be better to take resistance. If neither is capped, I recommend taking resistance AND Diamagentic interface with 100% tohit debuff (which acts like defense). Either one will give you the same regen/status protection. However, for my SD toon, this is my “Oh Crap!” button. It functions to boost my regen and res in the event that I am dealing with enemies
  5. Agreed, however I do have 1 brute that takes melee (Elec/SD) and it is purely because he functions like a tank. He does a lot of damage but not what he could. However, he is basically unkillable. It is a trade off that I am willing to make just so I can have a toon like that available. Double hit is important for brutes, especially if you are eating reds constantly and staying close to damage cap.
  6. That's sweet! HAHA! Glad to hear there are others!
  7. I do not use mids, as I like to build all my toons from scratch. Some suggestions that I have that should help: You don’t need Cloak of Fear or Soul Transfer. Cloak of fear is less effective at locking down enemies than Oppressive Gloom. It isn’t terrible and if you prefer the fear effect, then don’t take Oppressive Gloom, but I have found that the massive AoE kills baddies affected by fear very quickly, leaving only Lts and Bosses that are not affected. Oppressive gloom does cause the baddies to wander a bit, but rarely far enough to matter. The fact of the matter is that opp
  8. So the extra damage comes from the mechanics found within the attacks. ***EDIT*** There is a global damage boost when obtaining stacks of blood frenzy from the blood thirst power! ***/END EDIT*** Some of the attacks do bonus damage per stack of blood frenzy you have, it is not a global damage boost, as far as I can tell. Fury is a global boost, however. Each stack of fury gives 4% recharge and 6% endurance. So that is a 20% recharge boost at 5 stacks and a 30% endurance reduction at 5 stacks. You need to be in combat and have those two numbers displayed to see the effects, but
  9. I have 3 toons with savage melee. It pairs marvelously well with Dark Armor. My oldest 50 (Nux Aukairo) is a force to be reckoned with when combining Oppressive Gloom, Death Shroud, and Reactive or Degenerative Interface. I also have a fire farmer that is Savage/Fire. He is exceedingly fast and one of the fastest fire farmers I have seen, clearing Big Gotter’s Road Tunnel Farm solo right at about 7.5 minutes at +4/8. I just made some changes to him that I am testing that I believe will allow me to shave 20 seconds off that time. That being said, I think I have maste
  10. This is a Standard tactic when leveling. I always 3 slot hasten with recharge when I get it and respec and dump a slot for 2 +5 recharge IOs. Do you mind copy and pasting the build details? I don’t have Mids but am fairly proficient at creating non conventional builds that are exceedingly successful. Is this primarily a solo or team build?
  11. Thanks, I have chosen Cadiac (endo, res, and fear) duration for this build. But this was information I did not know, so I appreciate it!
  12. I am currently running a Psi/Dark/Soul build with a full set of Gaussian. I appreciate it this info greatly! I have found that this particular build I am making absolutely needs the 6 slot benefit from GSFC. I am super excited about it and can’t wait to finish slotting it to see how he shapes up (I never use mids because I like building characters from scratch).
  13. I have noticed something about myself: only toons that I have spent hours creating costumes, planning power sets, creating bios, and testing make it to 50. I don’t know why, honestly. But it’ll always start the same: I will suddenly get inspired. I will then spend all day (usually at work) daydreaming about it. Then I will go create the costume (which takes me about 4 hours!!). After that, it is the bio, which take about an hour. All of my toons online personas (I don’t even roleplay!) are affected by these factors, especially the bio. For Example, my toon RoidRage always ba
  14. I play a high-level loyalist controller (psi/mind) and a high level blue side controller (plant/poison)—both of whom I have been working on to perfect. I also have an incredibly fun dominator (fire/grav) and a powerful corrupter (Dual Pistols/Time) and am currently building the ultimate control Stalker (Psi/Dark/Soul). That being said, I have an affinity for controlling toons. If you are running radios, any tank or brute is likely going to be able to solo that content. Why even need a team? Because it is faster and more fun that way. When I run teams, there is an array of goal
  15. Brother, of course you would have won if your standards were used. I have entered many of these and always think that I might have a shot. This costume contest I made a toon named BasiIisk that I had spent many hours on. From bio, to power sets, to look—he is everything I could hope for in a good toon (and a freaking blast to play!). He lost. Am I disappointed, not really, because the only person I desire to please and entertain is my own self. If someone comments on my look, that’s great! If no one does, I am pleased with my toon so much that he is likely to become my main (if I can sol
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