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  1. not happy about the change. it would have been better to disable patrol xp. i do farm a lot and i also pay a lot for my kids chars. they are both altaholics and waste so much inf and tbh its hard to keep up even with farming but hey ho thats our thing and we enjoy making new chars and builds. i used to let others join in and have fun with them whilst farming but now it drops the inf too much i do it alone only now. solo and sad.
  2. This change sucks . I love farming i play a lot of toons im a real hardcore altaholic. i love messing around with builds and playing them. then i get bored and make something else and so does my kids. I do their builds and we play many alts. i wasn't hurting anyone. i farmed a lot and only just had enough to kit the kids out as we waste so much inf.. why ? because we found this fun and kept us playing. i know many of you will disagree and the trolls will be out in force but this is how i feel about the situation. its been this way for a very long time.
  3. lythy77

    Dark Melee / Invul

    care to share the build would love to look over the stats when ur done.
  4. Dark Armour needs some love with its endurance costs its just too high.
  5. same problem here was in game and lost connection to mapserver
  6. give us a +8 option instead of a +4 but cap the inf at what it is now.
  7. lythy77

    WarMace/Elec Brute

    I am having trouble finding a War Mace Elec armor build would anyone have a nice build to share or link please.. many thanks
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