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  1. Yeah, the incarnate stuff made a world of difference for me. Even the End Mod version of Musculature is extremely helpful. Agility is even more helpful, but with Ageless(includes End Debuff Res) I'm golden so I opted for Musculature. It'll be fun to make another build for pre incarnate levels.
  2. How do you do against +4 mobs with Mu Guardians? It can be pretty rough depending how many other Mu there are. Carnies aren't too bad as long as I go for the Ring Mistresses. I also havent tried it with any incarnates abilities. I ended up taking conserve power and victory rush, and rotating the 2. The amplifiers from P2W get me to like 4 more end/s than my end use(without victory rush) . Conserve Power seems to have more benefit than recovery powers. I'll have to slot some incarnates and see what's up.
  3. Cant tactics be used to for fear protection? The biggest deal breaker for me on Fire Armor is the lack of End Recovery Debuff Resistance. I think Consume has End Drain Resistance, but one without the other seems kind of useless. I get, though, that Fire is more damage based and maybe not meant for soloing everything.
  4. Yeah and not having defense debuff resistance in Electric it's like what's the point. I dont really feel like posting the build, but if I dont take weave/maneuvers I'll have better endurance(SS seems End heavier than EleM, especially with Rage) and add a better attack to my chain.
  5. I have an Electric/Electric tank that has weave(luck of the gambler set) and maneuvers(mostly for shield wall, reactive defenses etc) and has 22-25% defense to everything. Basically capped res to all dmg. I notice on that tank when fighting mobs with -def debuff I go into the negatives. Is it even worth having defense on Electric? I'm leveling up a Electric/SS and am making a build in mids. I'll be capped to all damage(except Neg and toxic) and Might of the Tanker in LF should help with -res mobs, and have around 10% defense to everything(not intentionally). Will I notice a differe
  6. If I have 95% resistance(90% cap on tank) and I get hit with -5% resist, will I still be capped or does it drop to 85%(or whatever the math is)?
  7. I'm going to do some testing on beta since TW will likely have its base damage lowered. Rend Armor may still be a bit above GPB. Also, can some one tell me why it shows Rend Armor doing 32 and Greater Psy Blade doing like 40 at the character select thingy? Where as on Mids rend armor does more?
  8. I've been trying to come up with a character with the highest dmg ST power in the game(with Crit). Would that be Psi/FA( Fiery Embrace + Concentration + Greater Psy Sword + Crit )? I was hoping the new EM prolif would allow Energy Transfer to crit some but it doesn't look like that will be the case.
  9. Is Bitter Freeze Ray worth it? With the long cast time and since Chilling Ray is just sleep on Sentinel(which doesn't help with stacking holds). Is it worth the DPS or is another combination of attacks outperform it?
  10. By rotation do you mean attack chain? Any advice for Dark Melee/FA? Right now at lvl 36 I do Fiery Embrace+Soul Drain+Burn+Shadow Maul+etc. What if I put it in Smite and used it before Shadow Maul? Edit: I know the character may not be high enough level to use these yet. Just trying to get an idea of the strategy for later on.
  11. Okay thanks. Yeah that would be cool to know about the damage aura.
  12. Cool. Is that because Followup has a duration so you can use the +50% Proc over that time?
  13. Can anyone give me a rundown of how the Scrapper crit enhancements work? Is the effect global or just tied to that power? Thanks.
  14. Going for the ol Mac from always sunny look eh? We need an ocular pat down power pool as well!
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