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  1. Going for the ol Mac from always sunny look eh? We need an ocular pat down power pool as well!
  2. Is there a list of story arcs or ones that give souvenirs that aren't accessible in Flashback? I've got a character that I'm using to go through as many contact missions as possible, but it's starting to feel a bit grueling since I like team/leveling but I dont want to out level my contacts. I just want to know if there are missions that are worth doing this for.
  3. It wasn't a serious proposal lol. I just think adding recharge to swift is a bit silly. I'm glad most people are just having fun playing the game without perfect attack chains etc. I think perfect balance is highly overrated and a game that caters to a minority of min/maxers is a bad idea.
  4. I'd rather see a reverse to Enchancement Diversification before this change.
  5. Is there a link to these or are they still being worked on?
  6. What about user side graphic mods. Is that possible?
  7. I think there's way too much stuff accessible at early levels. I'd like to see travel powers starting at lvl 14 again. But I'm old and nostalgic.
  8. A bit off topic, but I'm not sure I like the idea of having too many archetypes. An archetype in the Jungian sense is a very specific set of characteristics that seem to bubble up out of reality itself. If we have too many, then we may as well have no archetypes and let people pick whatever they want, which may sound cool in theory but would drastically change the game.
  9. I tried logging into beta, but it wouldn't work. Do you have to make a separate account?
  10. I remember listening to Justice Radio back in the day, but I know there were other stations too(I never listened to Cape Radio and I think they still broadcast but it just doesn't seem that active). There would be many different DJs that hosted, but they would play music, have costume contests and other events, find a place for people to hang out and chat, etc. It's something I really miss and would like to bring back to Homecoming. I don't know much about setting up a broadcast station and DJing, but I would be happy to help get the ball rolling. Anyone have any suggestions or other input?
  11. -I would like to see a continuation of the comics and story line. Seeing City of Heroes in a comic form really gave the game more depth. I'm sure there are plenty of artists here that would love to help. -More Story Arcs. Maybe update some of the older ones to give them more flavor and personality. -More supported events of all kinds. Zone invasions(possibly create another instance that is unaffected for normal play). -More superpowered NPC gang battles and maybe update NPC AI to give the environment more life. -Update textures and graphics. -Put more energy into marketing the game(publish articles, comic-cons, podcast interviews). -Option to have your characters linked to the website and be able to view stats/info/bio, post video clips, etc. -Ability for Supergroups to create a page with info/message board on the website.
  12. I feel ya. My main Hero Star used to be Invuln/EM and I just can't make him again with the changes to ET. I also remember seeing you BZB. Were you on Justice or Freedom?
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