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  1. I'm looking into making an Invul/Staff tanker. Toggle up and GO! Any tricks/tips/suggestions/warnings?
  2. Does Fury still carry this combo or do the Tanker changes make Staff a better set as a secondary?
  3. An all-too-common story, which I myself have written more than one page in...
  4. Leaving any kind of noisy /power/aura/ going when they are doing something that doesn't require it. Training, building an ae arc, whatever, you don't need Flame Aura or auto-Heal going during all that.
  5. I just wanted to come back and say thank you again for this sound mod. It turned one of my characters (so far) from "I love this character concept but I can't stand the game play" into "I can't wait to play this character again!"
  6. It's magnificent. It didn't quite get everything on my /Psi Dominator but it changed enough to make that character so much more exciting!
  7. If you are taking requests a version of Psionic Assault that isn't so "wubbly" would be very interesting.
  8. Tired of having to drag and delete a bunch of powers after a respec? Just use the /cleartray command and voila-- nice empty trays to put your powers wherever you want them. This command does *NOT* delete macros, so those stick around!"
  9. This is why I gave up on DB and went with the other stacking type power sets.
  10. You're using the Arcane Beacons instead of the Tech ones, sounds like.
  11. Is there any plans for making this usable for the Rebirth or Reborn servers?
  12. Okay well not as exciting as some previous posts but a couple shots of my entrance... and transportation hub...
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