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  1. Not yet, still getting the feel for it, I mean it's solid as is. I mainly solo and have been happy with the pace and feel.
  2. I'm enjoying it, got it finished and all kitte4d out. It's like a mad electric man wielding a giant knife! I like it, but I am a strange one. I mean why not try it?
  3. Got it to 50, sunk about 150 mil onto it, not all kitted but fun and strong. I might of found a new main besides my farmer 🙂 It's a fun build, almost really don't need hasten to tell ya the truth
  4. Thank you so much! I'll let ya know what I think as I play it! I appreciate it again!
  5. I been messing around with some stuff, and I think I wanna go with like a Elec/BS. Thanks!
  6. Post level 50 would be great, is not to selfish maybe a leveling too? Would be greatly appreciated
  7. Just looking for some old friends from the SG Legends of Justice, this is Damon Savage! I miss a lot of ya!
  8. I was thinking of Radiation Armor and Broadsword? Or Shield. I have messed with mids some, but man I can't seem to figure it out. I'll attempt to make something, but I was wondering if someone was better in this area. Any help would be appreciated. Plan on maybe taking him to End Game maybe,
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