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  1. It is quite reasonable to assume that someone would scan the list of available forums to see if a given one exists. After all, that's how you found this forum.
  2. Uninstall Vidiot maps and see if the crashes continue.
  3. Try the Mids Reborn Hero Designer forum - a subforum off of the Tools, Utilities, and Downloads forum. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/forum/74-forum/
  4. In other words, you don't have a source for your assertion that there is a "high rate of player attrition". Any competent observer knows that numbers such as those on the server status page vary wildly with time of day, day of week, etc... etc... Equally, they also know that stable, mature, games invariably lose players over time. (AKA, there's a reason why corporate games are always pushing "new, exciting" upgrades and expansions.) And for better or worse, HC is pretty much a stable, mature game - one without the ability to create large upgrades and expansions (or generate much in the way of buzz among the tastemakers, influencers, and media). Being able to stream won't flatten that curve noticeably. Not really, no. If there's an activity (PvP, streaming, task forces), there's someone insisting that it's the most important thing ever and thus must be catered to and coddled.
  5. On my kat/ scrapper, I have a full set of both Scrapper ATO's standing by... I'm planning on putting them in Sting of the Wasp and Gambler's Cut (so they stay available when exemped). Also, lots of bites at the proc apple... Is there any particular reason to put one set in one power or the other? Or can I just put them in either?
  6. The issue was brought up to the Dev team when this feature was first experimentally tested. We had a conversation about methods of mitigating the economic costs of the change.
  7. Feel free to cite your sources for this claim.
  8. This - "death is the ultimate debuff". And on a blaster, concentrate on fast animating powers at low levels so you can build Defiance and get bonus damage.
  9. Scroll back up and read what I posted, and then compare it to what you posted. How can you "feel" you addressed the issue of balance when your reply didn't mention it at all? Getting back a power pick (by having Hasten become inherent), getting back a pool choice (same reason), and getting an impactful power for free will significantly alter the balance of the game. That's not an opinion. That's a stone cold fact, as certain as gravity. That's why we're getting "stuck" on Hasten.
  10. Ok, and... that addresses the issues that I and others have raised... how, exactly?
  11. Hard pass. Massive, massive balance issues would ensue as Recharge touches practically every click power in the game.
  12. That's thing about UO though... there are no classes. Every skill (there's currently 58 skills in game) is available to every character, almost without limitation. (There's a handful that require precursor skills.) There's a lot of Very Dumb and/or Self Gimping combinations, but skill locks (setting a skill to gain or lose points, or stay at current levels) made it pretty easy to experiment and back out of dead ends. (You can also copy skill points to a Soulstone... essentially creating a backup of your template (build). Something akin to an alternate build here in CoX.)
  13. I think that's (subconsciously) part of why many people write off Regen. It's not a "safe" set, and it's certainly not a "set it and forget it" set. (Not without considerable investment in set bonuses.) It's not a difficult set to master by any stretch, but you do have to master it to survive. On live, and here on Homecoming, there's a definite meta bias towards safety and toggles. This too. (Speaking in general, not about you.) Hardcore and min/maxers are disproportionally represented on the forums.
  14. I think Ultima Online is probably the ultimate in terms of powers/skills customization. There were no trees, only points values - and you could have any combination of any skills with any amount of points (below the per-skill cap) assigned to that skill. The only other limit was that the total number of available points was capped. You could have (IIRC) 7 skills maxed (100 points), or 40 skills with 17 points each, or any combination in between. For combat skills, you didn't even have to train (though most did), you could earn points in that skill through more-or-less normal gameplay. For non-combat skills... Lordy but I was glad there was a legal 3rd party macro/automation mod. Non-combat skills could be a right pain in the butt to earn points in as you had to do/make specific things which varied by your current points in the skill.
  15. I will never forget watching an interview with some of the Marvel creative bigwigs... "When we started out to make movies, we didn't have a blockbuster budget, our top tier characters were all licensed elsewhere, and we had no experience making movies. What did have at that table was a collective century's worth of experience at world building and storytelling. So we rolled with what we had."
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