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  1. I can tell you that you're already missed. Feels like there's a week that goes by that someone mentions "What happened to Boy Band?" Hope life goes well for you, man! Always welcome in Everlasting if you find your way back.
  2. Update: -Removed most of the Sept 2020 events, since most of them ended. Kept the last WWD ep 7, since that is still on-going. -Added some of the Oct 2020 events planned so far. But expect more!
  3. Ditto. Thanks, AA. Best pvp co-host ever. 😄 @arcane, I'll check to see if we still have that info. In the off-chance we don't, we'll deff make the necessary tweaking to make sure we create an avail list for the 2nd time we run this. Thank you for coming out!
  4. There's always the disgruntled. During CCs, raids, events, lol. Some are public, some are private. The majority enjoyed the event, which is the prime goal. Anything that needs tweaking, we'll adjust it for next time ;} Thank you for coming out, Troo!
  5. any luck pming a GM bout it? You still have about 7-8ish hours, hope you can make it!
  6. The start time has been corrected to show the right starting time for PDT/GMT.
  7. Please save the player-vs-player matches for the contest, not during the forum 😉 Greycat, hope you can make it out to the tourney! If there's any more questions related to the tournament, please continue to feel free in asking them here or privately if need be. The more clarification we can provide, hopefully the more participants we can expect!
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