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  1. On the in-game chat window, go to TAB>>>>EDIT TAB>>>>LOOK FOR "HERO/VILLAIN/PRAETORIAN ZONE EVENTS" and add whichever ones interest you. It will then pop up in your chat window as appropriate.
  2. CU_Krow

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    How come you never quit my incarnate trials when I used to run them a lot back in the day? As a trial leader, I now feel like I missed out because Snarky didn't quit one of my trials >:O
  3. Here is a link to know the current and future weeklys: I do not disagree what this thread is proposing, I do believe consistency with the weeklies is nice. Keep in mind a couple things though: 1) The people updating this are all volunteers. I'm amazed at what they have already done within less than a years time. 2) I could be wrong about this, but the gmotd updates come along with other maintenance/patch updates, so it is usually more than just a little edit implementations (if I'm wrong about this, then ok.-if a Dev wants to come and educate on the programming process). 3) Given how a schedule is already up (see above), I assume it's either A) Possibly automatic or B) It is manual, but again due to the above two points, not as simple as flipping a switch.
  4. I actually like this idea. It's like respecing with a Mids system, but only with access to your toon's current abilities and enh in which to edit. You got my vote.
  5. Welcome to the forums, Green. Whether as a first time visitor and/or poster. 🙂 Being a badge hunter myself, I definitely enjoyed the storyline/thrill of all the lower lvl content. I admit that on my main, I went through 95% of both blue/redside content through ouroboros, so I could read and enjoy it at my leisure. Unfortunately, it seems like there are less mission teams for lower lvl content mostly due to 1) DFB runs getting most ppl 1-20, and 2) People using the easy-access of AE to power lvl their toons. I feel like badges are not a widespread attraction, they fit a certain segment of CoH players, but I 100% agree that assigning accolades+given bonus would definitely be a more appealing factor. Only downside is that still, more people might go the solo Ouroboros route. Regardless the outcome, I wish you luck in finding more lower lvl mission teams! Speaking for myself, I will join a low lvl mission just for the challenge/throwback of it.
  6. Agree w/ GMs being tougher and then summoning minions (Though some already do, Caleb, Deathsurge, Jurrasik, etc) Do not agree w/ GMs spawning more often. Their current spawn rate I think contributes to their rare event function in the game (plus their's a tab that's specific to GMs that helps players know when they spawn).
  7. Ok, so your defense for the chaser system is a circle around to the fear of Legendary IOs possibly causing OPs and Have/Have-nots? In my response to Emmy, I made mentions where I addressed both of these in this thread. So far I'm noticing the opposing camp to be split into two different factions: Those who flat-out are against the idea (Saying no due to fear of OP & Have/Have-nots) and those who are against the idea, but with careful implementation/caution of these new IOs, might reconsider or be more open to the idea. Those who are in the first camp, this conversation is going down some kind of philosophical route of human nature and/or mental health of gamers. I have no interest going down that tangent, unless you can bring a new angle in the argument against the implementation of Legendary IOs. If not, we'll just have to agree to disagree. Also Bentley, you're the 2nd one to suggest that I'm blinded by ideals. Like I challenged with Emmy, please look through the thread and quote me where I even hinted at being idealistic. Great question. And I 100% agree with you Grouchy, some responders seem to be against this idea because of the fixation of my examples in my original post. And I admit, seeing the responses now, I wish I placed more emphasis that they were just randomly tossed examples. Kind of like a painted desk. You like the desk (IO), but not the color (the examples)? Ok, lets keep the desk (IO), but tell me what you think would be a nice color (example) and then we can change the color. From one of the responders in the first thread, he came with these examples (Credit: Saiyajinzoningen) """+10% accuracy +10% Movement speed +25% regeneration +15% Endurance recovery +10% Recharge Rate (global) +2 Magnitude status protection +25% Debuff Resistance +10% Chance to crit (may only occur once every 30 seconds)""" From the discussion thus far, I imagine examples such as the +10acc, +25regen, +25Debuff Res, and +10 Chance for Crit would probably fit into the OP category and give for cause for people to be against this idea. How about his examples of +10 movement speed and +15 end? Seraphim added some ideas too (+10 inf gain; +10 increased dmg when in debt; etc). One of my favorite proposals so far brought up in this thread to balance out this idea (which came from someone of the opposing camp, btw) is the idea of +/-s. It makes me think of RPG games where you get a cursed weapon, and it gives you +25 dmg, but cuts your max HP by half. What do players think of that idea? Random examples off the top of my head: +10 dmg/ -10 acc +15 RES/- 15 DEF +25% HP/ -30% END +10 acc/ -15 rchg spd I am not a numbers crunch guy. In terms of Mids, I consider myself "ok", but in terms of balancing out #s on a larger scale, someone of better experience will definitely have to step in if this idea makes it to that level. Lastly, one of the other proposals I have heard so far (ALSO brought by a member of the opposing camp) is the restriction of 1 Legendary IO per toon.
  8. Aw man, I just use /e dance when waiting for teams. 😛 But basically what you're asking for is mob spawns similar to those in Siren's Call,. but in the general pve maps, correct?
  9. I'm only familiar with the current Hami IO descriptions in-game. I'll have to check the Hamis on Mids to see what you're referring to about the buffing of the effect of Distortion field. I see now where you're coming from with the badge idea. I'm a badge-hunter myself (even though I've stopped caring recently. cause I'm on those "Must be Held for 12hrs" to get badges; which I don't care about. That to me is not something challenging or fun to obtain), so I'm all open to new badges in the game. Sorry Grouchy, lol, I'm still for liking the idea of Legendary IOs.
  10. 1st paragraph-No contest. I'm in agreement with you. That's why I'm open to community insight in this thread. As much as it's nice to have people like the Legendary IO idea, I also enjoy hearing from those in the opposing camp. It helps look at the pros/con, limitations, etc. 2nd paragraph- I'm not quite sure what you're disagreeing with. I agree with you on the part of not knowing anyone who spends hoards of inf on just HOs, especially in comparison to IO sets; however, that still does not negate the fact that the top selling enh on the game currently is a HO that does not contribute to a toon being considered OP. 3rd paragraph-Ok, and thank you for being honest! By admitting being on the fence, you're stating you see bits in both camps. My question would be, if Global +12 RES doesn't sound reasonable, what kind of Legendary IO would you see as fair? Figuring out the balance of what Legendary IOs consist of would be the upgraded level of this thread, and relates to what many of the other players have mentioned when stating that Legendary IOs would need cautious implementation. If you do come up with other limitations or pros/cons, please bring them up. I appreciate your feedback, monos. Thank you for your feedback, Emmy. In summary, you're stating that the challenge-seeking existence of Legendary IOs in of themselves will draw out humanity's nature for elitism/have-have nots, correct? In all, it's hard to make any prediction for something that has not already happened. I don't play any other MMOs outside City of Heroes, so I can't speak to your comment of what's happened in other games. But you speak of Live ,where exactly was this interplay displayed on in Live, and in regards to what (e.g. what it purple IOs)? Was it a frequent conflict on the forums? In my many years of playing the game, I do not recall IOs being a source of have/have-not or elitist conflict when I played in-game. lol, I'm not sure where you got the belief that I'm an optimist who refuses to believe in the dirty underbelly of humanity. Please quote me where I even hinted that 😛 And you're stating that the OP and Elitist prediction needs to be dealt with before your consideration of Legendary IOs, correct? I already addressed the OP prediction in my original post and I already responded to the Elitist issue with my response to Grouchy. Not sure what else could be said from my POV in regards to those areas. But again, as I've reiterated to other players, I'm open to suggestions/ideas/feedback!
  11. """"for the first, well I suspect it has more to do with recent returnees not all having been on live after the end of the era of HO exploitation. Ive seen no few since coming to HC that got into the hami raiding, HO buying not being aware the exploit that made using an HO build worthwhile finally was fixed, and flipping out in zone chat etc when the fact was revealed to them. But Ill ask you this, what kind of bonuses do you want to see, that wouldnt equal more power? Also its a super terrible idea to add some kind of upgrade that once taken cant be changed to adapt to future build/power changes made by the devs. So the idea of something one slotted being locked in, just goes against CoHs spirit on just about every level. The only thing locked in is at character creation our power choices.""""" I disagree on the Hami statement. Those IOs have been consistently around that price even before the influx of players around the holidays. In regards to your first question, again I must reiterate, Legendary IOs is not a proposal to make toons OP. What kind of bonuses would I want to see? That in itself could be a topic worth discussing, especially when deciding upon appropriate balances. Other players have already made a few suggestions within the first page of this thread. In regards to the third sentence, that was one of the proposals I was 50/50 on myself, considering that locked-in enhancements is not a current feature in CoH. But just because one proposal for balance of the Legendary IOs is considered not a good idea, does not mean the notion for the creation of Legendary IOs itself is not a good idea. """""Your building quite the strawman that this has nothing to do with elitism and haves/have nots. That is the very purpose of such chaser systems, to create time sinks, and the desire to chase them for a sense of in game superiority."""""" Please, explain to me how this proposal of Legendary IOs are "chaser systems." """"Ultimately though why? Why do we need this system? Why do we need the devs to spend precious free time on it if its only going to be used by a very small subset of the population? How will this add over all to the general game play experience? Especially when many of us modern minded casual gamers recognize that the sense of pride and accomplishment some take in playing games is actually not seen as something healthy by the mental health community that see them as hand in glove with gaming addiction. The exception being those few actual professional E sport gamer types."""""" Going back to my original post, I had written """Now whether you make the argument that Legendary IOs are needed or not is NOT the point, the argument I'm making is that the creation of Legendary IOs would add another fun layer to the game, if it was implemented.""" I'm not saying Legendary IOs are NEEDED. Neither are extra costume pieces or designs. My argument is that Legendary IOs would make a good addition to the system that is already in existence. Why have devs spend time on something used by a very small subset of the population? Ok, I'll give you that. Same argument can be made for Hami IOs or the incarnate system. I know TONS of players who do not have lvl 50s or spend time in the incarnate system. It's an optional end-game content. How come the same argument can't be made for Legendary IOs? As for the mental health argument you're alluding to, good luck going down that route, Bentley. If you truly want to emphasize on that argument, then the whole badge system is toxic to mental health of gamers. What I am saying is, you really have not givena good reason for this new theoretical system/uber rare drop to even need to be and have in fact given reasons to not do it that you thought good points but in fact are the reasons not to do it. In other words, people who play games to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment do not need to be catered to, but may well be on the path to needing a serious game detox. Here we will have to agree to disagree. Again, as stated above, I never stated this idea was NEEDED. I have given several reasons for the implementation of Legendary IOs as a good addition to the current IO system, which many in this thread have even agreed upon (in addition to cautioning careful implementation/balance, which I 100% agree with). In terms of the mental health argument you're alluding to, again, good luck going down that route. I do not believe you'll make a convincing argument against Legendary IOs based upon "mental health", BUT, I am curious to your argument in regards to the "chaser system" you mentioned. I do hope you'll elaborate more on that point.
  12. First, your top statement. So again, we're looking at an IO in rarity and Uniqueness correct? Looking at the current servers, one prime example of this would be the highest-selling IO which is the Hami/Titan/Hydra Travel IO (These sell roughly 50-70m; I can't remember the direct name, but a lot of you know exactly which IOs I'm referring to). Nobody is going to look at those IOs and say "Wow, those are OP!" , because they're not! If anything, they're highly valued for reasons OTHER THAN making a toon more OP. In regards to your 2nd statement, can you please elaborate or provide an example to help me understand where you're coming from?
  13. Thank you for noting they are just random examples, lol. I'm glad when more people on the opposing camp are actually reading and then taking the time to respond! 😛 Couple of the other responders in this thread who were on the opposing camp of Legendary IOs proposed that one of the ways to balance Legendary IOs from being OP was to add a positive/negative component to the IO, such as (Positive in this stat, but a negative in another stat). Other potential ways to balance included 1 Legendary slot per toon, or once the IO was placed, it would be permanently locked, etc. Others even proposed Legendary IOs that would affect others stats too, maybe those less common. I'm welcome and open to any kind of balancing feedback!
  14. That's what badges are for, lol. :} I'd consider those to be more shiny than IOs. Like with a couple other responders, we might have to agree to disagree. Just to reiterate, my proposal for Legendary IOs is not for the purpose of making toons OP.
  15. From my original post, my reason for introducing the IO's can be found in the following statement: "VR's used to give the thrill of accomplishment to obtain due to difficulty of getting ahold of it. That same thrill, while it may still be there on a slight level, is not quite the same. I feel like a harder to obtain, non-p2w enhancement might add a bit of goal-seeking/fun to the game we already love." I'm not sure how people are pulling power-creeping from that statement.
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