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  1. I did not see this anywhere, or with a quick search (unless I wasn't typing in right search words). PVP bug----in RV specifically, I noticed sometimes a player cannot attack another player despite red/blue positions. Tried this variety of alignment (hero vs villain, vigilante vs rogue, hero vs rogue, villain vs vigilante, etc). Bug may still occur at times. Only way I have witnessed this bug temporarily fixed is via re-logging toon.
  2. Since this thread is leaning more towards the "Bring old LRSF, but in Ouroboros." Long as the proposition sticks in that direction, I'm more willing to change my previous vote to yes.
  3. Ok Riot, I cede up my position from flavor text. You made a convincing argument/response in regards to that position. However, I still do not agree with your overall position on power customization to the degree that you're stating. I just played a toon of mine who has Stealth for the added DEF, and I could see him entirely, no problem! No straining of eyes. Heck, I barely knew he was even in Stealth. For powers like Invisibility, I do not believe this should be an option. If you're going to do that for invisibility, then you mind as well do it for Granite Armor or even Kheldian powers.
  4. Let's look at the Stealth power: Stealth """"You blend into your environment and can only be seen at very close range. Even if discovered, you are hard to see and have a bonus to Defense from all attacks. If, however, you attack while using this power, you will be discovered and will lose your Stealth and some of your Defense bonus. While Stealthy, your movement is Slowed. Stealth will not work with any other form of Concealment power such as Shadow Fall or Steamy Mist. Very low Endurance cost."""" There is NOTHING in the description of this power that promotes mind-manipulation, psych-altering, etc. It even says "You are hard to see, unless as close range." Sounds to me like you just want a completely different power. If that's the case, petition to the Devs for a new stealth ability that says something like "While this ability is on, surrounding enemies are blinded to your presence. within a X amount of radius, making it appear as if you are invisible, even though you're not." Heck, I might even be on board with that, but the whole "I want to be visible while invisible power is on" is just silly to me. My vote is still no.
  5. How is Statesman a vile rapist of a god? Or are you making up some random info. I vote no. Leave things as they are with storyline content. Bringing Statesman is going to open up a can of worms that I advocate that the Devs shouldn't stress about.
  6. Ok, basically this thread can be summed up in as " I want visible invisibility during my costume maker/tailor options." My main is a stalker and least half of my toons use stealth. Even such, my vote is no.
  7. lol, you got a little chuckle out of me. Not enough for a yes tho 😛
  8. I think it'd be helpful to look at the current two popular Endmod sets+Bonuses. PERFORMANCE SHIFTER Performance Shifter: Endurance Modification, Performance Shifter: Endurance Modification/Recharge, Performance Shifter: Endurance Modification/Recharge/Accuracy, Performance Shifter: Recharge/Accuracy, Performance Shifter: Endurance Modification/Accuracy, and Performance Shifter: Chance for +Endurance .-PROC Only one of each of these types of enhancements may be slotted per power. The following set bonuses apply when slotting more than one of the enhancements in this set into a single power: Two enhancements improves your Movement by 5%. Three enhancements increases maximum Health by 1.88%. Four enhancements increases Recovery by 2.5%. Five enhancements improves the Damage of all your powers by 2.5%. Six enhancements increases Area Effect Defense by 3.13%. Six enhancements increases Fire and Cold Defense by 1.565%. ------------------ EFFICACY ADAPTOR Efficacy Adaptor: Endurance Modification, Efficacy Adaptor: Endurance Modification/Recharge, Efficacy Adaptor: Endurance Modification/Recharge/Accuracy, Efficacy Adaptor: Recharge/Accuracy, Efficacy Adaptor: Endurance Modification/Accuracy, and Efficacy Adaptor: Endurance Modification/Endurance Reduction. Only one of each of these types of enhancements may be slotted per power. The following set bonuses apply when slotting more than one of the enhancements in this set into a single power: Two enhancements increases maximum Health by 1.13%. Three enhancements increases Recovery by 1.5%. Four enhancements improves your Regeneration by 10%. Five enhancements improves the Damage of all your powers by 2.5%. Six enhancements improves the Recharge of all your powers by 5%. ---------------------------------------------- Based off the info above, one could argue that the devs felt it needed that the endmod sets would best be partnered with recharge/acc combos, rather than any other combat attribute. Interesting enough, in BOTH sets, they felt the need to add damage as a possible set bonus if 5 of one set were added to one power. So here's my questions for the OP: 1) I understand the lack of procs in regards to damage, but how come a damage proc would have to be added to an endmod set? Why not an accuracy set/res/def/debuff set? 2) Let's say consideration for damage among endmod sets were implemented, how would this balance out for ATs such as stalkers/scrappers/brutes where damage is already considered high and this could possibly eliminate the need for Musculature Alpha slot? 3) You mention electric powers specifically, but you're suggesting endmod/damage together as a set which would affect many ATs and powers. How would you propose that be balanced out? 4) Would endmod/damage be better proposed for certain ATOs rather than general sets?
  9. I'm confused. Are you basically asking for visible invisibility?
  10. Read the OP and entire first page. I did not read any posts that posed a good argument for nor against this topic, or how it could possibly enhance or hinder the game in generally. For that reason alone, I vote no. Unless better reasons/argument is proposed.
  11. It won't be long before Homecoming reaches its 1yr anniversary. In my opinion, it is TOO LATE to bring prestige back to what it used to be for the following reasons: 1) Like others pointed out, it would disrupt too much of the SG base-building progress that has already been done. 2) If it was done early enough, maybe, but a year after? No, the amount of backlash would be too much. 3) For those fascinated with base building, it would put too much of a block on their satisfaction, I can imagine many base builders leaving the game. HOWEVER, I am NOT against the idea of Prestige returning if..... 1) Prestige was brought back and it did NOT affect base-item utilization and/or base upkeep and 2) If prestige instead served another purpose such as (SG earns X amount of prestige=SG earns X Status/Rank/Badge) Basically, a re-invention of the prestige purpose wheel in contrast to what it was before.
  12. I vote getting rid of the p2w system, but nobody wants to hear it.
  13. I vote close this topic and continue in this thread: Currently, it seems like the thread mostly likely to actually affect anything, IF anything is affected.
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