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  1. lol I own that comment. My SG has currently made it to 801.A So we have A, B, C and D left I believe till we complete the series.
  2. Same. I shared it with a discord of individuals who run alot of raid/league contents on the Everlasting server. Quite few of them were supportive of the idea as well & were able to see the benefit,
  3. The complexity of the WS is kind of what brings its unique twist into the CoHverse+what Tyrann said, For those reasons, I say no.
  4. Cool concept/idea, but don't think the implementation would look good for quite a few powersets/attack abilities (e.g. kinetic melee, martial arts, SJ, katana,). And for those reasons, I say no.
  5. I know you said you didn't read every post. Right now its only 2 pages. Few people have brought up how this idea is a better alternative, even in addressing the email piece.
  6. I 100% support this idea. Pretty much for same reasons as shared by everyone else -easier way of transfering funds -good for handing out as prizes/events (specially useful for people who run in groups/events) -even useful for solo players to trade between funds (bypasses clunky email system of typos/keepn tabs on alts/milking for inf) I see no downside to this suggestion.
  7. I 101% agree on every point. I think the others which liked your post saw the benefit of this as well, which is why they liked it without posting. This thread has pretty much run its course, since the 32 bit integer pretty much eliminates the idea I proposed. However, your alternate solution completely bypasses the spaghetti system and is something very doable by the current team w/ much less effort. Another reason I recommended you making a thread with this idea is cause knowing forum experience, majority of ppl view this thread will only see the OT, skip the remainder of posts,
  8. This is a legit idea & multiple people have "liked" it on the post. You consider posting this as a suggestion thread? It will prob be overlooked in this thread. I would 100% support it.
  9. 2 billion per char seems bit small with current market. Instead of sending countless emails, or making new alts as inf holders, how about just simply increasing the inf cap? Instead of 2B, make it a 10 billion inf cap. There's only upsides to this suggestion, imo.
  10. Not really. Just reread the OP, there's quite a bit of difference in my post compared to the OP.
  11. Recommended: How about finding people who are willing to lead more server events & supporting them? This past year has done a number of people, understandably, yet I'm sure there's some people who would still be willing to run global community events. Just a matter of being creative & then supporting those said-people. For example, Smol and his sports-like pvp events. I share this because, 1) I interact a lot with the player-base in Everlasting community (my server home), and most feedback I see is a desire & appreciation for variety. 2) I remember the GM e
  12. What time is this event, Vile? Either I'm blind or i dont see it lol
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