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  1. 7 more days till SG Base Building contest ends! Deadline is 11:59 pm EST on 11/16/2019. We have an excellent outcome thus far! Depending how things go, we **may** change the winners announcements for 11/18/2019 in case we need the extra day. Deadline will not change though!
  2. 12 more days to go! We're getting quite a turn-out. :} Pretty awesome! When registering your base, please don't forget the following: 1) SG base code 2) SG base description 3) Global handle. Some of you have been posting those here on the server, which is absolutely ok, but if you choose not to, feel free to send those to global @CU Krow on the Everlasting server. Looking forward to seeing some of these really cool bases!
  3. 10/15/2019 Update Ran another test trial run (tho originally not a test trial). 1) Due to QUEU bug of the game crashing when trying to queue 48 people in at once, I once again queue'd 24 people in with intention of inviting people inside once inside. 2) While inside, the trial allowed me to invite 3-4 people, before it locked the group up, kicking other invites out instantly the moment they accepted (They accepted, loaded into trial scene, then game kicked them out) 3) Trial itself went without a hitch. With 3 full teams, and 3-4 other toons, we gained estimated 900 merits, with even a little rocky start in the beginning, and getting only 3 bombs. Final results/critique? Again, people complimented the smoothness/increased rewards of trial. But due to the league difficulties, the current MSR trial is still not being run or utilized. The favor still runs for the majority more alongside the regular MSR runs in RWZ. @Apparition, did you have difficulty getting entire league into MSR on Excelsior? If so, any tips? From what I know, you are the only other individual who has tried running MSR trial.
  4. Hello Everlasting Server! One of the most amazing aspects of this game is the SG-base building design. Chaos United AND Vanguard League are co-hosting a SG base-building contest. From today till November 16th, feel free to use your craftiest, creative minds to build a SG base! The theme for the SG base is simple: Super-powered theme. Build your base and explain why it is a base worthy of a super-powered individual or super-powered group! The following SG bases will not be considered for judging of this contest, primarily because of familiarity, and we're looking more for bases built post-today's date, specifically for this contest in mind (if anyone ever wants to check the bases below out, they are definitely the best bases in the game!): Jokers Wild Invincibles Sage's Base in Space Here's the guidelines of the SG base contest! 1-Between 10/12/2019 and 11/16/2019, 1) Please register your SG base in this forum. 2) Send the base passcode and SG-base description to @CU Krow on the Everlasting server. Deadline is 11:59 pm EST on 11/16/2019. 2-One SG base entry per team/individual. 3- SG base judging will comprise of four judges (two from each SG). Winners will be announced on 11/17/2019 in this thread. PRIZES FOR WINNERS! 1ST PRIZE- 2,000,000,000 Inf (and a purple IO set of THEIR choice)) 2ND PRIZE-1,000,000,000 Inf 3rd PRIZE- 500,000,000 inf. ...and some runner-up prizes will be given out as well! Best of luck, SG base builders!
  5. I am new to forums, did not see that this thread existed. Here's an on-going thread that has some results of MSR test-runs and feedback provided from them.
  6. Emps into threads: 20 Suggestion: Threads into Emps: 50
  7. Hi all, CU is hosting a Halloween costume contest on Tuesday, October 15th. Prizes: 1) Est. 2,000,000,000 inf in prizes 2) 3 different entire purple sets General theme of the costume contest is just Halloween. Come with your spookiest gear and creativity! I'll keep editing this post with more details. Location and time TBA.
  8. I'm a red-side villain. Darkness forever! *ques music in the background* "Hello darkness, my old friend......"
  9. I looked and did not see a thread on this topic yet. When the game came back, one of the things I was excited for was league-events (e.g. MSR, incarnates, CoP), but when it came to Seed of Hami, I was EXTREMELY disappointed. For a gigantic monster that moves around and terrorizes an entire map zone, giving out monstrous roars that can be heard from a distance.....only to be taken down by a league of 1.5 teams in less than 7 minutes......it's comparable to an April's Fools joke. I vote we revamp Seed of Hami monster, make it more difficult to bring down, and maybe increase rewards. Otherwise it'll remain a GM in a zone that people pay little interest to, only if they're badge collectors and want to add it to their collection. Heck, I find it more difficult tracking down Sally in Croatoa than I do bringing down this GM. Current Seed of Hamidon rewards: 5 Reward Merits, the Germinator Terminator badge and the Devourer temporary power (+15% mexp and inf for 30 min) Revamped Example for an increased difficult SoH GM: 25 reward merits, Germinator Terminator badge, and reward option list (e.g. choosing between addition merits, incarnate slot, or longer term temporary power).
  10. MSR Trial Test Run #3 Ran MSR trial through LFG with a 24-man league. Just like over the weekend with the 16-man league, the trial was successful and smoothly operated. Couple feedback I received from league members: 1-MSR trial through LFG is smoother in terms of frame-rate, less lag. 2-Map/zone is easier to navigate, due to it being smaller than RWZ. 3-Trial itself, with the higher lvls, is smoother and more rewards (with 24-man league, we achieved 900+ vanguard merits, and given the number of the league compared to regular, not too bad! In addition, as a league leader, I noticed we were low on DPS, so that number is even more impressive from my view) 4-League members also added that badge reward for the trial would be nice, IN ADDITION TO removal of the Member of Vanguard badge to gain entry into the trial. As of now, this is the only trial on the game that does not grant an end-trial badge. 5-Until the LFG issue is improved or can be fixed (queuing in with 48 players increases crash rate significantly, and has done so), it has been recommended by league leaders start MSR trial with small number of players (e.g. 16 or 24), then wait inside the trial to recruit more (since you can invite players from within the trial, least league leader can). From this point on, I won't be posting anymore test runs in this thread unless something significant is witnessed during a run that has not been included in this topic. Again tho, I recommend people test run it and share their views. Despite all this, I'm still in the argument for increasing RWZ cap zone OR making it a lvl 35+ requirement for zone entry.
  11. If LFG worked like that, it would be awesome! From a league-leader's perspective (@Apparition, I'd love to hear your experience on Excelsior), the main difficulty for the MSR trial invite is 1) When we tried queuing in 40+ people in at once from KW, it instantly crashed and half of league was mapserved. 2) Even when recruiting and informing people about the lvl 35+ and badge req, still had people coming in without badge, and the recruitment time took forever (got tired of waiting so started without full league), and 3) When in trial, I'm not going to try recruiting more people through LFG to make it easier to get people in, especially when the trial is currently running. There are some benefits and recommendations I've thought of for people who are wanting to try leading the new MSR trial: 1) In order for less risk of crashing/mapserving upon queue, treat the MSR trial as if it were a 24-man BAF/KEYES/TPN/UG/Magi run and recruit up to 3 teams. Queue in to MSR, and then recruit people from there. (Good thing about MSR trial is that time doesn't start till ship shields are down) 2) As Apparition pointed out earlier in this thread, MSR trial does have considerable better benefits compared to zone MSR such as A) Smoother runs (less lag), and B) More merit rewards [due to higher lvl toons working in unison). On Everlasting, I'm going to try the 24-man recruitment method, queue in, and then hire within as needed. I'll post results in this thread. --------------------- @Apparition, Just saw your recent post & 100% agree. Those are the two main issues. Also saw your post on the other thread about bringing back the lvl 35 req for the RWZ zone.
  12. I agree with this suggestion. If Cimerora requires a certain lvl (tho honestly its more badge-related), then it would make sense to have RWZ be similar. In terms of the SO enhancements, others can easily agree that lowbies can go elsewhere to get them.
  13. Haha, I'm not sure I agree with the "incarnate TF and trial badges are a bit easier" part in comparison with MLTF, LGTF, etc. But that moot point aside, I 100% agree that more "mo" badges would be cool! If not added to current trials (e.g. sewer), then maybe to other added trials in the future.
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