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  1. I’ve seen them around. I didn’t know that! Any one I can contact? Or look me up
  2. Cool! My global is listed and character name is listed in the first post. When you can, get a hold of me. I’ve been still looking. Thank you for responding 😀
  3. My bad for not mentioning it. Hero side
  4. As the title says 😀. I’m having a wee bit of trouble finding one. Not new to Rp just very rusty. Global is @kittak and character name is Electro Blaze
  5. Can't find anything on a bind/or macro on changing costumes using the change emotes. I've tried using the key mapping via the options but the emote wont happen (yes it's turned on). I remember back in the day I had one but I can't remember it, and I can't find it any where. Thanks in advance!
  6. Virtue is and always be my home away from home! Now it's Everlasting. Original handle was @tak. Had to change it on Homecoming. Its now @kittak
  7. Thank you! They work like I remember.
  8. Heya all! Was wondering if anyone remembers how to do the keybinds that used the number pad to control master mind pets? I had it back in the day now I can’t remember! Would be so much easier to control my pets! Thank you in advance!
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