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  1. So when I hit 50 for the first time this week, what should I do first? I've not done any of the task forces, i wanted to save them for late game merits and incarnate stuff(I think?) What are my priorities as a newly minted lvl 50?
  2. I don't know if I'm making this up, or if it's a real memory from when I played in live. I thought there was a way to manipulate your characters level so that you could run low level content with your level nerfed to the proper level. Is this possible or am I making it up?
  3. Can we get the CoT a Lighting Budget? I've had to log out of the same mission 3 times because I cant find the exit in the black void that is CoT tunnels. I'd be fine if I had a flashlight.
  4. I no longer have the build but I had one of those back in Live and LOVED it.
  5. I was thinking Dark as well because it will make them miss me. Every time they miss me is a tick of regen of a ton of HP.
  6. I've been playing a water/rad I made the toon just to have a funny toon, but now I'm loving the power combo and will definitely be taking him to 50.
  7. I'm working on a Willpower Tank right now, a weird labor of love ive been trying to complete since Live. I have been stacking every possible, available +regen boost from IO sets, regen at the cost of all things. The tank I did this with in Live was pretty obnoxious in the arena, very hard to kill, long fights. I think I want to do something similar with a sentinel. If I were going to do this with full passive regeneration in mind I'd go Willpower again, my attack would have to be rad, being able to 2 slot analyze weakness for 10% regen in every attack is nice. But if I
  8. I'm only 2-3 slotting Numinas. This toon is an experimental tank. I'm stacking as much passive regen and Bonus HP as I can.
  9. The Numinas Convalescence IO set, One enhancement says it gives a regen/refresh boost for 120 seconds. Is that only if its slotted into a trigger power, like an attack, or will it still go off if I slot it into an auto power like "Health" Will it trigger regularly if I put it into a toggle?
  10. Are Sentinels a good pick for PvP combat? I want to make a good character for the Arena. Sentinels are a blast in PvE, how do they do in real combat?
  11. No, I was looking for the fastest animation time as well as recharge. I wanted to try to find the fastest power and make it as fast as the animation time. pew pew pew
  12. I'm just curious about what would happen if I used IO sets and my secondary to increase the attack speed and just boost the rate of fire and accuracy of my T1. The Psionic dart or buckshot would be cool, just to chain fire it.
  13. My original super regen was a SS/Wpr back in live. I was 1 Numinas set away from completing the build when the world died. I can't remember the regen amount any more, but I know it was enough to piss off the arena. When I got back I did some numbers and think I can squeeze a bit more regen with Rad Melee than SS, plus it fills the damage aura hole that Wpr has. This is now my pure regen project, just wanna see what the highest HP per second regen can be, passive, no powers active. If I did Rad/Drk, that would give 2 damage auras, a boatload of resistance, and I co
  14. Of all the ranged attacks which has the quickest activation and animation?
  15. I like the look of Psi Melee, Psylocke would be proud. But I'm iffy on it because of the Psi dmg versus mechanical enemies. Anyone have a High lvl Psi Melee they can speak on?
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