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  1. I just brush off any inconsistency with times and dates in RP with the headcanon that the existence of Ouroboros has caused a LOT of localised time anomalies centered around paragon city. All answers are correct, because running the same arc 26 times back to back is bound to make something a bit wonky. Don't know who the current president is? Why do we have 3 mayors? But you haven't voted in 20 years? Timelines gone a bit wonk. Lost your parents in the rikti invasion, Took part in the galaxy City invasion last month, saw the rise of mott and preatoria fall, but you're only 15? Timelines gone a bit wonk. Buying a new TV and the guy in the shop is trying to sell you either a flat screen plasma wall mounted HD 3D TV, or a top of the range 32" CRT with TWO scart plugs? Timelines gone a bit wonk... Or you're in a pawn shop. The citizenry of paragon just don't like talking about it, because it's confusing and messy. Poor old Phil the Rivetter has been working in steel canyon for 10 years, clocks in to work every day, he swears blind that they get closer to completing the spaceport every day, but he also isn't going to question a steady job for life.
  2. Duncan Prydain (AKA Donnchadh the young, Duncanus De Britannia, Merlin ("No, not THE Merlin, but don't underestimate what people will believe if you can speak Brythonic and do a bit of magic... I grew a beard and everything"), and Duncan the Undying.) My couple-of-thousand-year-old druid, plant/storm controller, and accidental immortal. Along with his "Sidekick", Kowethes, a shape shifting Fae who prefers to spend most of their time as a Corgi for various reasons (and who is a beast/nat MM, using either Coyote and a tiny canine body with beast run).
  3. I'm trying to get back in to the practice of doing photo-manipulation stuff again, as CoH was always a good source of inspiration. I'll update the post as and when I add stuff, and occasionally bump if there's any interest. Most recent: My dimension hopping, cyborg-fungus lady, Eve Ash (Advanced Synthetic Human Mk5, unit 14). (I hate using game assets as it's cheap, and it can take some work tyring to remove jaggies and pixels, but rebuilding that chest piece from scratch just wasn't going to happen) Base images for face and body in spoiler, but not the 6 sources needed to do the hair. A couple of older ones of Lehrer, a "thing" wearing the face of a 1930s serial killer. I enjoy pulling up Lehrer in "character face claim" threads, as he's always been made up of component pieces to match this look, and never an individual face, which means makes it easy to dial up the creep factor by overemphasizing features. Pretty sure that's John Dillenger's hair in the mugshot though. Going to be doing a couple of bits for SG mates soon, which will be posted as and when.
  4. There are people who play as if no time has passed since shutdown, some who play as if time has, some who time stood still while the calander date changed, some who have excuses as to why they haven't been around the last decade and why their memory is patchy. As someone whose main is from a different timeline/dimension where the date is definitely the current one, I just brush off any inconsistencies I encounter as Ouroboros and Project Destiny have a lot to answer for.
  5. One thing this thread has managed to do is create a game I play with a friend that I like to call "the list of characters Lunk isn't allowed to make", where I just send him character concepts that shouldn't be made. Either because they are just bad puns, like Tinkerbull (Minotaur fairy extraordinaire). Or straight up offensive, like the Onomatopaedo (has sonic powers and tries to boink kids).
  6. I may be wrong, but the Westin Phipps arc in CoV mentions some degree of psychic ability in the bane spiders. "Dr. Nova also explained how the Bane Spiders worked, that they had their own mental powers turned inward so that they mind controlled themselves, then linked them to the rest." Which could explain their stealth powers and placate as some kind of psychic cloaking. Which makes sense considering how place works. As for poison ray, maybe it's radiation based, as that would essentially be energy based poison, and its -def fits with game mechanics for rad blast.
  7. Not quite the answer, but I found a way to level 2 chars at once. I got a cool little program that let's me set up hot keys that can broadcast a key press to an inactive window which I use to dualbox (2 client, 1 pc) , putting the second char on follow, and triggering abilies as needed. I think it's called "autokey" or "auto keyboard", but I'm in the gym so can't check. Google search will probably find it easy.
  8. Exhibits missing in Murder-Museum heist [Police request anyone with information about the robbery to please come forward] The Indianapolis museum of homicide was struck by a surprise heist last night, with several installations vandalised or stolen. While surveillance footage was interrupted during the break-in, an unmarked vehicle was caught on traffic cameras, and local police are looking to question a mercenary organisation known to operate in the area, whose M.O matches the vehicle and method of gaining entry. Notably, the perpetrators absconded with a display of bullets and shrapnel collected from the site of the Rosewood massacre, the only exhibit taken with no discernable monetary value. The massacre which took place in the winter of 1933, when the serial killer, Karl Lehrer, frustrated at being trapped in the town of Rosewood during a four day blizzard, turned on the sleepy town's inhabitants, slaughtering all men, women and children trapped in their homes in a bloody 8 hour rampage. [Mugshot of Karl Lehrer, taken just days before being lynched by an angry mob] Other artifacts taken included a gold plated machete, used by renowned drug dealer Treyvon "Cutter" Hughes in his bid to corner the New York superadine market; a selection of ceremonial jewellery worn by the infamous Wisconsin Rapture Family cult; the Dietrich diamond, which Lucinda Dietrich murdered her husband to obtain in order to pay off her gambling debts, which was on loan from the Museu…..
  9. One of the games I like to play on set, is "If you had to play a horrible role, but it would be your big break in your acting career, but you're going to be typecast as that". Basically you come up with a horrible role, and everyone says if they would sell out for it. Most people would happily be typecast as a nazi, neonazi, or racist. Things like slave, rapist and paedophile tend to be the ones no one would want to base a career off. Not exactly the same situation, but I've never seen a problem with people portraying a character in RP who is unpleasant, as long as it's not done as a method of trolling or creating a mouthpiece for their own ideologies.
  10. I was going to make a huge post earlier about how the use of passive emotes (x swings a punch at y) is better RP than active (y dodges x's punch and knees him in the jaw as he swiffs past), and how much it bothers me, but I am rather appropriately on a film set all day, and got called on half way through typing it to play dress up and pretend 😛 I liken it to pro wrestling. It is up to the person being struck (emoted at) to react appropriately and sell the move. No-selling constantly, and straight up squash matches are boring. No one expects you to underlay ability, but if both rpers are playing to that rule, the result is more entertaining. If only one does. Its just frustrating to the other who will likely break character to say "dude, no", possibly even shun them in the future. If both do it... Well, they look like 5 year old playing cops and robbers, trying to one up each other with impervium armour, laser tipped bullets, ninja bullet dodge skills, giant veloceraptor, blood of an ancient demon Prince...
  11. I honestly don't think we ever truly did, we just got lucky in the fact that we had a good percentage of SGs who wanted a brand of storytelling that could merge together with some fudging and creativity. What was important to the mix is that we had quite a few people who would spark a dialogue between SG/VGs OOC to see where things go. In truth, it was never quite server-wide, its just the biggest SGs were usually involved in some kind of cross-plot, and it made appear to be a server-wide narrative. X knows Y and acknowledged event A. Z doesn't know X, but interacts with Y, and therefore knows/acknowledges event A IC. and so on down the line until some petty criminal in Mercy Island knows Mr and Mrs Atom (nee nuclear) have got married, and is determined to put a flaming dog turd in a bag on their doorstep to punish them for being happy. But if you wanted to do your own thing, and not be part of that, there was enough space to do so. Maybe it's because virtue was too big to allow these webs to form like Union, maybe it WAS insular, or maybe the styles of RP between those groups varied too much. But if it was the size, we're not as big as we used to be, maybe it can happen again. I was going to make a huge post about how I saw past the veneer of the Union meta-narrative following the "Rikti War Council" and the later attempt to set up an open door OOC plot brainstorming roundtable to make what was already happening a bit more tangible, but the reaction from some parts of the community towards that is still a sour point for me, and I doubt I could keep it civil if one of the group that branded me elitist and trying to dictate RP chimed in, they were a big part of why I moved to Virtue from Union. As for those who I remember being part of the big server plots, you guys were amazing, I'll be coming to find you when I get back in to things properly.
  12. Huh, this actually made me think, most of my "hobbies", health and fitness(I was a PT), politics/sociology (University study), acting (I do tv background and bit parts) are linked to careers I've had. I suppose mycology, growing and studying mushrooms, mould and fungi, is my only actual hobby as I've never done it for money. They're just absolutely fascinating creatures. I'm planning a lichen terrarium next year once I get some nice samples collected. I love the C2 model Cs, used to do a casual 10k every morning on one a few years back, but I can't stand the newer model Ds, the handle has too much give, blisters my fingers with heavy use. Impressed by your stats though!
  13. Not attacking or defending anything, as I'm sure the concept is fine and executed sensibly, and done as a way to create a point of interest in RP (/e strides over with purpose and shouts "Put some god damned pants on!") but... WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?! 😆 That's like rolling a Nazi character on European servers. A cross-dressing Russian spy in Russia. A Giant anthropomorphic bear who is a member of the Chinese communist party on a Chinese server. or an Englishman who KICKS DOGS on a British server. There is always going to be more people in those groups who find that sort of thing very uncomfortable OOC, and therefore create complaints. Other than animal abuse on a British server. That's going to rile up 90% of us, and get you spammed with tells of "((Dude, too far!))"
  14. I loved the multi-group and meta-plot stuff, but I also remember how much of a problem it caused with some parts of the community feeling they were excluded (despite it being generally open door). That being said, when I finally get the client installed and time to log in, I'm falling in line with anything you try to push, like a loyal henchman.
  15. Someone told me there's some CoH going around, and much like a radioactive twinkie, it's not as stale as you'd expect after 7 years on the shelf. Some of you know me, some of you probably wish you didn't. Former denizen of union and virtue, RPer, fanfic writer, and general marmite personality. Shout out to those E.V.I.L peeps, I know there's at least two of you here
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