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  1. Maybe a small dumb thing, but as soon as I logged in after the patch, I immediately sensed a headache and nausea coming on. Which is something I get from some games though never from CoH before. My FPS is at a steady 60+ so that wasn't it but it definitely belt like something is off. I turned off the automatic windows scaling and the feeling went away. So maybe something is going on with that setting? Anyway, the UI scaling looks great now that it isn't trying to murder my brain! 😄
  2. If you can convince yourself to justify Mass Levitate (it's not really a telekinetic fist punch!) you could probably get away with it. But I think skipping Telekinetic Blow would hurt your rotation a lot. Especially in the early game.
  3. I don't have any costumes that I'm super happy with, but these are a few that I'm not embarrassed to get caught with in public! This is Mortiurge, a spirit of death and vengeance that was summoned by the Circle of Thorns as a weapon against their enemies. Stuff went wrong with the binding ritual and now she's wandering the Rogue Isles, having a go at this free will thing. Spines/Invuln stalker. Aria Victory. They say she's the Incarnate of Victory, her goal is to make everyone around her feel like a superstar. Sonic/dp defender. Harry Watt was a simple guy, providing for his family as a PTS technician in Cap au Diable. One day, "something" happened to Harry at work and he turned bad. Real bad. When he came home that night, he tried to murder his family. One slasher movie later, Harry had been stopped and the Badness was gone. Hurray! Or was it? Something took root in his 14 year old daughter Yu, and it hid there for years, biding its time. Elec/elec dominator.
  4. There is also one in Pocket D, which can be quite convenient.
  5. On that note, do the flypose emotes work for anyone? I try eg /e flypose1 and I can tell the command was recognized, but nothing happens.
  6. Marshal Brass (15-20, Cap au Diable): Has a story arc that unlocks Ouroboros.
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