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  1. Can I ask for some clarification on this? Do I slot Hide?
  2. Thanks for the replies! Exactly the posts I needed @rmancu @oldskool
  3. Anyone have a build they can share? Can't find a single one with /dark and have only found unfinished or speculated builds for Ice primary despite hearing all the great things about it 😞 - Ice Black
  4. Thanks for the replies, switching over to musculature then. Should I switch my reactive interface to degenerative as well?
  5. Which alpha incarnate should I go for? I went with cardiac initially but ended up getting way too much end. after slotting. Regrettably made it T2 too. So to me it seems like it's between agility, musculature, and spiritual right? More or less have this build currently. Musculature seems nice but I read something about diminishing returns? Help me heroes.
  6. Wow fast responses all around, thanks a lot guys. New player here. Copying this build for I am a poor man 😄
  7. Hopefully it's not too late to get a response, but is there a reason you went with the recharge speed luck of the gambler enhancements on the toggles? Just wondering
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