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  1. Hey folks, I asked this on the discord, but figured I'd try here as well. I'm trying to polish off my stone/stone tanker, which I love despite the downsides. It's my first Tanker. My build (Rumblebuns01) has higher defenses (unsure if necessary) and can exemp decently well, but the psi resist is only 25%. This other build I found (Rumblebuns02) has lower defense (still capped for regular content), but much better psi resist (50~%) and better run speed. Doesn't look like it would exemp well. I haven't tanked anything harder than ITF, but I'd like to. I'm just not confident in my abilities or my build, so I'd like to know what you think I should go with. Please and thank you. Rumblebuns01.mxd Rumblebuns02.mxd
  2. Thanks, I had heard of it, and simply don't see it that often.
  3. Is this just market manipulation that I don't understand? I was trying to figure out what was going on, because I kept seeing numbers in these ranges. So I threw up a few at 4,111,111 and they sold for 4.2 Is someone picking them up for those prices and relisting to get 11-15M?
  4. After my previous posts, I decided to take the hit and delist my ATOs, relisting lower and they sold pretty quickly (before you posted this, btw). I think I listed at 7M even, which is not ideal but I wanted to see what would happen. I want to thank you for your post, you'd think putting your actual numbers would hurt you, but it seems like so many people just use the AH on a "gimme I need it now" basis that we can all manage to profit from it. For anyone following my stupidity: I've taken the advice from this forum and made myself a meager 500million. Small by your standards but pretty good for me.
  5. Yup. I understand the mechanics of this. What I'm bad at is figuring out the right price. I *think* I'm starting to get better. After posting yesterday, while I'm not making the bank that most people are, it's increasing at a decent rate.
  6. Much like real-world markets, I have to accept that I'm at the mercy of the power players! That is interesting to me. What I find complex is very different from other people. I have a strange brain, so I have to accommodate it. Thank you for the replies, this forum has still been very informative to me.
  7. This post really confuses me. I am notoriously bad at figuring out the market. I don't know if it's my ADHD or if I'm just stupid (possibly a combination of both). At any rate, it leads me to the simplest way for a bit of profit, which is super packs. That being said, I have a bunch of ATOs listed at or around these prices, and they've just been sitting there for weeks, not selling. So I'm confused as to how it's working for you, when I have them listed at the same price... Nothing I've done of late has made me any profit, and I'm having more and more trouble making inf other than farming, which I dislike.
  8. Complaining about free stuff from volunteers is one of the great privileges of being on the internet. My list of demands: - Give everyone all the things. - All the time. - If anyone is going to get special treatment, it should be me. /sarcasm.
  9. I made a water/time blaster without reading anything about it. I agree with pretty much everything you say, mechanically. I don't know why, I just am having trouble *liking* water as a blast. I find it clunky to use, and I can't really articulate why. I think perhaps I like my blast sets to feel like they have impact, and the water blast just sort of happens. It doesn't feel like you're really hitting anything.
  10. Thanks, I will keep that in mind. I may start over, but I seem to have a working method without doing so. My ego might get the better of me after seeing all the awesome bases here, however.
  11. While I would agree, there are people using the base storage, and I'm not sure I want to try reorganizing. I don't know if I *could* delete their storage (I don't think so) but I wouldn't want to risk anything. After some of the responses here, I was able to build on top of what I had already made, so it seems to be working out okay. Thanks everyone!
  12. Thank you, that makes so much more sense. That would mean that I'd have to start over, which I'm not willing to do (I don't think). So I'll have to content myself with whatever I can build indoors.
  13. Hi Everyone, I'm trying to build a lovely outdoor space like I've seen here, but I'm running into some issues. How do you build farther away from your base? When I'm laying down surfaces with clipping off, I'm still constrained to the squares next to the room. What am I doing wrong? Screenshot for reference.
  14. So, I built for ranged softcap and then S/L resists. Seems like others are building just for recharge. Is it that important to have overgrowth perma? I still have slots left and I feel like I don't know what else to do. I'm sure there's a better way of building plant/nature but I figure if I have good defenses this should still be a solid performer. Thoughts? | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1392;629;1258;HEX;| |78DA6593594F135114C7EFD0D62EB4D282DD575AA0852A58F5DD202E8982A9823EA| |975A2D3325AA74D3B4DE4D14FE11760D5C4078D51E3837BFC122AFAAA0226C6F5A5| |1EE7FC294DE62693DFDCFF3DDB3D6766E6E651F7BD13B70E0BC93B55959BCDD2544| |DD31BB56A5569D84FCB7AAB2157052DC7644B6FDDD05A4D3B6D523B36DBE6E3C5AA| |ACE9DBBB6497C19156B93C6E44524A93E5B2AAA9FA8270176BE433ADC87555ABB88| |CCD6C5D51AE7A8CD7E36A655EA7837E6337A754957AADA1CBBA5AD37CC7EAEA1532| |A060337253571A0B212A68849EFB92C06ADBC48F1E210A56E1FDC9ECFF05FE66EEF| |903FE653ECB747C8588100A4EF180E24988272D5B0CBB9E157095E95863BAEE8077| |99CF299E45625FCB19C9D0AC67C159E6AE39F01CD3719EF9827C6DA8C5364A5AD62| |A1E12ECA8C57E816B765F042F317797C0CBB8BBCC7C49F19C88E77CCA5A8082F542| |EBF573DE20691E689E362DF18A3CFB90B56F906F361663EE8B830930C99C4831D31| |4CDC7BE922FCF1D0D80AF29EE00320D18991E51097E64F2637601CC2E84D98530BB| |0C6697C1EC24CA14846FB02CF8ACC21C9A0755F01A337B9DF998F286E11B0E590D2| |D120623CC58148C311371A685F24679C63DD120BD909E38C0B74F4C30AD6413671B| |297E8AB5D477E613D293C89DFCCCF5A4BE805F99831BE026B8C57C431D4CA383697| |4F52D69C38837BCC8BD19590297C1156676155C632E524939F8E6DE717DA3EFC10F| |E03ABE808FE027E61221CF77B4E4F1BDEECD81436096D9EEACFFCDECFC71C63710D| |F51DA63A6D3FD26A560520E9A94432665DAA414AD9DFF5C4886E2F4D2DF8B4A365C| |742A759F6E752B27F95E9B26AB6FDDCA6DEEB271F17F3242031A| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
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