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  1. Thanks for always coming through!
  2. Please just focus on my Dual Pistol powers. I understand my DEF and my END recovery is on the lower side. This is kind of my play test build for DP really to understand what I'm doing. I know I'm gonna drop Empty clips(gonna move those slots to end and health probable) cause my recharge is fine and I don't need another attack. Still learning my rotation. I'm using Suppressive Fire with the build up proc to open up my chain hoping to proc build up before an AOE attacks/nuke My first DP! I want to pump out as much dmg as I can on my defender. Am I over doing it on the procs? I also plan on getting Intuition for the 33% dmg buff and Assault Radial for the chance for double proc dmg. Will I see a big jump in dmg with those 2 incarnate powers? Thanks for taking your time and helping me https://www.midsreborn.com/builds/download.php?uc=1552&c=737&a=1474&f=HEX&dc=78DA6594CB4F135114C6EF74A660CBB3BC1F2D7DC8BB65DA11508911122DA0F2B051B6A61965C0C6A16DFA48242E0C26FE172ED485892E5C0A71E7C2A54B8D51762E549E262E8CAB7A3ADFB14CD22693DF99EFDCF3BAB77796EEC7EB5FCF6FCD08A9F1B2A9E7F3C9B8B166A4578D5CEDB25E28E67453947FB5F4F8FF7B92978A6B6BEA4A6AC3482EE9E954B668EA855426EDADF86FE8E97563558D1775339948E50B19332F5A12998CA9AE18A691CDE40A56409D25CD99A9F5BB8506D86533955E775B6F37B386B1EA99CDA6EEA8713D778F8AE50B466EB38B7A51E9F9D826F857728A4359084D118E03E60F50F9C9DC036BF641ADB912AB889803BE08786A8CA982EE28F889EA498891A56DF6BD01EB77986FC121DA30196B85BC0BCD459A139AC3D92E595AE302FA69FC0D7E6EC35E97FBAABD82B8E63873166C9963CE8313348B0B31258982EBB86E9D4F58FE41D21AA0490DA3D0DA9821F2354958DF142E6B2EF1857AF0B0E6E13E27A9462BEF75EB37053936A97EAB223A5ED01A1FD1E1B4F4AE1DE4EEFA8E9964AAD18E7C52FB344191450F739CF276C2E7EC7C8C797A3E805ECEEBE5BC7D21E4EBE3FC728710DD3C5777185A1FF31CE5EDE57E7BB71117A891AD7C01CE1BE03AC108FC410DEF5F697E1FE7F54D95FB1422F80EB3EE92CF8F7E15FF1EF6E1F431F3807908F6EF8367A99710CF18BA8A1AFD5CB35F472F831BD8E7C127B46C88F81EB153143BC0730C4C401BD29867981791734420E7C803ECC1437A1DE65E87AFF39A6570F41A7381B9086E514C18318EF034668FF05945FE22FF23B97CFFDC564FEA4BC4A9470E6B0E956B47B997E805F8A333783F4FF3C4789E580CFDC7C69993A0C6E7A3F1B96B7CDE5EA57267CB7FF552498C562931BB328638AD6AD578953251A52C5629CB274A29A154BE0542B2BCAEE6CA8D2F1DD2E6487C83A431DCAA63BB1694AD533EB26BC358F7CBAE053041C26D7561E5BE65B3759B7DDB66BFA2ABAAB1FDA7E3C47EEA39F9523CB3D9CF6DF63F1E79F5C8
  3. *UPDATE* This happens when you have power slide on or if you have the stances selected* If you are flying backwards while hover is on and you combat teleport it goes through the Teleport power animation. But if you go in any other direction this does not happen. Its a nice smooth quick teleport. I this suppose to happen?
  4. Give it multiple functions. Turn it into a AoE burst heal and if anyone is in the radios of the heal that has fallen in battle it’ll pick you back up. Give it a cool animation. It’s already a long one. To me empathy is the goddess of the healer classes. An angle. I played empathy for a very long time and I’d love to have a cool signature heal power. I’d feel more engaged in combat with burst heals. Maybe give it a +dmg/heal/Rez. I the buff would make the empath feel a little bit more powerful too with the +dmg.
  5. Hops

    Name release

    Small Soldier is freed up
  6. Building my first stalker(EM/Bio). I’m trying to understand how to use the Stalkers AT procs to there fullest. What’s a good power for the chance to hide proc? How does the chance for recharge proc work? Is it for the one power or is it a global recharge? Thank you!
  7. I ran the phantoms support for awhile on my guy. She’ll give you Adrenalin Boost twice in her life cycle. I would run her when I would pop rune of protection to boost its recharge and go haaaaam with my spamming. Makes for a fun time when you’re just running through mobs. And she would heal you too. It unlocks on the second tier on the right side, so it’s pretty cheep. Oh and she can’t take dmg. I used the go to command to use her to take alpha, and she follows you pretty well and her presence takes agro too. I love combat tp on my guy as well. If you don't yet have this macro it'll be a amazing to add "Here's a macro that will teleport you into the face of your target: (THANKS @Jimmy!)" /macroimage combat_teleport "Combat Teleport" "powexeclocation target combat teleport" I combat tp into there faces and use envenom first to really lower those resistances cause of VG has already applied. Ill use poison trap first if its a larger mob to hold some on of the minions/LT's. And I have the absorb proc in my PT. I think its perfect. It's saved me so many time when I'm to aggressive when I taking Alpha. With fold space I've learned I like to Combat tp (with the macro) to one of the bosses of the group and use fold space next to him since you can't tp bosses. Thats if you know you can survive alpha. I hope you love your guy! My Poison/Fire guy is now vet lvl 413 without PL'ing. You're in for a real treat ❤️
  8. True. More brainstorming to be had
  9. How about turning Hurricane into a click and when activated it would suck enemies into you and would do a Knockdown.
  10. Mobs don’t stay alive long enough anymore. I really tried to make storm work for me but on a 4+ team you are just throwing out bells and whistles and with the long animations for all of the powers you loose momentum and 3/4th of the mob is dead. The concept is outdated and needs to be refreshed. I feel the set only really shines when less people are on the team or sitting by the doors in a BAF. Fold Space does a better job at positioning then the entire storm set. That’s saying something cause it’s a power pool
  11. I love the P2W defense buff that offers mez protection. I would love to see a new accolade one day that offers mez protection. Maybe against Mag 2 mez’s . Or maybe you can choose 1 type of mez your more resistance to instead of getting full coverage. With things slowly being trickled out of the P2W vendor. It would be cool to have this locked behind some hard content. I personal don’t see the P2W vendor staying for ever the way it is currently.
  12. I’m lucky enough I found mine. His name is Dahkness. Poison/Fire Defender. My pride and joy ❤️. Pretty much lives in Cimerora these days.
  13. Thank you for your help.
  14. So I've taken all the advice on slotting and play tested my build. And I love to just tank into mobs. I've started to notice. Almost every power I have on storm side, the mobs run in fear cause of tornado and freezing rain and its super annoying cause those are my 2 main storm powers I use. I pull them back with fold space but they still wanna run and it lowers the the number of heads my aoe's hit and it becomes frustrating for other people I play with. So I added some new procs into the mix to slow down the running with chances to immobilize/knockdown in powers I can fit them in. Im tempted to even pick up the spectral core flawless interface. I don't dare to run Hurricane. I really enjoy ITF's and even with the AVs they have mobs constantly spawning and I just can't run that without wanting to shoot myself lol Should I just move on from storm and stop trying to fix my dilemma from constant runners? It doesn't feel like a team friendly support set at all to me with my current play style. I enjoy a very fast moving play style with my power pool set up Please let me know about my new set up and what you think about my new IMO/KD procs. I haven't tested it yet. (I play with temps and inspirations so i don't have an end problem or def problem). Thanks for looking! https://www.midsreborn.com/builds/download.php?uc=1435&c=702&a=1404&f=HEX&dc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