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  1. I don’t feel the population is down. I always find something to do right when I log in.
  2. Oh! Damn. Well that saves me time from brainstorming my build. ThX!
  3. Sadly it can only go up to 2 hours. I’m trying to shave 2 seconds down on a power. I’m trying to get my fortitude to a 10 second recharge. And it requires me to be logged out of the game to add more time to it
  4. Are there any temp powers I can grant myself to increase my global recharge?
  5. Is it worth slotting sets into these powers?
  6. Let me just say I like FoW. The animation time for the attacks are painfully slow. The cone not as bad as the single target. And I just picked up my two range attacks through my epic power. Im enjoying mighty leap I just wish stomp was changed to a “res-jump +jump speed”. the stomp is so awkward. I won’t go deep into my build just what I did to make FoW work for me. FoW: •weaken(2/3 slots) 1 Rech and 1 Acc with -res proc. “I’m focusing on the -res this has cause I have everyone with power boost fort and non of the io sets offer recharge” I use this for mainly bosses and up! I might change it to just 1 acc and 1 -res proc. DON’T GO THINKING YOU CAN USE THIS ON ENTIRE MOBS! Animation time is a little long if you try to use it on more then 1. It’s a focus 1 and move on power. •mighty leap (1slot) Stomp effects work on combat jumping. It’s something’s fun to swap over to in missions. Little jumping bean ❤️ •unleash(6 slots) I got it to a 1 min and 20 second cool down. I use this with power boost when I’m healing a heavily AoE fight with AVs. Super Jump •jump kick (5slots purple filler) •combat jump (1 slot) acrobatics (1 slot) leadership •assault (1 slot) (Flex for SS or Veng if you want) •maneuvers (6 slots) •tatics (5 slots) Speed •hasten (1 slot) Perma with 1 slot i use this power pool set up my ill/emp so I can afford to make this work with having invis available from my powers. I have a recharge build. I am able to get two Power boost forts within 13/12 seconds
  7. Share a nice thing about your empathy! Id love to know why your an empathy! I’ve always mained an Empathy of the sort. I found I enjoyed Illusion the best with empathy. I can finally fort two people while power boost is up! And unleash potential is at 1:20 cool down
  8. Will the ETA be the same for Mac users? Would I just reinstall the program through terminal to get FoW update?
  9. I made a pretty fun perma PA (Ill/emp) build with force of will set 🙂. Not quite done with all my IO’s but I’m having a blast with it
  10. When you power on mighty leap you get a server tray pop up for takeoff. I can’t slot things into that tray. It seems pointless to have! I can move takeoff to a different tray... please add a disable button for it or is there an efficient way to use up that tray? I don’t understand the reasoning for it. OCD... sorry 🙂
  11. I main an empath and unlike SB I still have to individually buff everyone. I currently play on a 13inch screen and with all the powers and buffs it just eats up my entire screen. The question that brings me here today is... Is there a slash command that will make it so it only shows my buffs on the players and not there individual buffs or other player buffs?
  12. There is always something harder
  13. Actually I am a solo empath. I can send you my Ill/emp build. I’ve been working pretty hard on it.
  14. Awesome! Good to know! Thank you
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