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  1. Just wait tell all the testing is done. I like to take a break from the game when the update hits Ope beta. It feels better when you don’t have to constantly check. But if you must know. My best bet is about 4 to 8 weeks before it goes live when it leaves closed beta. Be patiant it’s a really big awesome update
  2. Yeah the recharge would be nice and you can take that instead of CJ
  3. What if after using CT instead of gaining ACC, your next use of teleport has no animation/no hover affect/no stealth to it (instant tp with +5% RES). It will give people the option to TP into battle from afar and keep up with a fast pace group if TP is your only travel. Give this effect a 10/15 second cool down after using it or something. And for the people that are hating on the cool down they have to invest into the power pool to fully become a teleporter to bounce back from the cool down. I think this will help slow tankers/melee to toons keep up with the range dps'ers in battle since the current end game is so gosh darn fast. Gives people the incentive to pick more powers in the power pool. And I think it adds a little bit of fun to using teleport. Everyone likes a good combo move. Just a thought
  4. Dude i'm sorry that happened to you. I hate when you get a shitty host I don't personally care for Speed ITF's unless you just want to show off. But yeah 15/20 for a pub group. My kill alls range from 35 to 50 min.
  5. I sir disagree on this. Guess you can say his extra recharge can be situational use. I can get Cap recharge For 10/15 seconds with my own buffs on my poison with the use of accolades. I call it my boss killer mode. Blaze and snipe with no waiting. Also VV here is a pretty fun Poison build I have. It can be very tanky. Almost Cap RES all. But i've learned with poison. The only way to really see the set shine is to really play it aggressively. Its not a set you want to avoid dmg. I always carry purples on me. You gain your hp back through all the Healing procs if you live. It's not a Wate build. But hope this can give you some ideas how on some slotting.
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