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  1. I'm in northeast China, Reunion seems to be the best choice, even when I pop on in the evening there's stuff going on and teams forming, maybe there could be an Asia SG or channel or something like that
  2. Hi there, the game is going strong, not sure what issues you had with teaming, You'll see people running DFB's those are low level trials, from level 1 up, mission teams can be found from your team tab, Don't be afraid to start your own team the game and players are pretty forgiving, I'm in Asia so time zones are wonky, but you can get me at @Stygus I play on Everlasting, but I have toons on Reunion, look me up if you get stuck, Hope you get a lot out of the game
  3. I rolled one up the other day, so far loving it, SM is a nice set, and it helps with DA end drain, still in the low levels now, but at 16 it feels like a pretty sturdy damage capable tank!
  4. HI there, I played this game from just after issue 6, and then off and on again until it closed, It has always been a great game to play in, what with the costume creator, the storylines I have enjoyed, especially blueside Crey and Council ones, and the newer ones, loved the Protean one, I met good people, had amazing RP with super cool players, Now, because of the Homecoming team, I get to relive those memories and make new ones, and it's not just the servers, it's the boards and the community, that I remember, I cannot thank you enough for that, to be able to come back to a world that was lost, I am very grateful
  5. For me, I find micro-transactions break immersion and pull me out of the game, so if they are included, I would really like to see a subscription model rolled out alongside, so that people like me can continue to enjoy the game, and the bells and whistles can be added without altering game-play. Further to that perhaps adopting something akin to the Kingdom of Loathing donation/subscription model would make the player base content, As for the game itself, I love the idea of new content, within reason, but new arcs, new stories, I like the idea of new ATs but I don't really need them, I think the present variety gives us enough, However as was earlier said I would love if the build changing allowed you to change AT instead of just power picks/slotting, so one toon could have a tank build, MM and a blaster, and so on, If it were possible, having a nemesis system, maybe a generic arc with your nemesis stuck in as AV, the arc being origin, AT and choice dependent, could be fun, Or a nemesis group, to replace the somewhat generic gang, one group that would pop up as you progressed, targeting you specifically, there could be ambushes and what have you, and they could be showing up in the more common style missions; for example: click the glowie, defeat all, then rescuse someone's dog type of things, As for transparency, NCSoft and all that, I want the game to be online and available, I don't need much more, so whatever makes that work, I should be happy with
  6. Hi all Virtue people, I was Stygus back in the day, main toons were; blueside Lo Faan, Erly, Qin ko and Stygus Redside, Natasha Nadir and Sehkhemet, These days I'm on Reunion, best connection from where I live, Reading through the thread now and seeing a few familiar names, can't believe how long it's been I was a member of the Dauntless Reverie, though not the most active one
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