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  1. Just inform us when ever you spot them - we will deal with them - *picks up the baseball bat*
  2. Hi there Necrodomis, Intergrated graphics are a right pain! More so on legacy devices! https://www.amd.com/en/support/graphics/amd-radeon-hd/ati-radeon-hd-5000-series/ati-radeon-hd-5870 Try the drivers there for your OS (make sure to pick correct x64 or x86 version that matches your OS you are using) See if that helps at all. If not, we can delve deeper if need be.
  3. Hi guys, im from the uk, so likely see me GMing here often =)
  4. As a EU/UK guy (wooo for the uk right? Brexit and all, fun fun fun *shots self in face with a gun*) I know the move over sea's seems bad for us - but honestly we shall be fine... If not i will get Jimmy and feed him poop till he sorts it out ;) Jokes aside, we shall be fine guys =)
  5. LaRowen, Before we start, make sure Tequila is closed, and not on the taskbar. goto your game directory before COH folder; Example " C:\Program Files\Games\COH\" One in bold. Right click on the COH Folder - (you will know if its the right folder as the cityofheroes.exe is inside) And you should see something alike to this. See the "Read only" bit thats ticked? Untick it, and relaunch Tequlia. Should load the manifest now =) Give that a go, let me know how you get on =)
  6. I will confirm with the devs if there is a concurrent issue with the drop system - as on red team i didnt get many enchants while leveling, but took it as bad luck. Will investigate.
  7. Hi guys, bump if the error is still causing issues - and when im on tonite il see what i can do, or pass over to the devs.
  8. With stats of players at the moment, does seem like TB has the advantage of 50 players - but all servers are chugging to the end game areas.
  9. @Anakron, DM on discord later tonite, and il see what i can do - if im not around report !Help in the #in-game-help channel, and a GM or Dev get ahold of you!
  10. Can DM me on Discord - Getting GM posers is my hobbie ;)
  11. Sounds silly, but did you follow the link on the forums to create an "in game account"? If so, see where we can go from there.
  12. Depending on how your hosting your network shares, i would map that folder as a drive, with a format Letter (Z:\ for example) and try that way. Likely whats happaning is when the drives connected, its mapping to a drive format - unlike the network folder is a folder path, and when the games looking for reg its likely not finding it. Install games to Computer A/NAS A: C:\Games\COH as an example Setup a network share for the "COH" folder. - Remember permissions setup. Map the "COH" Folder to a drive letter (Z: for example) on Computer B. Give it a bash, let me know how it goes.
  13. We are looking at doing seasonal events, or activating the in game ones - Dont quote me if it happens later than sooner though! Just its in the pipe line at least. Also note, A few GM's - myself included are looking at doing our own events to just spice stuff up. Keep an eye out.
  14. Personally, i love the paranomal types - ghosts and alike so the halloween event stuff always pulled me in! along with doing the GMs!! So what about you guys - what monster types and groups did you enjoy punching in the face?
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