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  1. Names are really important to me, too. That's why I spend an hour trying to find something I think is good, which isn't taken, rather than just enter something random or "ill-rad 123" (btw that's the CoH equivalent of your xxDrizztxx - you haven't solved that problem by enforcing uniqueness, you've just made a lot of people give up and use bogus names; it's just as immersion-breaking.) I just don't particularly care if someone *else* is using the same name. This discussion is probably off-topic for the thread, though.
  2. I just don't enjoy spending 1 hour on each character trying all kinds of different stuff to find that one that isn't taken. I don't care if someone's got a level 1 alt gathering dust with the same name. We have global handles to tell people apart. (And no, I don't pick common names from well-known IPs, nice assumption there, though.)
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