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  1. I also am not arguing for anything meaningless. To me, having PVP recipes drop in non PVP areas...and especially AE actually makes them meaningless and trivializes them. They should still only be available in PVP or on the auctions for sale by means of someone who got them.from PVP.... And there should be other meaningful stuff only available to pvp zones too. Theres plenty of things available to PVE ... and theres a marketplace for people to trade if they dont want to go into a pvp zone. Adding meaningful pvp drops / rewards will only help the game. There is a lack of players in pvp zones...the game already caters to PVE players...throwing a bone to PVP players has to be the right call IMO..giving a little nudge to players to encourage them to go to.a dangerous area...must be the right direction. Give people a meaningful reason...and they'll go...and have fun.../excitement
  2. This. And I do not believe that it isnt possible...I just think no one has thought of a way to do it yet. And I think it would be the optimal solution.
  3. The game would improve dramatically if it did change. Whatever number the 'base value' is, a tanker should be able to herd way more. That would be one of the best ways to increase the usefulness of tankers and maintain their unique 'tankyness'
  4. Not sure if this has been said...but is there any reason for normies to go into PVP zones? I'm newly back...and am hoping to play some pvp...but the PVP io's drop in AE right? Wouldn't one simple solution be to create some IO sets (like the summer BB set) that only dropped in pvp? How about some other cool stuff that you can only get in pvp? It's been a long time but I am pretty sure the entire reason I fell in love with pvp on live was going in to do /get something like the pvp IO'S. What are the unique cool things available in pvp? If theres not a big list, there should be!
  5. When you look at another player, you can see their powers. You can even see their accolades. My suggestion is to make the incarnate powers they have slotted visible and be listed right below the regular powers, right above the accolade powers.
  6. I think a buff to xp, inf, drop rates of normal content & steet hunting and non AE content is absolutely in order. I dont like nerfs. I never would ask for nerfs unless it was. Last resort. So, let the AE farmers farm but put in a huge buff to normal content & street hunts. I love seeing people around in the streets fighting crime. Reward this behaviour. I love big pickup teams. Reward this behavior. Farmers do alot for the game. I love them. And they are already rewarded mightily. The best inf/xp per hour. The most drops per hour.....So, reward the others too. Imo.
  7. New returning player here - enjoyed getting caught up. My SG is on excelsior, a few of us are thinking of learning to pvp. Can someone explain rogue damage? I see it mentioned in this thread but not sure what it means. Also.what is kickball and how to take part?
  8. Just curious about this. What us fhd limit? And is there a way to get more??
  9. /rad is pretty solid for melting AV'S... I dont have a ton of experience with too many secondaries but the -regen , and the two toggle debuffs make AVs go bye bye. I also like choking cloud ...if you are getting into pbaoe range a lot. If not, it is probably skippable which isnt necessarily a bad thing. The group heal can be spammed, the 3 debuffs are great for hard targets, and lingering rad's slow is also very useful for soft control of groups. If your primary is short on holds, emp pulse packs a pretty big punch, but its skippable if you have enough control in your primary. I've mained a fire rad since the very beginning and I personally love it a lot. I would highly recommend it as build that stays relevant into the late game...and I know there are other good combos using /rad as a secondary.... Best of luck to you
  10. How many people did you have? Strategies??
  11. Hey! Just started playing again after years. Building up some toons again...and will be building a stable of pvp toons. Would love to get some practice or join up with you guys and get some interest generated in pvp @DarthHelmet The Tighty Whities
  12. Personally I think the 8 man teams were and are the most fun to be had. I'd rather see some challenges and content that more damage cant solve. Or maybe have a +5x10 setting for missions (non AE) as a challenge mode to reward good teams
  13. I think you misunderstand me. I've got 2 farmers logged in right now. I've also had some pretty nice interactions with other farmers. I was just responding to a question, and answering it. One person's harm is another person's enjoyment. Without people playing content , and story arcs...I see no point in farming. So the biggest harm I see would be in making farming more rewarding than the content itself...and people losing interest in the content. I'd personally rather see content reward equally or even more than AE...so it would be just as efficient to blow through content as it would AE missions...or even more rewarding since it takes a more well rounded character and skillset. I'm definitely not wringing my hands, just answering the guys question and giving my opinion. I was farming in 2004 before AE existed...so I'm not anti farming by any means.
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