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  1. It's eerie the way the eyebrows follow you no matter which way you move.
  2. I appreciate their concern, but I'm stable. They can turn them back on now.
  3. That's when someone bumps the server rack and all of the Internets spill out.
  4. They're still working on the "wife, two kids and being out of shape" code. Patience, Snarkhopper.
  5. That's because your right hand is in the air. You're feeling left.
  6. http://i.imgur.com/JcspoU2.jpg
  7. "Have you tried pulling it out, blowing on it, putting it back in, jiggling it, smacking it and shaking it?"
  8. The hardware is in Canada. Maybe there's something wrong with Canada.
  9. If they're powerful enough to defeat the person who defeated the global threat, they're probably powerful enough to defeat the global threat, too.
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