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  1. Orangebagel is already down there. And we haven't managed to permanently evict the current residents, so we'd have to tolerate snoring demons and gassy Air Thorn Casters. Pass.
  2. Eh. Too much foreplay, you have to start over too often and it wants to quit halfway through (endurance issues). Size doesn't matter if it can't stay up, or needs a lot of extra attention to stay up. Smaller, more frequent, and lower maintenance is more pleasurable in the long run. I can do this all day. TW can't. 😏
  3. The New Gods. Kirby worked both sides of the fence. He created numerous characters for Marvel, but he also created The New Gods for DC. Darkseid, Highfather, Orion, Apokolips, the entire Fourth World concept came from Kirby. He laid the foundations for some of the most popular and well-read stories DC has ever had. In more specificity, your comment brought to mind New Genesis, the home world of Highfather and other new gods. Highfather and his pantheon resided on a floating platform city over the world of New Genesis. Neither am I. Poverty and collecting comics are mutually exclusive. But I am a fan of numerous comic book characters, I enjoy reading about them when I can, and I find the history of comic books and the people involved to be fascinating (it's modernized mythology, essentially, and i'm fascinated by the mythologies of different cultures). I couldn't spend money on comic books, but I could spend time reading about them and their writers, editors and publishers. They'll have to come through me to get to you. 😉
  4. It's a gold mine. No, it's a placer deposit on a gorgeous sand bank with glistening nuggets lying in plain sight. Enhancement conversion is a huge equalizer, and the biggest key to making inf* on the market. Once you figure out what sells, and presuming you have converters to burn, people throw inf* at you. The comparison between lucrative now and lucrative six months ago is really just drops in the bucket, and it's actually a boon, even if you're trying to make a profit, because it also means you're paying a little less for the things you can't acquire through conversion of typical uncommon and rare IOs. The ceiling might be lower, but so is the floor. That said, I also play solo and focus on story arcs, so I'm rarely hurting for merits. A bad streak of conversions, or being too impatient to wait another hour to fill an enhancement slot, that's really all that slows me down on making inf* or kitting out a character with "the best".
  5. They had a big boost in understanding and manipulation from Rikti tech. Portal technology isn't vastly different from teleportation, the way it's portrayed.
  6. Force field technology, the emergency medical teleportation system, everything going on at Portal Corp., most of the advanced science shown to be part of the foundation of the game world was reverse engineered from recovered Rikti technology. It wasn't available for use during the reconstruction.
  7. Check the Guides and Market forums for primers on how to make inf*. You can make more than you'll ever need with almost no effort (just crafting, dragging, clicking and listing), and buy the ATOs you want, or any ATOs and convert them to the ATOs you need. Every character I've leveled past 20 has at least one full set of ATOs, and the only merits I've spent were buying converters. You can do it!
  8. It was, indeed. One of my masterpieces, I'm glad someone other than me remembers it. 🙂
  9. Brutalism is mostly concrete and rebar, so it's cheap and comparatively fast to erect. Those two factors are important in the perspective of a post-war economy. If you need to put businesses back into the economy, house people quickly and keep costs under control, it's as good a way to do it as any. The only really viable alternative would be having the military forces construct sub-urban housing units (United States post-WWII) and low-cost urban apartment units (Britain post-WWII), but that wouldn't have been large and impressive to fly, jump, run or teleport through. Brutalist architecture is also relatively solid, compared to a lot of other options. That's another important factor, from a psychological perspective. People would want solid buildings, thick walls, concrete over their heads, rather than glass and steel, because they represent safety and shelter. And knowing that the Rikti weren't gone, safety and shelter would be critical factors in the rebuilding efforts. In the context of a post-war reconstruction effort, Brutalism makes sense. It may not be pretty, but it checks all of the boxes better than anything else does. In the post-post-war era, now, newer architecture is warranted... though I loathe having to say that. Praetoria and AP play merry hell with framerates on my $350 laptop.
  10. I was almost entirely dedicated to defenders on the original servers. You can do almost anything with a defender. Tank, scrap, blast, control, turn water into coffee, the possibilities are endless! Here, I haven't gone past 20 with a defender. I will, if for no other reason than to recreate what I had "back in the day", but my lovely Legionette, my Staff/Willpower brute, captured my imagination and sent me into an Amazonian frenzy. I'm not touching anything but melee until I finish the Sisters. Sticks and stones and fists breaking bones!
  11. I was thinking of the similarity to stalkers, with the crit from Hide mechanic, Placate, but more junk in the trunk (strong team buffs, easily capped Defense to everything, more ranged and AoE potential, etc.).
  12. You should meet Night Widow. You'll like her. Not my Night Widow. Stop looking at her, find your own. 😛
  13. These, and there's also Physical Perfection in the Energy Mastery APP. +12.5% Recovery. It's not huge, but with Agility buffing that and Stamina, it might be enough.
  14. Tier 1 - 1/6 ignores ED. Tier 2 - 1/3 ignores ED. Tier 3 - 1/2 ignores ED. Tier 4 - 2/3 ignores ED. Core offers the highest individual bonuses, Radial spreads the bonuses out amongst more things and has a lower ceiling. If you're really struggling and a slotting change won't improve the problem (+5 boosting frankenslotted Def/End IOs can really make a difference), Core would add 30% beyond ED (45% * .66 = 30%) to whatever you're looking to improve (Endurance Modification or Endurance Reduction). So Cardiac Core or Agility Core. They can both be created and swapped to find out which is more effective, but you won't see the full strength until T4.
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