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  1. The scaling Resistance buff is functioning correctly without additional interaction. Only the +Regen and +Recovery seem to be failing to activate unless Efficient or Evolving is turned off and back on.
  2. Oh, also, for thoroughness, toggling Evolving Armor off and on while Efficient Adaptation is active also works. Since this seems to be an issue with Evolving Armor, rather than Efficient Adaptation, I'm revising the thread title.
  3. Still more testing: Inexhaustible, Hardened Carapace and Ablative Carapace all respond to Efficient Adaptation correctly without requiring the Adaptation to be cycled. Evolving Armor is the only one not working correctly (so far, only level 22).
  4. That was the point I was making. If one just looks at the different versions of the attack and compares the archetype scalars, that's the impression it gives, that the blaster version is using a higher than normal ranged damage scalar. Or, from the other perspective, that the sentinel version is using a lower ranged damage scalar than the listed 0.95. And the base values and scales aren't exactly front and center in any of the sources, nor do as many people enjoy playing with the numbers as we do, which makes it even more unintuitive. The relevant information isn't presented as clearly or
  5. Further testing: Logged in, Efficient was still toggled on, as is normal. Moved to the nearest critters, no change in Regeneration or Recovery. Toggled Efficient off and on, Evolving Armor began buffing Regeneration and Recovery as expected. Accepted a mission, entered mission door, moved to the nearest spawn... no change in Regeneration or Recovery. Toggling Efficient off and on had the same effect as outdoors, Evolving Armor's Regen/Recovery buffs began functioning. Third test, exited mission, went to nearest critters, exactly the same behavior as descr
  6. Trying out a Savage/Bio scrapper, playing in Faultline. Was about to log out, but decided to verify the numbers against Mids'. Stood in the middle of three Clockwork and watched the combat attributes window for a while, waiting to see Evolving Armor's Regeneration and Recovery buffs apply. Both relevant toggles are active, no buff to Regeneration or Recovery. As an afterthought, I killed Efficient Adaptation, then toggled it back on. Regeneration and Recovery buffs evident, Evolving Armor now shown in the window.
  7. This is affecting Lightning Rod, too. The teleport functions, but nothing takes a single point of damage. 72% global +Accuracy and 5/6 Armageddon in Lightning Rod, critters are +0 or +1 to the character, so we're not talking about horrendous slotting or an insane miss streak.
  8. As I noted, they were generalized, not standardized. Some have higher recharge times, others don't. Snap Shot is an excellent example of the discrepancy. The recharge time, animation time and endurance cost are all identical on all three archetypes, but blaster Snap Shot's damage indicates that it's at scale ~1.39, whereas sentinel is at the correct 0.95, and defender at 0.65. If the player looked at blaster Snap Shot damage and presumed it was using the expected 1.125 scalar, it would make it seem as though both sentinel and defender Snap Shot were markedly below their presumed scalar val
  9. They're not saying there's nothing wrong with them, Snarkums. Most of us agree that sentinels aren't all sunshine and roses. They're saying that... you're misinterpreting the damage on the attacks. For example, Aimed Shot for defenders deals 36.15 damage. For sentinels, it deals 52.83 damage. 36.15/0.65=55.62, which is the base value of Aimed Shot. 55.62*0.95=52.83. Now, the blaster ranged damage scalar indicates that Aimed Shot should be dealing 62.57 damage, and, in fact, it did, a long time ago. But Paragon did a pass across all blaster T1 and T2 primaries when they revam
  10. That wasn't the point that I made. You're deliberately obfuscating the facts. Again. If you can't support your argument otherwise, you can't support your argument at all. Defenders aren't healers. They never were. I don't take comments like that on face value. It reeks of hyperbole. And given that I didn't encounter this kind of behavior, and I was playing some very strange defender builds, teaming frequently in those days and spending time on seven different servers, that alone provides evidence that it was not, in fact, the norm, nor even somewhat comm
  11. T1 defender primaries are available at level 1 as controller secondaries. Of the entire roster of defender primaries which both contain at least one healing power and which was available prior to I5, that only leaves Storm with a healing power unavailable to controllers at level 1. Even if you were to constrain the argument to Empathy, Heal Other is available to controllers at level 2, Absorb Pain at level 4, representing an availability differential of 2 levels (Absorb Pain is available at level 2 for defenders) for controllers to function as "healers" at the exact same efficiency and stren
  12. Heal scalars (ranged and melee) for defenders and controllers were identical until Issue 3. Vigilance wasn't added until after Issue 5, and Cryptic's response to our objection to an endurance discount tied to team health, which we disliked because a) it did nothing for us when solo, unlike every other inherent, and b) it offered no tangible effect for primaries like Force Field and Trick Arrows, was "Blast more.", thus directly informing us that the inherent was not, in fact, intended to be a "healer bonus". Never happened to me. Never happened to anyon
  13. I miss mice with balls. I liked balls. They felt good. They felt right. You could do things with balls that you can't do with lasers and infrared LEDs. Yeah, sometimes you had to pull your balls out and clean the gunk out of the hole, but it was worth it. 😕
  14. *shrug* https://www.ign.com/articles/2003/08/21/city-of-heroes-diary-volume-2 https://www.ign.com/articles/2003/09/17/city-of-heroes-diary-volume-3 https://www.ign.com/articles/2003/10/16/city-of-heroes-diary-volume-4 These articles, written by Emmert eight months before the game launched, walk us through the design process behind creating the archetypes available at launch. Of particular note is how, in the second article, he outlines the thought process behind categorizing abilities and how that influenced archetype creation itself. "Next, we to
  15. If you mean how long will they continue to hop on boxes and fences, trying to reach you as you hover just out of range, they'll do it until the server is reset, as far as I've been able to determine. Note, though, I've never stayed logged in continuously for an entire week, so I haven't tested it to the full extent possible. I have had the little buggers running around in circles below for several hours, on the original servers. If you mean how far will they chase you, they despawn once you put a certain amount of distance between you and them, but I don't know exactly how far th
  16. People were accustomed to the trinity mindset, since that's how every other MMORPG worked, and expecting CoH to conform to it. Of course they were forming trinity teams. People do what they're trained to do, or what they know works. They stick to a tried and true method. But that's not how the game was designed, it's how some people chose to play it because the MMORPG market revolving around the trinity model and mindset trained them to play that way. That was the alpha stage. It was changed not because Cryptic felt that a trinity model was better, but bec
  17. Concurrently, the flow of electricity through the body results in muscle contractions which can't be relaxed until the electricity is removed. Having one's musculature subjected to such leads to general weariness, amongst other things. This is why taser devices are widely used as a less than lethal means of subduing people. Not only is the subject briefly incapacitated by the jolts of electricity, but they're also far weaker after regaining control of their limbs, making it easier to subdue and restrain them. This feeling of weakness translates into endurance loss in Co*.
  18. If I had to make an objective assessment based on the ready availability of -Res for all characters, in pools, procs and Incarnate abilities, I'd surmise that the fact that specific archetypes, and specific sets within those archetypes, allowing significantly greater amounts of -Res than external sources can provide was what was considered important during the original development cycle of the game. In other words, my TA/Dark's -Res is always going to be higher than your Punchy/Dodgy's -Res, and guaranteed in both availability and application, and that's what the developers conside
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