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  1. Jenna glanced surreptitiously at the man across the table. He was swirling the amber liquid around in his glass, watching as it flowed and swirled, occasionally pausing to sniff and flicker his eyes delightedly at the scent. He gave every appearance of truly enjoying his drink, in every way, and struck her as putting on a most elaborate performance. This was how she got by in the world, reading people, and what she read from this one had the hair on the nape of her neck standing on end. He was just a little too disinterested, too casual in his disregard of her, never quite displaying any r
  2. On tonight's episode of Inquiring Minds: how dangerous are breast implant explosions? Special guest Dr. Raymond Keyes gives us the inside scoop!
  3. Suckers. I just grew my own tentacles and <redacted> <redacted> my <redacted>.
  4. The rest of the time, you hit the thesaurus.
  5. Me: Okay, I have a female character, rough and tumble biker chick, what have you got for me? Generator: Oh, oh, you'll love this! How about... FIST KICK! Me: ... Generator: FIST KICK! Me: That's not a name. That's not even right, a kick with your fist is just a punch. Generator: FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIST KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK! Me: We're done. Generator: No! Wait! I can do better! Me: ... Generator: This one'll blow your socks off! FOOT PUNCH! Me: *facepalm* Generator: It's a punch, WITH YOUR FOOT! FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT PUUUUUUUUUUUUN
  6. https://cod.uberguy.net/html/power.html?power=prestige.prestige_attacks.brawl_taser https://cod.uberguy.net/html/power.html?power=prestige.prestige_attacks.brawl_charm https://cod.uberguy.net/html/power.html?power=prestige.prestige_attacks.brawl_mutagen https://cod.uberguy.net/html/power.html?power=prestige.prestige_attacks.brawl_knives https://cod.uberguy.net/html/power.html?power=prestige.prestige_attacks.brawl_tranq
  7. 180 / 1.35 = 133.33 All powers begin with a base 100% recharge, which we express as 1 in the equation. We then add the Recharge Reduction from the single +1 SO, 34.965%, and as with the base recharge, we move the decimal two places left for the equation, giving us 1.34965, or 1.35 for simplicity. The recharge time of the power, 180 seconds, is then divided by the total Recharge Reduction, 1.35. The result is 133.33 seconds, or 2 minutes and 13 seconds.
  8. I think you mis-titled the thread. Prevarication is speaking dishonestly in an evasive manner, and you're clearly not asking about that. Sorry, completely unrelated, please continue. Without prevarication.
  9. Fixed, thanks for catching that!
  10. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Set_Enhancements_with_Special_Effects Short breakdown: some special IOs are globals (meaning they apply a bonus which is always on, even if the power in which they're slotted is never used); some are standard procs (they trigger once on activation of the power in which they're slotted); and some are Proc 120 IOs (they have a pre-defined 120s duration which is triggered when the power in which they're slotted is activated). Pet Damage (and Recharge Intensive Pets) set special IOs are globals. You never have to click the power in whic
  11. System Shock: Enhanced Edition. Enhanced Edition doesn't alter the game or story, just adds quality of life improvements like mouselook (yeah, that was actually absent in SS Classic), the ability to remap most of the functions to different keys, and running at modern resolutions. Read the manual, too, because there are no in-game descriptions of what items are or what they do, no hints as to which keys to press, etc. System Shock 2 - there are several mod projects revolving around updating the graphics and texture resolutions, but they're unnecessary to enjoy SS2. Just go with t
  12. I thought that n was an r for a couple of seconds. Then I squinted, too. With an n.
  13. Sets created by the HC team weren't flagged to shut off set bonuses at their minimum level. Those do work all the way down to level 1. I recently tested several sets and reported those as bugged.
  14. No, the point is that multi-boxing is teaming. You stated that team-oriented characters are up shit creek when it comes to farming, I'm reminding you that a team is a team is a team, and it doesn't matter, from the game's perspective, if the team is you plus you plus you, or you plus me plus whoever posts next, it's still a team. You can team with other players, or you can team with one or more dummy accounts. The play style is teaming in both cases. Granted, one could posit that the farmer, utilizing a hyper-specialized build and pitting it against carefully selected foes in or
  15. Accounts are free. Even low end computers can run two clients simultaneously, so anyone can make their own team to farm and achieve the same results. Additionally, my TA/Dark could farm at +2/x6 ten years ago, and we all know how bad TA was then. I don't think the range of suitable "toons" is as narrow as you suggest.
  16. Earth Mastery has three AoEs (Salt Crystals, Quicksand and Stalagmites), all of which have -Def. But it is Earth Mastery, so you'll still feel dirty. 😁
  17. When's the last time you cleaned out the CPU and GPU heatsinks and air channels? Sudden and frequent crashing can be a sign of something overheating.
  18. Provide data, please. Farming is not power-leveling. Power-leveling is not farming. They are two distinct activities, neither reliant on nor requiring the other. A player can power-level to 50 by side-kicking with teams running story arcs at level 50. A player can farm with a level 50 character and no sub-50 characters on his/her farm. Conflating the two is a mistake. Data required. Can you provide any evidence that farmers would team with you and play through your preferred activity if you take away their preferred activit
  19. I'd sell all of you into the most debasing forms of servitude for a Rueben. Stop talking about rye bread before I go looking for a buyer.
  20. Not enough. At least, not until there are Co* dance videos to this song.
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