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  1. A Halloween event is happening right now where many people all over Paragon and Rogue Isles are dressing up. This is nice and all but I have found two bugs. These bugs are so severe and dangerous that they threaten to ruin the game forever. I advise the devs to fix these asap: 1) Azuria is not a witch and/or Circle mage 2) Wincott is not a troll tia
  2. Tried to play a few new toons after incarnating out a 50 for the first damn time. Unfortunately 123... wait for cooldowns... 12... wait... 3... more wait... 1... 23... 12whoopsoutofjuicecan'tpressbuttonsnow. How the hell did I play through this crap previously? No wonder everyone just skips right to 15-20 with DfB. I think the lowest levels should be straight up remade from scratch. Barring that, put an "advanced start" option to p2w that gives out 5 powers, 10 slots and 10 SOs at level 1 for x million inf. I'll pay.
  3. Make trays display the bound keys of the slots in tiny font instead of 12345... on every last one. Dunno how possible that would be to implement for this ancient dinosaur but it would immensely make everything related to pressing buttons %500 more better. Sure I could just bother to remember that my 3rd tray goes zxcvb instead but who has time for that?
  4. Can we kick all those dumb douchebag designer missions that want you to clear the whole map without saying so out of the game? You know, the ones marked specifically on the wikis with a warning to clear the map. Either make them complete when you do whatever is written in the mission tab or just write 3 damn words into the mission tab. Both would be acceptable solutions here.
  5. If I take one of the trap/ builds and one of the /rifle builds I can find on the forums and mash those together, would I get a good soloing defender? I hope the answer will be yes since there's no actual trap/rifle build that I can see. And I loathe those dumb pistol animations so rifle is what it's gotta be.
  6. Inventing a giant mess of fiddly crap to replace one simple macro was really the best use of your time and effort, nonprofiting volunteer dev team? Y'all must be engineers. Just disable it in combat/inside missions/whatever. Don't remove one of the best feature of the game just because you wasted too much of your time and effort on an unwanted and unneeded replacement. Don't fall prey to sunk cost fallacy. More importantly, do NOT feed us to your sunk cost fallacy.
  7. Literally everyone around here knows that inv/SS is the most basic, most standard, most cliche of tanker possibilities. It doesn't get more basic than that. Therefore there should logically be the most basic combos for other archetypes too. What're those? What would a hypothetical utter noob starting out today would think to make when looking at character creation screens? I know y'all are this game's vets around here but try to discard all that gamer knowhow for a post or two. Stalker is obviously full ninja, that's as given as the basic tanker. I'm thinking blaster would most likely be fire/fire. Mastermind would clearly have robots as a comicbookman, and either traps or FF to go with it. The most basic scrapper will probably be claw/regen for obvious reasons, though I can see arguments for any weapon/willpower too. Dominator has got to be mind/psi, there's no other choice there, but I'm totally stumped at controller. Corruptor is clearly the name of a terribad, nogood, sicknasty evil thing so dark/dark gotta be the most basic combo from first glance. I don't know what brute should be but I know what it shouldn't: spine/fire. Maybe be lazylame and go with SS/inv? Meanwhile defender is just busted on a conceptual level, it can be literally anything. Have list, post list. Tanker: inv/SS Scrapper: claw/regen Blaster: fire/fire Defender: emp?!?/? Controller: ?? Brute: SS/inv Stalker: ninja/ninja Mastermind: robot/trap Corruptor: dark/dark Dominator: mind/psi
  8. I think game balance is a pipe dream and endgame mmo game balance is an even piper dream and should not be pursued. Especially by small groups of volunteer devs working on prehistoric code spaghettis, who would've been much better off spending all of their limited manpower on improving general quality, making new powers/ATs and learning to make new content. Would it be nice to have balance? Sure. Are they ever going to achieve it? Hell no. It's a waste of their time. Especially with a stated goal of making more incarnate stuff in the future (incarnates are bullshit and would utterly destroy whatever fragile balance they achieved beforehand), which would be literally self sabotage. But it's their time, so whatever floats their boat.
  9. Just lower p2w mission teleport to 1 minute and the whole issue is solved. Because in case all the defenders of base teleport removal forgot, blueside missions become utter bull at higher levels with their dumb talk to npc in Atlas, go to ass end of IP, now beat 300 dudes in Folly, now go back to Atlas crap. It's unplayable to anyone who values their time and base teleport is the only thing that makes this prehistoric mmo crap bearable today. Since HC devs are never gonna have the manpower to uncrappify that mess, some form of fast travel must remain even if they do remove base teleport. (hint: it's the p2w mission teleport, make it faster with less cooldown before removing the command) Also I too would definitely ragequit over the removal of base teleport right now, without an alternative provided.
  10. We would be up to our eyeballs in gambleboxes by now. So it's not completely bad that they shut down before the game became a casino.
  11. HYPE!!! To not be an utterly pointless post, I'll say that I believe making the worst stuff in the game better is way better than adding more stuff on already good stuff. Like, Cray is good. Nemesis is fine. Council, CoT, they're all over the place with varying degrees of goodness. We don't need any more of those. Warriors are utter crap. Hellions, trolls, outcasts, goldbrickers, corallax all suck. Increasing the lowest bars is definitely the best way to go about adding value to the game. tldr: I hope more content will follow.
  12. Enhancement converters only stack to 10 when put in auction. (Salvage too, though that's less important.) This blows and wastes so much of my time when trying to make some inf. It needs to increase to like 100 at least, maybe even more. I never tried to sell unslotters, boosters and whatnot so dunno how much those stack, but they could probably use a stack increase as well. It's not like this stops me (or the people who actually made it their life goal to make inf on market) from dumping hundreds of converters whenever I want moolah. Only serves to waste time and wear out the mouse.
  13. Although I'm somewhat disappointed that this isn't Warriors content; on account of Warriors being the lamest, the dumbest, the boringest, the suckest and therefore the most in need of improvement; I'm glad to see any kind of new content getting added to this game. Nevertheless Vahz->Freaks is a great idea and I approve of it and hope the result will be cool and entertaining. Also Freaklok is the exact sort of dumb name dumbos like Freaks would adopt. Flawless. I am even more glad that this isn't more incarnate endgame nonsense because incarnate stuff is just dumb on a conceptual level and was a mistake from the beginning and hope nobody adds any more nonsense on top of it.
  14. I know it's neat to see your guy actually board the tram before you go somewhere but is it really necessary? Does that neatness outweigh the obnoxiousness of missing one tram and having to wait those damnable seconds for the next one? Or the much much bigger obnoxiousness of the tram being completely unclickable while doors are fully open? Can't we just have tram doors be constantly usable and work instantly? Losing the neat tram coming and going and boarding animations is an acceptable price to not lose any more seconds of our lives to commuting.
  15. Hello. I'm a wandering mmorpg player who tries these things. Back in the day I tried CoH for free (as I always do). I liked it. I liked it so much I subbed when I got to like lv30 or something. This was something I never did, also something I still never do. Who even pays money to these crappy games? But I was in to this CoH (or rather CoV) thing and gonna play the crap out of it. Then, about an hour after I paid that money, the game chat exploded. Turns out the game was announced to shut down in a month. I already liked the game an unprecedented amount, hell if I'm gonna keep playing for that month and get attached even more for even bigger anger and disappointment. And that was the end of it. So this is the story of the biggest cockblock I ever got from an mmorpg. I'd prefer to avoid that happening again, so I ask you: how likely is this enterprise to suddenly shut down? I understand it's not a strictly legal thing, so it's constantly in big risk. But if I start playing this again, am I gonna get Cockblocked 2: The Recockening before I can at least finish leveling one toon and see the world and story and so on? (for the record I'm already installing it and will mess around a bit, but will refrain from getting very invested for now)
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