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  1. Speaking as a free agent who comes to raids and participates, please no.
  2. HA! Sorry, not much of a Gundam fan. It's actually a WoW reference. Their first expansion after vanilla is called Burning Crusade.
  3. I love AE because it offers a choice. Want an insta-50? You can get one in 4 hours, give or take. Want to play the content? Don't go to AE.
  4. All of mine fit into three categories. The character's real name (or some variation on it) Officer Nikolai (Praetorian cop, Kin/WP Brute) Kethariel Veradenia (Elf, Dark/Katana Tanker) Something that I find especially fitting, often a single word Nya (Catgirl, Savage/Nin Stalker) Revenant Fist (MMA fighter who died and came back, StJ/WP Scrapper) Wrecking Belle (SS/Invuln Brute) Stateless (Praetorian resistance, Plant/Rad Controller) An anime or video game reference that I hope is subtle enough to not get generic'd Spirit Detective (Beam/NRG Blaster) Sunlight Overdrive (Peacebringer) Burning Crusader (MA/Fire Scrapper) Flying Shadow (BS/Bio Stalker) Shell Bullet (Huntsman) Phantom Blood (Vampire, just holding the name atm until I can decide on powersets) Star Outlaw (Space pirate, similar to above holding the name until I know what powersets to make)
  5. Serious post this time. I was @Scrapperlock in game and MakaiNoFalco on the boards. My main characters were Jet Falcon, Vermilion Rose, Lightedge, and Shell Bullet.
  6. Did you mean to type Lusca? You have to get her twice to get the badge.
  7. Make them Dark for the aura and call it an AT field.
  8. I love you crazy fuckers. A lot.
  9. ...would he be buried in a Nemesis plot?
  10. We have enough Sword Art Online ripoffs as it is.
  11. I believe it's FIFO, but it's specifically designed to feel like WTFO.
  12. All throughout Paragon City, we have characters who are not originally from Earth. We have aliens of every color and type. We have extradimensional beings. Occasionally you'll even see someone's WoW character summoned by a hapless mage and turned loose on the world. So why does this never happen in Praetoria? Who's to say some demon wasn't summoned by a mageling in Nova Praetoria and, after freaking the poor kid out, decide to help the locals in their resistance against the horrible Tyrant? Who's to say a space cop didn't chase his prey to Praetoria and, after seeing him massacred by the Devouring Earth, decide to spend some time helping out the local government put down the ungrateful Resistance? It just seems like an avenue that's never explored, and one hell of a waste.
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