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  1. Welcome Back Commander!.... Command and Conquer : Generals and Zero Hour is just awesome and still playable and played after all these years even though Origin is the best way to get it. Totally love the game. Counter Strike when I want to shoot Ts. I also enjoy chilling to.... Age of Empire I DE Age of Empire II DE Age of Empires III I would love there to be a revival of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (and the other "Warchest" versions Breakthrough/Spearhead) as this was a wonderful game and I had great fun in my Clan (Dogs of War).
  2. I would like an optional harder seeing and this should have badges (like matter of) and rewards like inf, XP and merits scaled with this difficulty increase but not additional rewards that give further buffs as this would just defeat the purpose. I think IOs are fine as is. Incarnate could be weakened as they scale players beyond content difficulty.
  3. I find clowns deeply disturbing. Please don't create clowns, even love clowns in game. They are horrid, disturbing things.
  4. I am so looking forward to seeing how these tanker changes work in the "real world" 😀 Also interested in the Brute tweaks. Thanks for all the hard work! Keep it up.
  5. I didn't do beta but bought at launch and rolled Lord Giro who was a kinetic/electric defender because kinetics just sounded awesome (and in my opinion it still is pretty amazing although endurance and health aren't the constraints they one were). He was built to drain and it worked well although drain didn't have quite the effect that I thought it would. In my memory the screen flooded with blue, green and a little red and the good I did was visible. It seams less dramatic now. I don't know if the effects were toned down or my memory is exaggerating then.
  6. That's the one I was looking for. Thank you.
  7. @Hyperstrike I was looking for your template builds for Inv as I swear they exist and found this instead. I have started an Inv/Titan weapons. Is this your recommended build? What about physical perfection over laser beam eyes would that be overkill?
  8. I don't have an Inv/SS but out of interest do you hit ageless after the crash or before? On my SD I have been hitting it after but have wondered what hitting it before would do and if it would be safer. SD crash isn't too bad.
  9. It depends on the power. It's annoying having to use an IO slot to get rid of it. However in something like hurricane which has a repel anyway KB is actually more useful than KD. Hurricane is there for herding mobs into the AOE killzone and can be used to great effect. It can of course be misused but the same can be said of most control powers. I would not want KB removed from Hurricane but from other powers switching it to KD would be good. KD also provides damage mitigation.
  10. @Hades I am still learning my Storm but Hurricane is useful for herding mobs into the AE kills zone. On the other hand it is possible to get carried away in some scenarios and aggro more than intended (that has happened once to me for which, once the team had dealt with the situation, I had to apologise). I wll look at removing the KB to KD from Lightning Storm. @Darkir The Nature/Dark build is working very nicely thank you. Rather nice to play and I am getting better at playing Nature.
  11. So I have been running this for a while on iTrials and TFs. It is tough and works well on AVs however I have noticed that other tankers can round up mobs far more effectively than I can and have also noticed that my taunt is in general less effective. I have came to the conclusion that I need to adjust the build to improve the enhancement of taunt. As an example I was on a task force where I was asked to off-tank the trash. I didn't perform well. The other tanker (with a lower level shift) actually broke off the AV and started rounding up some of the trash with ease. This got me th
  12. Thank you. I am IO shopping and will respec to this and see how it plays. It looks nice in mids 🙂 I am new to these power sets and wondering if anyone has any thoughts on Rebirth. It looks highly situational but it could be helpful if things are going badly. I can see why it's not in the build but am interested on what players think of this power.
  13. Hi, I've had a look and cannot find the builds that Darkir is bound to have posted 🙂 Anyone got nice builds for : 1. Nature/Dark 2. Storm/Sonic... I have found the following thread that I am looking at and other than having scream as well as shriek, and hover rather than combat jumping, it looks very good. I am planning on team utility and rarely soloing. I don't mind buying expensive IOs if required. Thanks, Awol 🙂
  14. The problem with these areas is they don't look anything like Modern China, Italy, India, etc. I find them embarrassing in the real world. They are all plastic nostalgic representations of a country that reflects dreams more than reality. Give me Paragon City, Lahore if you must do this 🙂
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