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  1. I never knew this ... I need to reread some of the powers now, thanks!
  2. If was going to skip rage, I'd seriously take another secondary (dark melee is excellent for survival). My main is an invul/ss tank, and I have 2 builds. one for uber survivability, the other for fun/damage. I couldnt fit fly in my survivable build, nor laser eyes, but I put it in my fun/damage build (which can have some endurance problems, but still fun to play). In short, this is what the original poster desires for a build, we can only suggest. If they wanted a tough invul/ss tanker (no fly, no LBE). http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1486&c=686&a=1372&f=HEX&dc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hough Tsuko brought up a good point. We can replace a 4 set might of tanker ATO (still have a 10% recharge), and add a proc from aTO superior fist. The OP should also look into some ATO's, they really help.
  3. Ok, finally can access your build. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1486&c=691&a=1382&f=HEX&dc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irst, made some adjustments and sacrifices. Why have so much recharge, you you gave up your best attacks? I shifted slots to your defense (SL is softcap), increased your resistance, and increased your endurance. This gives you about 2.9 end/sec for attacks, not count the +endurance from panacea or the two performance shifters (they may not stack, careful) Yes, rage and hasten drops will suck, carry some emergency blue's, but this build is significantly better. I did add the accolades to increase your hp and endurance though (it is achievable for anyone) It was a quick and dirty change, mostly attempting to keep the flavor of what you wanted, giving back the best attacks, removing the attacks you probably wont use, so ... also, removed focus accuracy (.78 end/sec!!!!) and replaced it with conserve power, it will also help out (greatly). To help compensate for some +recharge, I put a chance %recharge in foot stomp AND energy torrent in the 6th slot. Those should help compensate. as for crosspunch, not sure how it compares to haymaker. Mid's shows haymaker doing more damage, though its not a cone.
  4. I have a lvl 50 SR/spines tank. Love SR, spines is more meh sadly, though, with tough, I did manage to get 68% SL resistance. Though the original question was axe or mace with SR, both are great. I used to have a lvl 50 ice/mace tank, the sounds have a satisfying crunch, and do great damage, but I prefer axe, because of the knockdowns (extra mitigation as well). My recommendation: SR/axe. If you are open to suggestions, I am currently starting a SR/electric, with power transfer heal % in the attacks to compensate for lack of a heal.
  5. Impervium (resist set) (2.5% recovery 2 slotted, 2.25% endurance 4 slotted) and ancients (defense) (2% recovery, 2 slotted, 1.8% endurance 4 slotted) and mocking beratement (taunt) (1.8% endurance 2 slotted) . there are others: https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Category:Sets_that_improve_Endurance but resist/defense/taunt should be available to all tankers. Before the shutdown, I had a ss/dark brute with 129 endurance, between accolades, and IO set bonus. Never ran out of endurance, despite rage/hasten drops (but getting there was a battle!).
  6. Actually, my other demon/ mastermind is demon/storm! Was looking for a different secondary, something I dont typically use.
  7. Thanks, I'm definitely leaning towards thermal. I appreciate the review on the strengths/weaknesses of those choices.
  8. looking to make a new mastermind, I'm settled on demon primary (gotta love them whips!). (have a /time) I want to play something strong for a secondary, and have it narrowed to: cold domination, thermal radiation, force field, or sonic. I was leaning to force field (easy to softcap defense to SLE), sonic (to make the demons tougher), but cold and thermal seem to be a compromise between buffs and debuffs ... Any suggestions?
  9. I 'had' the exact same problem: Ok, using this page I downloaded alt installer (zip) and its an older version. The alt zip archive no longer exists: https://github.com/Crytilis/mids-reborn-hero-designer/ (which seems to be a bad omen when the github repository is 404). Since mid's DID work, then didnt, I assumed some windows update screwed it up (as usual). 1. Uninstall mid's 2. Install mids (installer main), and run it. Instead of the appsdata directory, I installed it in a subdirectory of Documents. Ran mid's, successful! Hopefully, this will help others when this pops up
  10. Before, on live, I was never successful on market. Finally on homecoming, I found a niche, took some time to maximize that niche, and made billions. Then I spent it on 'estimated future builds' for my tanks. I know have, amongst all my 50s and market toon, about 60M influence, lots of purples, ATO's. rares, etc. Part of me is torn between, selling for profit, and the other part of me is torn between 'it was cheap when I bought it, and I'll probably use it in the future'. Key emphasis on 'probably' ... Only 5 50s at the moment, and speculated bought low on what I might use ... and now I'm broke (kinda). Be careful when you do make your influence, it can go quick on speculation builds!
  11. when you say 'respec', you mean actual respec's on live servers? If so, I HIGHLY recommend finding out the beta server and commands and fully IO your powers as well (save on buying proc's you may not want in another build). laser beam eyes takes the -def procs (-res, and dark energy proc) (dont forget the accurate -def proc's as well). Energy torrent is prime for the +rech proc (I have footstomp, and I dont see it going off nearly as often as energy torrent). Soul is my primary favorite, leviathan for damage builds (my 50's have 2 builds, damage orientated and defense orientated) with the pet, but the MU APP has interesting potential with the +heal endurance proc (plus +endurance). the MU APP has sufficient recharge times to make those proc's rather predicable. I've been playing with MU for my SR/spines tank, as she has no native heal (electric fences, ball lighting, static discharge offer a good chance at the 5% proc). I'm not sure if it stacks well in an aoe type power (I heard only 1 can go off at the same time, but lighting jumps, and may offer additional heals). I like fireball over a the cones, but fireball doesn't have sufficient damage over 2 cones.
  12. I have a baby electric/staff tanker, and, it appears many go janitor theme (like I did). Do the DFB, get the 'cleaner' badge, and you are set. Dont forget to choose a broom for your staff ... admit it, you want to do it ...
  13. 1. Depends if I can hit the cap on one or the other (e.g. 45% SL defense is better than a max of 50% resistance ...) 2. With IO's, I tend to favor defense, as IO bonuses make it MUCH easier to increase your survivability. Lots of fire/cold resistance values, not as much on other types. Also, pool powers make it easier to increase defense (combat jumping/weave/hover/maneuvers/stealth/unless potential/etc) than resistance (tough/rune of protection). 3. With all things considered (not IO bonuses), I'd go resistance. Another benefit of resistance: gives you time to hit your heals or pop chiklets to survive. With pure defense, you either dont need it, or your dead before you can respond. In short, IMHO, I'd prefer capped resistance to defenses (resists use its own resistance rating as resistance debuffing value (90% resists = 90% -resist resistance ...)(sorry for the awkward wording. With it, regen comes into play much better (heal the wounds as they occur, compared to defense, which is a massive bloody wound, and you need to wait a looong time to recover). Also, resistance gives time to click inspirations or clicky heal powers. In game terms, if I'm deficient in some form, its MUCH easier to cap defenses from the multitude of IO set bonuses (far easier than to cap resistance), and find cheaper options to cap it from a market point of view.
  14. @bopper You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman. I now regret the propaganda I wrote about you and your nickname of 'Bopper' on the Arachnos bathroom walls ... Thank you again, I figured there was an error, but not sure if MID's was correct, or if it had incorrect information. EDIT: Also the values you mentioned, are exactly the same I have seen.
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