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  1. I was running Pither's arc for the Efficiency Expert badge; however, on the kidnap mission I dc'd and the timer ran out. I was able to complete the other missions within the time requirements. Because I did not complete the Kidnap mission, I never received the badge. I was able to run the same mission again with the same character with someone else and still did not receive the badge for completing all of the missions within the time requirements. Is there any way for me to get this badge now? It is not available in Ouro. I thought that if I ran the missing mission with another person that it would give me credit.
  2. Anyone know how to get the contact in sirens call to offer missions? I was able to get 2/3 of the badges because someone else in the level range grabbed them; however, I can’t get credit/badge for the patrol mission.
  3. Can anyone explain the differences in the Scrapper procs and which attacks they would be best put in a Claws/Regen? I currently have the 50% in shockwave and the other in Spin. Not sure if that's the best approach
  4. How well does Illusion/Dark pair together? Pros/Cons? Anyone have a build that they wouldn't mind posting? Doesn't matter the cost, I just want to see the potential.
  5. Thanks! How much defense is in the first build?
  6. I am having a lot of trouble downloading the hero builder on my Mac. Does anyone have a Fire/Energy blaster build they could post that I could take a look at? Trying to re-invent my old favorite.
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