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  1. Just logging in right now and noticed another patch downloaded since yesterdays. Any notes on that?
  2. *update* Well personally I've been able to install and play the game fine so far despite having over 30 rather suspect http links blocked by my AV software (you can see example in my screenshots) - so it makes me wonder what the reason for them were in the first place?
  3. *update* - relaunched Tequila as I noticed it hadn't downloaded anything close to the estimated 5GB install. It's currently downloading files again but BitDefender is still flagging up many of these suspicious html link files.
  4. As expected - tried to launch and greeted with an error.
  5. As per title - I just created my account and began to install Homecoming via the Tequila installer, but there are currently a heck of a lot of files being blocked by BitDefender Anti-Virus software and I have doubts the install will work. Anyone in the know care to comment on this?
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