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  1. Hmm, my first thought would be Electric, since all those sweatshirts are bound to build up static electricity.
  2. ...I mean, I'm not gonna say I didn't recognize the song right away and sing along, but that wasn't quite the intent, no. Does make me want to make a new alt, though.
  3. One of two of my Praetorians has a non-earth origin, being a Fae. Working with the government, trying to prevent the worst of the Resistance plotting. She just don't know quite how bad the government is yet (hasn't gotten that far).
  4. Ah, I did see the SG ad for Pastfinder's, and thought it might be a good fit. I'll have to message the person who posted the ad (iynx, I believe) if people who know the SG think it might be a fit as well. Thanks for that!
  5. Not sure if this should go here, or in the Everlasting forums... Greetings! The name's Dreamshifter, and I've been missing CoH for a long time now. Played at launch, was there at the end (though did miss some time in between), and was quite happy to see it alive again lately. Been enjoying the return a lot, too, however at this point, I've got a problem. A good problem, mind. I'm getting in the mood for some RP. However, getting started can be difficult. So, i came up with the idea for this post. I have a number of characters with backgrounds of varying lengths (most of which are growing as I play them) that might fit in well in certain RP SGs. Included below are the names, a brief background, and a general idea of what kind of SG I think they would do well in. If any of them catches your interest, contact me here, or @Dreamshifter in game! Tyrian Caller Robots/FF Mastermind, Level 30 Going by the name Tyria when not in costume, this cybernetically enhanced woman is most concerned about helping others, rather than fighting crime. She prefers to not be involved in the fight at all, letting her robotic minions do that part, while supporting them from nearby. However, her lively purple suit are not her own invention, and she lacks knowledge of how it all work. Or really, how any of it works. For her, it is pretty much a cell phone. That gets used to call in robots from the sky. Personality-wise, Tyria is often described as accepting and accommodating. Others use the terms naive or apathetic. None of these are correct, however, since she can get quite stubborn when she gets her back up. However, she rarely does, due to her past, which she rarely talks about. Also, she cares more about people (individuals, and as a whole), than things or ideas. RP-wise, Tyria is fairly flexible. She is a straight Hero, however, and despite her powersets, not a big technologist. Being in her 30s (at least so she says), she probably wouldn't fit in with new young heroes (despite being fairly new to heroing herself), but would be surprisingly fine around fairly violent heroes (less so vigilantes). Bone Daddy's Girl Thugs/Dark Mastermind, Level 15 Veronica Devore (no relation to Vanessa Devore) came to the Big City after falling for someone online. Unfortunately, that someone was a Skull. Still, she had a lot of fun, for a while, until her Bone Daddy tried to sacrifice her to gain more power. Unfortunately for him, she wasn't caught as off guard as he'd hoped, and it was his soul that was consumed. Veronica then applied to be a hero (better to work within the law, then to go to the Zigg), where she unfortunately answered the hero name question with Bone Daddy's Girl. And now she is stuck with it. Personality-wise, Vera (she hates being called Roni) is greedy, and not much into doing good. She would rather have fortune than fame, though, and doesn't feel the need to be the name on everyone lips. She is generally amiable and happy, and has been trying to maintain a level of aloofness about being a hero, using more formal language much of the time. Right up until she sees a Skull, where she will attack and often fling profanity. RP-wise, I think Bone Daddy's Girl would fit best in a Mystical based SG, with more emphasis on silliness or whimsy than super serious RP. Not that she doesn't have her moments, but I have the feeling she will be pushing toward the ridiculous more than would be ideal. Myndfyre Fire/Psy Tanker, level 22 Considering herself a former Preatorian, Myndfyre was more than happy to leave the Resistance, and their terrible evil deeds, behind for a new life in Paragon City. She is struggling with the concept of what it means to be a hero, and might end up going full on Vigilante yet, especially having been a Crusader in Preatoria. Personality-wise, Myndfyre is a mess right now. Ravaged by what she did on her home world, haunted by the narrow escapes there, she is in flux, and could use a guiding hand (or a corrupting influence). Who she will become will mostly be based on what happens to her. RP-wise, Myndfyre would rather not deal with the past, so SGs with a Preatorian focus wouldn't work well. She is young enough to fit into a "new hero" style RP, or could move up to the big leagues. ------------------------ Final notes, I'd rather small to medium SGs, rather than the large ones. I'm also around most days for now, during the afternoons and evenings, CST. ------------------------ There are others, of course, but most of them either have more generic backgrounds (Muon Drake, Rad/Rad Corruptor, escaped slave from a distant dimension), or don't have firm backgrounds (Bronze Dynamo and Clockwork Companion (Though CC is starting to get there)). For now, I will offer these up, if anyone wants them. And should others find a thread like this useful, feel free to post here as well.
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