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  1. Short answer no there isn't.
  2. The secondaries your asking about i have no experience with my beasts. I've never used nature but, thermal I've used to great success on other builds. Buffs, heals, and debuffs you can't go wrong. I have seen posts about nature and cold with beasts, but, nothing about any higher lvl progression. You could always search the MM forum for any other threads. Or do a build on Mids see what it looks like strengths/weaknesses, then post on here for feedback. I went sonic just to try out to see if it could work and I'm still low lvl so the jury is still out.
  3. The_Warpact

    New primary

    That's cool, honestly I just want Goblin Horde. Make it perma and have the lil buggers swarming everything.
  4. The_Warpact

    New primary

    A fantasy set, 3 archers, 2 knights, and a wizard. Has "Goblin Horde" power like Thug War, but, uses skins from Red caps. Archers would be ranged with arrow attacks plus web arrow and in melee have sword slash attack. Knights would be all melee with heals like Grave Knights. Wizard would be all ranged attacks (fire, cold, electric) and buffs. Primary would be spells cast at lvl 1, 2, 8. Call Archers at lvl 1, Summon Knights at lvl 12, and Invoke Wizard at 26. Weapon training at lvl 6 and Enchant at lvl 32. Goblin Horde at lvl 18. Embrace your inner D&D nerd!!!
  5. My wife runs an Ele/FA broot and likes it. Its not as fast as rad/.
  6. Hell AA thanks for what I consider going above and beyond with the help and advice. I don't care what anyone says people who PVP (not fiteclubbers lol) are the most helpful people.
  7. Thanks, and a training room server? Going to have to look into this.
  8. I figured possibly 1v1 was good, but, considering most of my action is zones was my question. Unless its SG related arena night I couldn't bring myself to making a toon with DM. Although now I'm working on a Psi/Nrg broot, I guess we'll see how that goes.
  9. Yeah i see what your talking about on DR hitting harder on the higher numbers. I automatically assumed there was perma nothing control wise, I didn't know about the 15 sec suppression though, although I can see why this exists. Who wants to be on permanent lockdown and carrying a tray of breakfrees. What a second though, how does this affect MM pets? Do they experience the same thing? They would have to, if they weren't they would be OP.
  10. Thanks Mac, the diminishing returns is what I'm unfamiliar with. I signed up and already started reading up on all the info.
  11. I figured the -to hit from the attacks would've been beneficial and touch of fear. Mac is there any discord/link that covers the info I'm looking for instead of pestering people and waiting on a response?
  12. What are good powersets? I saw the link for builds but that doesn't cover alot of possible builds. Who's better out of the melee ATz or is it more of a pro/con per AT. To me from what I have been reading a DM/SR scrapper would be formidable, or am I off base into what I'm thinking. Because, of a certain thread in General that got me thinking about coming back, I played pre I13 on Triumph on a NB/SR stalker and a rad/rad corr in SC, and had a blast laying waste to the fire/psi/archery nrg blasters. Btw to all who posted all the links and discord info thanks.
  13. Millie my 14 yr old Westie, I got her 2 yrs ago. BECAUSE, she was owned by an 84 yr old woman who's family wanted to put her down because the lady couldn't take care of her. Not on my watch, she's been the best laziest craziest flump I've ever had.
  14. I dont see where you think i was referencing you in any way, I did however reference another poster as being negative. I however when I say anything or better yet share anything is based on actual events and/or people in situations that have occurred. While, it is nothing specific in this thread there is an underlying tone in some people posts that hint at it but, thats just conjecture. I have seen people melt down in zones, forums, broadcast, etc and oft times then not it is they take it wwwaaayyyy to personally and that is an emotional response. I have also seen people who don't like to be competitive, fear of failure, are introverts, etc, etc. To each their own, my post was just an observation to the OP on things he possibly might not have thought of on some of the reactions that he has been receiving. For the most part everyone has been fantastic and offered some form of thought on the subject but, like you said there is a "minority" that just are negative for a whole host of reasons and once again it would be conjecture on my part on the "why". I don't pvp, I haven't since I13, but. the OP struck a cord in me and thats why I have retained some longevity in the thread. I would like for him to succeed enough to make him happy even though I don't know him. In closing we had good interaction prior to this and lets keep it at that, there are bad seeds in everything and on both sides of this. We fortunately are not them.
  15. That's calling the kettle black. Guess the road goes both ways.
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