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  1. I chalk it up to them being able to resist/defend against some things. Honestly I don't blame them can you imagine being a single villain and having the JLA bearing down on you. Ego and arrogance will only take you so far, then its the "shit your britches" and take off running. I know its programming blah, blah, blah I like my reasoning better.
  2. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/forum/28-the-arena-pvp/ You might get more traction here or on the Excelsior thread. Good luck!
  3. Well you learn something new everyday i guess, thanks for that piece of info.
  4. Does the def/res procs carry over to the pets all the time if its in gang war? Didn't think about burnout good one! I tend to not do any fisticuffs with my mastermind, I'm the Blofeld type of villain I sit and pet my cat, make decisions and let the pets sully their nails. I'll pull up on Mids when I get home thanks!
  5. Not assuming, your thread has it that you do random builds and requests. Hence, the reason why I tagged you, didn't know you were not around any longer. Trying to give people options if they need a build, your thread is a good starting point with its hundreds of different builds for different ATs, plus, I've seen you help quite a few folks out in the past so thats why I tagged ya. If your not doing it any longer or you've moved on then I didn't know. So no worries.
  6. I have 4 bases, 3 of which are one big room with all the storage bins i can fit on that base plot. I know the market well enough to keep ones that might cost a pretty penny ie; purples, ATO, procs, and ones I commonly use in all my builds LotG, Reactive, pvp, etc. I only keep 4 salvage bins, 1 of holiday salvage, 1 of orange salvage, and 2 of converters, catalysts, etc. I keep alot of the extra on my farmers, and as soon as I get the salvage through drops I make the recipe that I have and either sell of keep depending on inventory or if I will use. Occasionally I buy a ora
  7. I just posted this in a thread with a new player and thought why not help others out that are just plain confused by all the keybinds or just hate them.. I prefer macros, I started out on them on live and they have remained with me ever since. My first serious toon for the long road to 50 on live was a Bots/FF and I did everything with him. Full backstop, pve, pvp, base raids, badging, you get the picture. I have no patience for the key bind experience for some its a fantastic way to play out their mm fantasy. This in itself might be a huge deterrent for some thinkin
  8. These are the most common macros for MM pet control. I use ATK and BG as my primary commands. /macro ATK "petcom_all aggressive$$petcom_all goto" /macro DEF "petcom_all defensive$$petcom_all goto" /macro BG "petcom_all defensive$$petcom_all follow" ATK is a goto option that locks the pets in a specific area and gives them the kill all command. DEF is the same as above but pets will only attack when fired upon the same as the rules of engagement that US troops do now. BG the infamous bodyguard mode, puts pets on a defend the mm command. I use BG during travel, between
  9. And this is why I only team with my friends, there is no having to explain how to team, no people going of on their own, not following directions, etc. Going with strangers gets you strange results, no thanks.
  10. I find it annoying that people constantly ask for someone to do the build for them. I get that people suck at Mids, or don't know how, etc. But, you give no direction on what your looking for or how you play, high s/l, rech, ??? Not to mention what powers do like, especially on blasters you might build for melee but they want ranged. I'd prefer people just try to build or at least fill in some details instead of hey make a build for me. Granted I do my best on my builds I'm proficient but not an expert and I do ask for help and I give it. If its the case you don't care beca
  11. Wrong area for base questions here is the link. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/forum/30-base-construction/
  12. Never really played a WS, PB, or Sent. Never leveled on blueside Red only! Never did matching powersets either. Never been to some of blueside zones, mostly hazards I believe. Never did any of the league sized Incarnate trials.
  13. Here is a thread talking about the things you are asking.
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