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  1. Mostly I see them when you buy Hero/Villain packs, and rarely see them drop on fire farms.
  2. Thought target cap on broots was 10 and 16 on tank?
  3. Ok I need some clarification on taunt on scrapper, brute, and tanker. AoE vs single target, taunt power itself, how many enemies affected, etc. Most links online are wwwaaayyy outdated, and I could have sworn taunt numbers were recently changed. I might be wrong I imagine alot of things its all the acid I did. I thought I knew some shizz but recently ran into something that has changed so needs some answers that might fix it.
  4. Yeah I know I was just reading some of the comments and thought of a humorous approach.
  5. Couldn't you really simplify the test by having a tank run through Hami? Whatever set gets the most runs through or make it the farthest would be the toughest. Example Paul - "hey I ran 20 feet into hami on my dark tank before I died". Dave - "that ain't nuthin that sumbitch Larry ran all the way through hami and back again on his granite tank" Charlie- *laughing* "at least it wasn't like Keith who died on his way here with his ice tank" All - "lol" 😜
  6. I have 2 accounts, any toon that I want the accolades on door sits and my other account toon which is a stalker btw runs the mishes. Use Mids to plan your accolade runner out accordingly ie; enough attacks, toggles, etc across a balanced spectrum, attune all your IOs and your accolade runner is ready to go. I've done this since I came back and all my toons have all the accolades they need.
  7. Bill I think you're viewing stalkers as scrappers, I typically use my stalkers in zone pvp, speed running accolade TFs, merit farming arcs, and helping with specific missions that make use of their abilities. You sound like you're trying to use it as a scrapper trying to go at +4×8 content solo. While specific stalker builds can be like that, its finding that balance.
  8. I'm sure it is, checking my defender a nature/fire she has a 6 sec difference and I didn't even try to slot for rech on my build.
  9. Enemies do not have the same powers as the ATs we play, example is Reichsman fist of tyranny. So just leave it as it is.
  10. I was doing a similar thread about uncommon pairings of primary and secondary powers, which I guess is the same thing on a roundabout way, but, doesn't highlight positive combinations. Mine is also a Invul/KM tanker, I dont mind the sounds but the set just sucks. Animation and dmg are lackluster, I get what they were shooting for, an anime type melee set but its just blah. I have others I'm leveling currently, a Elec/Psi, WP/Fiery, and a Rad/Ice. I hate doing the usual FOTM builds, and cannot stand SS, so I have to do not normal pairings of powersets.
  11. /Kin, nothing like SB on everything and great rech, dmg boost, end, its fun. I like to SB people as they are running up to a mob nothing like a "oops " moment when they run into the middle of the baddies lol.
  12. @Perfect Weapon you are the 1st I have seen, I have seen that combo in brute though. I like PM I have a low level Ele/PM tanker that seems fun.
  13. Nah, its like drinking Nukashine in FO76 its fun seeing where you wind up and the hilarity that ensues.
  14. Or the rather long winded title of powersets combined that are not popular but work. This isn't the Inv/SS thread this is the "why did they use those sets"? Now granted I am relatively new to tankers as some of you know, so I might be totally wrong. But, I'm basing this on what I see on the forums and what I see in game. I recently made a Inv/KM tanker which seems to just work, i haven't seen any running around and while I like the build I don't love the build. Most people hate KM because of the sounds but honestly it doesn't bother me. I might be biased but my first tanker is a Dark/Dark/Soul and it just slays, so I judge my other builds to this standard because I love the Dark tank so...my Inv/KM doesn't hold a torch to it. So thinking that and fiddling around with idea of installing a Killer Chiller on something (points to you if you don't have to Google it) I came up with my next build a Rad/Ice tank, another as far as I know an uncommon combination. So after that long winded novel of an explanation, what is/are some sets paired that just seem to work in your experience not the typical FOTM or tried and true builds.
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