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  1. I like my alts but, damn I cannot imagine that lol.
  2. Me and the VG ran them back to back tonight, we all had a good time. Great story, the enemies were fun, and it was thought out. PLUS, got to kill the Kraken in Perez by chance and I never see that booger out and about and finished in IP and killed Lusca. Got 16 badges in all so very pleased. Good job @Piecemeal we had fun.
  3. Yeah I have Kreigpakt and Pacte de Guerre.
  4. I suppose that makes sense, just noticed a large influx recently and had me wondering.
  5. True...levels have been all over the place. Just seems rather rampant. Although, have been seeing alot of pop culture, movie, comic names too. So the generic idea would fit.
  6. Example, "Healing Defender" or "Fire Tank" or "Robot Mastermind "........or my personal favorite "Rad Sword"...can you guess what the powersets are? Has imagination just bottomed out? There are sites out there that will make a named profile for anything...hero, villain, D&D, etc for free I might add. Just seems weird...
  7. I changed mine...sigh....altitis. Now I finally leveled a human form Warshade after like 20 years. An Nrg/nrg stalker, who is my merit farmer. Finally, my Ice/Dark troller who is just an AoE monster, I will make my badger.
  8. No thanks, without going too much into it and ruffling feathers. Just no.
  9. Thank you everyone especially the devs!
  10. If you check status, Everlasting has been beating Torchbearer for awhile.
  11. Personally, I would like to thank a group of volunteers that took the time to do this, as they are not a company or group of professionals who are getting paid. I like the fact that they even took the time to expand on this alternate version of CoX for us. I also like the fact that they got our input on various things and do quality of life upgrades when they don't have to. Instead of just giving people whatever they want like some of the other servers. So thank you and I look forward to trying out all of the new content.
  12. Chimps Ahoy...pirate monkey ftw. Malicious Pleasure oooo he's a naughty boy.
  13. I figured with most would be with a team even the TF/SF, defeats, exploration, etc will be done either duo or teamed. I was just trying to see what everyone ran, to see if their was a general consensus on AT. How many blasters or is their more controllers. I actually should have done this as a poll and had the AT listed and see how it went. I might be looking way into this, maybe just hop on a build I enjoy and *poof* thats my badger.
  14. Best bet is to go to the Everlasting section of the forums its the RP server. There is a section for RP supergroups, it's a way to start friendships, learn the ropes, and get your RP on.
  15. So...I have a build for everything in game, GM killa, team player, solo, farmers, merit farmer, pvp, etc. I figured what better place to ask than here in the Badge section. BUT, I don't have an AT in mind for a badger, and I seriously want to start one. I know you need heals, good aoe for defeat badges, survivability especially against AV/GM, pvp, etc. What do you use for your badger, I had a Demon/Therm MM in mind but, I'm unsure. Thoughts?
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