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  1. I know they different areas of the country are experiencing internet issues, wondering if it isn't the heat out west or dum dum dum hackers!
  2. Sounds like Cleveland....
  3. Hey hey don't forget Mr. Bocor, that's a great introductory arc for the magic side of things, Midnight Club, and the Loa Bone!
  4. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/forum/39-excelsior/ 2 listings on the 1st page for CC's.
  5. This is the area you need. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/forum/45-suggestions-amp-feedback/
  6. I find it interesting that through it all with all the people that posted beneficial helpful info it was all ignored and instead the op fixated on what they construed as attacks. No thank you's, that's great advice, great idea, etc. Some people just love playing the role of the victim.
  7. Dk/Dk/Soul; a veritable monster of negative energy and survivability. Rad/Ice; -regen and -rech...baddies just stand there and die. Invul/WM; still a lowbie but a train of destruction. Electric/Psi; just rolled but seems fun.
  8. I had one and there's alot of micromanagement, honestly I deleted, too much trying to keep up. I'd go Cold or Kin with the pups instead
  9. Well hell you didn't need a poll for that, you could have just asked. Yes, I am the Villain and everyone else are victims including heroes.
  10. I've done both doms and trollers over there and had better success with a troller.
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