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  1. My thoughts on how dark this Gotham seems to be, there is a distinct feeling of menace coming from every direction. This Batman seems to be the unleashed vengeance, one from the dark multiverse. A almost wanting to go back or looking to the horizon on alot of those scenes staring at the sunset/sunrise(?), reminded me of Lord Soth pacing the ramparts searching for his lost love and the twisted anguish from it. Farrell Penguin seems like a villain out of Dick Tracy with a DeNiro mob swagger, does he replace Falcone and if so how does this affect Catwoman? The Riddler...well that
  2. Posting the same thread over and over in a weeks time is not going to get much traction. My thoughts on why you have little to no answers on it is because no one has done it. Hence no responses, typically farm builds are brutes. You can also slott for s/l def/res and run s/l farms instead of fire farms.
  3. I prefer to rely on source. Google, even villains can use it. https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Category:Contacts_By_Level
  4. Initially that's what I thought, but, I was thinking more along the lines of having blasting, melee, etc. A super skrull or Amazo not a Taskmaster. Hard trying to get everything in such a large vision when there are limitations. I did go fire/atomic, sorcery pool, and Mace for the Arachnos identity. Different colors and animations on each. Just have to unlock the last 3 slot, and made macros for each change with fx.
  5. True forgot about the 3 builds! Care to share the macros? No on dom's they are perhaps my most hated AT.
  6. Off topic I think Idiocracy is a prophetic movie.
  7. Books like alcohol in my world are an addiction. I would not be able to put it down, lose track of time, and probably get in trouble. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  8. Had an idea for a villain that is like Protean (since we have a million costume slots) that can assume various identities. That being said I figured Blasters(maybe) have that range to have different powers, melee/ranged/holds/immobilizes, etc that would fit a character of that type. Not to mention powers can be changed in some instances not only the colors but how they are cast or different animations for melee. So now the question what primary/secondary/PP would fit that scope? I was thinking of doing an Arachnos, Longbow, civilian, hero, villain, Vanguard, etc as
  9. Is there are thread yet with people listing there twitch/YouTube CoX streams? I get bored at lunch and can only watch Michael Franzese talk about the mafia only so much. Regular searches yield old stuff that I've already seen or was there when it happened. So post your info, maybe a link, or someone direct me to where this thread of such things is already at. My VG does stuff once in awhile but we are all busy these days, winter time will slow that and we will be back in full force doing our NSFW TFs lol.
  10. Poison is a set that has like 3 good powers and the rest are skippable, but, out of those 3 they are useful for a fast attacking debuff set. Nature on the other hand has alot of good powers primarily vested in heal and absorb. Both would be good for team mode, plant is a solid control set if not the best in the game. Realistically you cannot go wrong with pairing it with anything. I use poison more for hard targets or a fast rolling team and nature for just casual teaming.
  11. You have any examples? Screenshots? Videos? Links?
  12. Wouldn't trade it for the world. My best friends are all here. Heroes are a bunch of goobers.
  13. So I decided a merc build was in order, yeah yeah they get all sorts of flack(lol). But, what is life except a challenge, especially with machine guns, couple that with /Traps and why couldn't it be a success? So without further adieu my build. This Villain build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/Reborn-Team/MidsReborn Click this DataLink to open the build! Dr. Alistair Bedlam: Level 50 Technology Mastermind Primary Power Set: Mercenaries Secondary Power Set: Traps Power Pool: Speed Power Pool: Leadership Power Pool: Fighting Power Pool: Medicine Anci
  14. Just have them spawn in 10' off the side of the mezzanine so they can fall to the reflection pool. On Everlasting it gets bad sometimes, but, then again people are alittle slow so moving out of the way for everyone is unfathomable.
  15. Yeah when I'm seeing multiple posts in every direction, multiple AT threads, same caliber of post I'm thinking you're correct.
  16. Plus slotting for rech you can stack multiple acid mortars which is great, other than that excellent write up.
  17. I can never tell them apart. Anyways here's a reference on all what they get when trained. https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Ninjas
  18. I use the temp ones from the treats, meh, alot of my toons are horror themed anyways. Although the best Halloween themed group goes to these guys.
  19. I agree, why wouldn't there be a dmg buff for pets. Not like they're suddenly going to be a blaster, with assault, BU, Aim, and whatever dmg bonuses they have. Obviously this is a new era where are pets rights?!? lol
  20. Use Forge on your Bruiser instead of Enflame, I've used Enflame once and was not terribly impressed. Typically with ranged attacks and/or debuffs I use Scorpion Shield for the defense. I have used resistance based sets on my more aggressive type MMs, and realistically that is up to you. I just used my template for an old build I had and incorporated Sorcery into it for you. I had forgot about the RoP changes thanks for the reminder. How about this you tell me what you want in the build and I'll do one, okay?
  21. I have no experience on MMs with /nature just on 'fenders. That being said its heals/debuffs to be sure. EA on the other hand I have a Necro and Demons with it, it is a clicky set BUT, I find it very favorable for pets that might go into melee or hybrid as the res shield is very nice. I love hitting the absorb shield and dmg buff prior to engagement and letting the pets lay waste to mobs. My demons are also my badger and it successful solo Eochai this weekend 3x. Now that being said, I dont know how it would work for bots, I like keeping defense with ranged and res w
  22. HA! A pain in the ass to be sure, but, yeah its our system I just follow her I can't tell the colors apart so just follow her is the unspoken rule.
  23. I just follow the people on my team, and since my wife is on that team she tells me.
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