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  1. I'd love to be able to use Hero 1's shoulder/cape mantle thing. It's probably not a separate asset though. Or furry shoulders/cape mantles. You can get close with female barbarian stuff plus bolero but no male/huge options. Actually, more body fur parts would be great. Not just skin texture, but large modeled fur for shoulders/arms/hands/boots. For playing feral werewolfy guys.
  2. Yeah, I think I'm committed to thermal on this character for theme reasons. Until I can get high enough for an attack or two from Heat Mastery, I'm using Arcane Bolt and I might use one of the Thugs pistol attacks so I can feel like I'm actually participating. It's definitely a more reactive secondary, but the heals are impressive.
  3. Sorry, I didn't see that you'd replied to me until just now. Thanks for the build, it's really good. I can see that the defense and resists are way better this way. One of the reasons I was trying to fit in Sorcery was for theme. The character has magic-looking helpful flames and I wanted to tie an attack or two to that. What's your view on throwing Enflame on the Bruiser? And are the Flame Mastery attacks so lackluster as to skip them? Edit: One more thing - Ring of Protection doesn't allow for any kind of recharge reduction so that frees up one slot.
  4. I put this build together after looking around at some Thugs/X and X/Thermal builds on the board here. I wanted to see if anyone could offer some suggestions to tune this up a bit. Most of my power choices are a combination of theme and light maximization, so there's wiggle room for power changes if something would work better/can be recolored to look vaguely fiery. Plus, I wanted to try out more of the Sorcery powers to see if they'd be fun and useful. This Villain build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/Reborn-Team/MidsReborn Click this DataLink to open
  5. This is what I've got at the moment. It's not quite there, yet. I originally had the Argus face and zombie body with this idea, but it evolved into a guy with chronic illness whose mutant immune system is exterior to his body (currently represented by Poison/Dark Defender colored the filthiest browns I can manage).
  6. I'd really support this to give Granite some options but I'd also add a crystalline body option to match the various Stone Armor customizations.
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