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  1. ok this is a follow up i made a request to Support to give me more AE Story slots and they gave me 4 more so i was able to create more stories so i did not need to make extra accounts...the Homecoming team respond quickly and they are player friendly! Homecoming feels like Live it is smoothly run soooo Thank You Dev Team!
  2. Just like GM Kal and GM Arcanum you could always count on GM Cyclone to take the time to join players on any chatline not just to give us answers but actually chat with us and show us they are fair minded, smartly informed and have a great sense of humour...The Community is what makes City of Heroes so special! and GM Cyclone was a huge part of that...he will be greatly missed. I agree if the Devs can manage it there should be a NPC of him somewhere...find his favorite place in the game or add him to Atlas Park or at the very least give him a History plaque and Badge! THANK YOU Homecoming Team and all the GMs who make the game run smoothly and so much fun!!! THANK YOU GM CYCLONE!!!
  3. I also wrote a large number of great AE Stories back when AE came out and yes i was popular on Beta as well. I agree the 3 limit is not helpful. As for testing other writers stories i would love too. I would point out there is very little in the way of non-farms that is for the under level 45-50 class so i wrote 3 and will make a second account and do 3 more just look for FeliciaDivine and FeliciaDIvine2. Call me EV and lets start playing 🙂
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