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  1. Yeah I saw that Web Grenade oddity too before I uploaded the pic but I decided to post it anyway. To be honest I thought that was the one of the misses before I looked closer and noticed it wasn't in there. I may very well have lobbed the grenade at the capsule instead of the vampire I thought I had clicked on in which case I would have thought it missed when it actually hit something, just not the target I intended. So maybe I managed to miss IRL rather than in game terms. It's the most likely explanation I can think of. But still. Even accounting for confirmation bias I seem to miss a lot. I
  2. Also maybe this is dumb question but is the streakbreaker counting stuff that automatically works without an accuracy check as a "hit" ? Because that would explain a lot.
  3. Hey everyone I was in the Help channel on Indomitable describing my unbelievably bad luck when it comes to missing and people were understandably doubtful that I miss as much as I say do with 95% chance to hit things. So here's the picture I promised I would upload to the bugs forum to show what I am talking about. From what I understand this should not be possible with the streakbreaker which is why I took a picture of it with my phone (I forgot how to get the windows to show up in screenshots and really wanted a picture of this since I wouldn't believe it either if I had not seen it with my
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