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  1. If you go onto combat attributes and look at the top section, near the bottom shows your level shift. If you right click and click on monitor it pops a small moveable box on your screen. I keep mine near the hp bar. That way you can monitor if you are +1, +2 or +3.
  2. Not quoting as it's too big but I loved that story way more than I possibly should have πŸ˜‚
  3. I only dual box if I'm running an AE fire farm. It's useful for getting an alt some inf or up a level or two. Other than that it's too much hard work.
  4. Well this was more of an emergency patch than anything else. Downloading now but hopefully I can get into my base again πŸ˜€
  5. I rarely do trials or weekly TF's I just do missions. I have 7 incarnates, 4 are all T4 in everything, the others are in various stages. My latest is level shift 3 and hasn't opened the hybrid slot yet. Interface is T2 but I need a few more threads for T3. And he is vet level 6. In the entire run, from Mender Ramiel, to completing DA arcs, to doing the current Crimson World War Red arc I just started I have had a grand total of 15 shards drop. I'm probably unlucky, but I get a good rainstorm of threads, and merits aren't that hard to get. Farming the first DA arc can often yield very good drops for 20 minutes work. I'm not saying shards aren't useful, but unless you are getting a good drop rate it's just quicker and easier to forget about them. As for Hami raids, on Reunion they aren't a thing. I tried one once and the poor league leader was doing a magnificent job but the players were totally ignoring him. He was super organised but the players were a mob not a team so we got slaughtered repeatedly till everyone quit. There hasn't been a raid since.
  6. You really don't need shards anyway. They drop so rarely it's a chore trying to make alpha slot components from them. You are better scrolling to the bottom of the recipe list and using threads and emp merits. I probably get around 10 shards a week. They don't seem to drop particularly frequently even in incarnate trials.
  7. I've never understood why you have Thanksgiving so close to Christmas. Then again America goes big on everything even when the rest of the world is scratching its head in puzzlement. Its strange for a country with so many holidays to have so little holiday entitlement. But I suppose every country has its foibles. Enjoy your Turkey worship and think about the homeless and poor who can't afford a sandwich.
  8. Sadly it's all repeatable missions, no story arcs apart from the TFs.
  9. The drops are based on number of enemies not number of team mates and are shared randomly between the people in the team. If you solo +8 you will get a vast number of drops because the share is 1. If you team with 8 then it will be divided between the 8 of you. Not all enemies generate a drop so it will look like you are getting less. The drop rate is the same it's just spread thinner.
  10. So recently I was wondering which contacts/ story arcs lie to you. I was doing Dream Doctor and his Defeat Mot mission. He tells you that this is it, gather all your friends for the final showdown. Then when you get in it's not really all that. It's the end of a story arc, but he has another one that follows straight on from it. The other one is Maria Jenkins and the Save Positron arc. It tells you this it it, time to save Positron, then it's all lies. I enjoy the bait and switch, and the first time I did those missions it was a kicker to find I'd been had, but I was wondering how many other story arcs had the same sneaky idea of building you up to a big confrontation then tricking you at the end.
  11. This is why I tend to play blasters or tanks. I like the immediacy of the effect, it makes me feel like I'm contributing. I love having buffers and debuffers in my party, it makes me feel happy and safe, but for me I can't play them as I'm not patient enough. A good controller or defender is a treasure and life would be harder without them. But I can't play them.
  12. My boy wanted to help.me with tonight's mothership raid 🐢πŸ₯°πŸ˜‚
  13. He may have had mapserver issues then timed out. It's happened to me a few times in the past. The character just stands there till the server gives up then logs them out. Chances are he either won't get the rewards or will have to redo the final mission again on his own.
  14. I've got a boxer staffie cross who is a little heavier than that, he's 90lb and climbs on top of me when I'm trying to play. He hates being ignored 🀣
  15. I have a somewhat different opinion to a lot of people. I prefer to just buy regular IOs until I have the inf for sets, then go for set bonuses that look useful. The main thing I look for in a set is resistance to stuff that's normally hard to get like psi resistance. Then I look for other things to round out my defences such as resist knockback or lethal. Then it's just a matter of things that are generally useful like recovery and regeneration bonuses or faster power activation. Some people absolutely love to delve into the nuts and bolts and will spend hours planning builds to get that extra half a percent advantage by frankenslotting unusual combinations, but that always seemed way too much work. By the time I hit incarnate levels i was soloing most things on +3/4 with sets filling in holes in my defences. Each power set in an archetype brings something different to the table, so its individual to you what you need. My alts might not be up in the top 1% of power, but they are awesome enough to hold their own whatever the game throws at me.
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