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  1. I guess it's just Mid's showing those numbers. Looking at it right now, it says it's the latest version, and Aqua Bolt corruptor is 23.36. I was testing it on the test server too, and yep, I don't think I deducted 30% when actually using the powers. I need an eye-roll icon for myself now.🙄 Part of me was thinking the numbers difference between test and Mids was Mids showing lower base damage but test showing damage with a scourge average damage percentage or something factored in. And I swear I saw on the test server when moving the level slider for damage in Manage Enhancements that at least once it did show 23.26 for Alpha Bolt, and showed the other numbers I posted for other powers. That would explain why Mids has those numbers. But now I tried it again on test and Alpha Bolt shows 70 damage, so half of that is 35, which is about where it should be compared to defender's 30. Oh well, all settled now. Thanks.
  2. Water Blast is corruptor primary. Defender's secondary. Corruptor's have .75 damage scale. Defender's .65. Aqua Bolt. Corruptor 25. Defender 30. Water Burst. 25. 32. Dehydrate. 50. 63. Steam Spray 54. 70 Geyser. 97. 126. Whirlpool is in corruptor's favor. 90 to defender's 78. Shouldn't they all be in the corruptor's favor?
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