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  1. Maybe they are working on Carp Melee, we have only been asking for that powerset since....uh I forget. Seriously things I'd to see new dance moves, new hair styles or maybe updating the old ones to the newer styles, shoulders getting the asymmetrical treatment, a Pirate and/or Viking themed Mastermind powerset, Whip Powerset, Technology Control Powerset... But mostly to the Devs and the Volunteers stay healthy and happy, take your time we'll be here, drooling, frothing, rabid waiting, staring at you with big puppy dog eyes... 🙂
  2. Ok I'm not a hardcore RP'er but yeah if folks over on the Dev team are feeling bored, or if there is some folks out in the wilds of Homecoming that can create some new emotes/dances I'll say thanks in advance. Just adds to the options the players can have, which is a good thing. Plus as the person above said, some of the dances have not aged well.
  3. A small question if I may, I've been looking at the various changes and I can't seem to find any mention of Jacobs Ladder for tanks having it's cone effect increased, is this correct is still the same 50 degree cone or has it changed? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks to all the Dev team and support staff, you rock.
  5. Thanks for the response, and yes I'd like a guide and definitely the reasoning for various choices/slots. The reasoning/logic is were I'm having issues.
  6. I've been playing CoX for a long time but never really went for Dominators, don't know why. Anyways I was teamed with a Dom recently and it looked like fun so I thought I try one, made a few but nothing stood out. The I had an idea, a descendent of Elizabeth Bathory, she's a pseudo Vampire. Which lead to me making a Mind/Dark for theme. The problem is I have no real idea how to put an effective build together, ideally I'd like to be able to solo or run with teams, just to be effective. So what powers should I get? What to avoid? Go for leadership or fighting? For my Epic I'm torn between Soul or Psi and I want Flight just for the concept. So any advice? Or can someone toss up a build so I can see it, I'm curious about what, when, and why to take powers. Thanks in advance, and stay awesome!
  7. Just found this thread as I was looking for info, thanks for all the hard work. Stay awesome!
  8. I'll join you, my altitis is already raging out of control...
  9. Hello I just ran a Summer Blockbuster and only 1 of us got the IO, a few other people have said the same thing so just a heads up.
  10. Thanks, I lost all my old CoX files when both my hard drives died in one day. This is much needed.
  11. Thank you, this is so,,,well you all know what this means.
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