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  1. Might give @Dahle a wave as well, heyo! Would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this proposal for a Light Control powerset as well, given your experience with your own Controllers. Might it be something you'd want to play? Find that it overshadows/undershoots compared to the other powersets? As always, I'm all ears.
  2. Going to ping @krj12 - hey there! Given your experience with Controllers and the like, I'd definitely be interested in hearing your thoughts on this proposed powerset; how strong it might be, if it's overtuned, if it's something that you could see yourself playing, and so on. Hope to hear your response! 😄
  3. Also, hey there @ABlueThingy! Thought you might be interested in taking a look at this new Control powerset proposal; if you've got the time, I'd definitely like to hear your thoughts on it, especially compared to the current Control sets - how it fares in terms of power, differences, uniqueness, and so on. Hopefully you like it!
  4. On that note, going to ping @zenblack on this topic. Hey there! From your posts/Discord discussions, it looks like you're pretty versed in terms of Controllers/Dominators; would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this proposed writeup for Light Control - does it stand out from the others, is it overtuned/underpowered? Would it be something you'd be interested in playing? Hope to hear from you soon enough! 😊
  5. I also use these binds for some of my characters, which lets a person switch to Fly, Hover, and walking with a single keypress: hover.txt F "powexec_toggleoff Fly$$powexec_name Hover$$bindloadfilesilent ./binds/flight/fly.txt" fly.txt F "powexec_toggleoff Hover$$powexec_name Fly$$bindloadfilesilent ./binds/flight/ground.txt" ground.txt F "powexec_toggleoff Fly$$powexec_toggleoff Hover$$bindloadfilesilent ./binds/flight/hover.txt" Easy enough to set up, and allows for rotating between multiple powers - a neat setup for sure. 😊
  6. Definitely something I'll think about further on, thanks for the heads up! I've touched on using the absence of light flavour wise with T5: Twilight but there's definitely room for more powers in that sort of vein. Hmm...hey there @ArchVileTerror - thought it might be a good idea to phone a person that's part of the RP community - got any ideas on flavouring some of these other Light Control powers as involving manipulating light away from opponents vs. directly dazzling/overwhelming them? 😄
  7. I've found that /bind f "powexec_name Fly$$powexec_name Hover" works just fine if you want to switch between the two travel powers exclusively - no extra binds needed.
  8. For sure! I imagine a dedicated powerset could probably make use of the Attract mechanic more liberally (I think Magnetism was brought up for instance), but having one power in another control set use it would be nice too...not to mention a boon for something like Mind Control's Telekinesis. With Light Control's PBAoE nature, I figured having a way to keep enemies close to them would be a neat synergistic power. Admittedly, the Illumination mechanic was heavily inspired by Time Manipulation's Time Crawl, with its Delayed mechanic empowering the effects of other powers in the set. R
  9. Hey there @Hew, I heard something about you looking for more Dominator powers - would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this proposal for a Light Control powerset, given that! Hope you like it. 😄
  10. @Vooded, giving you a ping - thought this post might be of interest to you, given your expressed interest in Illusion Control. This isn't quite the same thing, but there's definitely some overlap, would be interested in hearing your thoughts on it!
  11. Hello, @Nightmarer! Thought this suggestion thread might interest you - Light Control isn't quite Illusion, but thought it might be neat either way; would be interested in hearing your thoughts on it, if you were so inclined! 😁
  12. Hey there, @Heatstroke! Heard you were looking for more Dominator powersets - would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this proposal for Light Control; hope it's something that piques your curiosity, or better yet, be something you'd want to play. 😄
  13. Might give @Zepp a wave as well - hey there! I was interested in hearing your thoughts on this proposed Control powerset, given your experience with builds and the like, if you wanted; if it's something that'd be compelling to play, if it's an underpowered/overpowered proposal, and so on. Thanks in advance for your time! 😄
  14. Think I'm going to ping @Galaxy Brain as well on this - heya! Was kind of curious if you had any thoughts on this proposed Control powerset; I wanted to make something that played relatively uniquely compared to the available primaries, with its focus on PBAoE powers. Additionally, would be interested in your thoughts on its relative strength between Controllers/Dominators, with its toggle Hold aura, akin to Ice Control's Arctic Air and so on.
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