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  1. That's interesting! Either could be on-theme with the powerset - main intent's just to be a very brief way of locking enemies down. Only thing with an unenhanceable Hold is it maybe doesn't expand slotting options; I'd definitely be interested in a Shiver that slots Force Feedback for instance. But maybe that's my optimizer brain talking. 😅
  2. After thinking about it for a while, I eventually decided that a chance to Hold probably wouldn't be all that appealing all things considered. So in the end, I went with making this change instead: Most enemies are susceptible to knockdown, but it also means they're only occupied for about a second or so - a very short amount of time, but hopefully enough to either set up Ice Slick or have Arctic Air affect the group. This should hopefully mesh better with Ice Control's focus on soft control too. Would this be more appealing, do you think?
  3. Includes Personal Force Field, along with Force Field's other powers. It's a good read!
  4. Metallic 2 is what the guys get in exchange for their lack of hairstyles. 😛
  5. After some deliberation, I figured that a chance to Hold mightn't have been the best path to take. Instead, I decided on this route: Think this might be better? This way, Shiver should reliably occupy enemies for maybe a second or so, but that should still give Arctic Air some time to confuse them in the process. Plus, it also helps to maintain Ice Control's focus on soft control too.
  6. Something that's come to mind recently. It might perhaps be better to change Shiver a little differently. So this: Would instead look like this: Text description would change as follows: This should make Shiver a little more reliable as an opening power, while also being a much shorter lasting hard control effect, I think. Also leans into Ice Control's softer form of locking down enemies.
  7. Hey there @lumberjack jill! Thought this might be of interest to you. Please do feel to take a read through the suggestion...oh, as a heads up, I've made a second version of the proposal here as well: Feel free to take a gander, would definitely be happy to hear your thoughts on it!
  8. Relevant. In retrospect, I'd probably make some changes though.
  9. Hey there! That's a good question - I actually address it in my original post; take a gander at it. 🙂
  10. Hey @th0ughtGun! Saw this post of yours here: And thought this thread might be of interest to you! Would definitely be interested in hearing your thoughts on it.
  11. I totally agree that feeling less effective doesn't feel that good on a character - I imagine that's why a lot of squishier players aren't a fan of being mezzed and so on. That's why I'm of the view that an option like this would be ideal for people looking for more of a challenge: a large part of feeling effective is actually having your powers land; IO set bonuses for the most part just work to increase one's survivability. A lot of the suggestions about more difficult content seem to suggest making enemies themselves stronger; more accuracy, defence/resistance debuffs, and so on
  12. Thanks for the read! On the one hand, I kind of agree that Task Force/Flashback difficulty options aren't used that much. On the other, I'd also imagine that their availability also hampers their usage a little bit too; opening it up as a notoriety setting would at least provide it for most content...and it'd certainly make challenge supergroups a little easier to run, such as the one you mentioned, I think! Plus, I'd also argue that this is less a "hardcore mode" difficulty option compared to the Flashback difficulty settings, which seem to be out to actively restrict players; not
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