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  1. That's a fair point! I hadn't considered -Movement affecting enemy A.I. in that way. However, this brings up the following question: how effective is -Movement against AVs in hindering attacks at the moment, relative to other debuffs? I can certainly see it being useful at the minimum speed cap for example, but a small amount of reduced movement speed doesn't sound like an obstacle at all. Additionally: how often will a character be in a scenario to find -Movement useful, as compared to, say, -ToHit? Those are probably good questions to answer and consider in terms of the kind of damage mitigation that this proposal might potentially provide.
  2. Oh, of course. I'd never dream of having AVs not having special resistance to -Recharge; just -Movement. In that case, purple patch resistances might be enough - seems like for the most part, that'd halve most debuffs due to the higher levels at which Archvillains are encountered compared to the player characters.
  3. Glad to hear that it sounds reasonable! Though I do wonder what numbers would make sense - would it be too extreme to just have AVs rely on the Purple Patch to resist -Movement debuffs (as opposed to this plus the resistance to debuffs that AVs get)? In most cases, that'd result in a fair amount of resistance out of the box, due to them being multiple levels higher than most players.
  4. Currently, Archvillains lack protection from the Immobilization status effect (along with Sleep). -Movement at its most potent is an effective Immobilize (if still permitting movement to some degree). Therefore, I propose that AVs shouldn't have any special resistances to -Movement debuffs (or at least, have lower resistances to them). Thoughts? Feedback? Perhaps even proposed numbers for how resistant AVs ought to be to -Movement? Looking forward to the responses!
  5. Perhaps Necromancy > Soul Extraction's Ghost should have this as well? At least according to Paragon Wiki, it doesn't seem to have any melee attacks attached to it.
  6. Summary of my own desired buffs to Detention Field (ordered by priority): Increase the magnitude of its effects to affect AVs Potential way to cancel effect early (by preference): Pop-up temporary power (similar to Mystic Flight's translocation) Activation of another power (targeted Force Bolt, Insulation/Deflection Shield) Change power to a toggle (like single target Dimension Shift, prefer not having a downtime though) Potentially reduced recharge (would be nice to have it perma out of the box, but good as it is) The 'only affects self'/'untouchable'/'immobilized' status effects that the power inflicts would remain the same as is, to better enforce that its purpose is to 'detain for later' rather than 'hold and defeat'.
  7. Detention Field is very accurate, and inflicts a mag 7.45 Untouchable/Affect Self according to Mids (along with an 8.05 Immobilise). The fact that it's easily accessible compared to a Controller's Overpower mechanic, or a Dominator's Domination gives it additional reliability in my opinion. I've had good success with it when used on problem enemies that are generally resistant to most forms of status effects, such as Singularity pets (which happily disappear once their summoner is defeated). I'm not certain if this is the case, but I don't think there's any way of actually resisting Untouchable/Affect Self, outside of the regular changes in duration caused by discrepancies in level. Basically, if you want something to be guaranteed to be out of the fight for a set period of time, accept no substitute.
  8. Expectation. Sonic Cage does the exact same thing, meaning it has the exact same pain points.
  9. Bear in mind that whatever Detention Field gets, Sonic Cage is going to as well - it's basically the same effect, just on a different powerset. I'd prefer not to change the effect that the power currently has; it has its niche already, it'd just benefit from better finesse, along with being able to affect AVs.
  10. Well, yes. But what I'm saying is that I prefer the current status effect it inflicts - I'd just prefer if it were stronger, and could be cancelled early. That would be plenty enough for it to be more team friendly, along with providing additional utility in my mind. Any other changes to the power I'd say would be bonuses.
  11. Exactly - it's a power to be used at the start of the fight, giving a chance to clear out other mobs, or other AVs that happen to be around at the same time for example. Detention Field (at least how I use it), is a way of cutting down any heavy hitters on a battlefield, letting you focus on lesser threats, before dealing with said larger threat solo.
  12. Well, at the moment, Detention Field isn't a hold - it causes the targeted enemy to be untouchable, and only able to affect themselves. It's a power designed to quarantine an enemy away (hence the detain part of Detention Field), taking it out of the fight for a temporary amount of time. I think the fact that an enemy is unable to be damaged whilst in the field is balance enough - a 'hold' that stops damage, both ways. At the moment, it can detain bosses in a single hit, and the occasional Elite Boss if you're lucky. I'd prefer it if it were more potent - after all, if you're going to be taking something out of the fight, you probably want to do that to the heaviest hitter in the room. And unlike a hold, you're unable to damage it for that duration; in other words, it's pure battlefield control, as compared to "turning an enemy into a training dummy to wail on". In other words, for those D&D inclined, it's Maze (temporary banishment from play) compared to Hold Person (chance to attack without retaliation). Different uses. A toggle could certainly work nicely as such, letting you cancel the effect early. That being said, I'm kind of greedy - having the potential to be able to detain multiple things at once sounds pretty neat, whilst still being able to cancel it through some other means. Hey, a Mass Hypnosis can do the same thing, albeit in a more fragile manner, after all. But I can understand why that might be objectionable.
  13. Just a heads up, Corruption...this isn't the place for Force Field reworks (check the first post). These buffs are coming from the viewpoint of people who enjoy the set as it is, but think it could do with some improvements. So if you want very dramatic changes, this isn't going to be the thread to discuss them in. With that said: This is interesting. Though I'm beginning to think that Knockback in general might need modification to - that is to say, the mechanic itself could perhaps provide damage in some form or another. Repulsion Field could do with an endurance reduction of course, as Philotic's mentioned. Hmm...honestly, I'm fine with Detention Field not dealing damage, if it means that it can basically detain things up to an AV. I'd argue that keeping something untouchable for an indefinite amount of time isn't that overpowered, in that damage still needs to be dealt to actually defeat them, if that makes sense. Sleeps do much the same thing, so long as they aren't hit. Detention Field basically just guarantees that. I personally would go the route of "have another power that comes along with Detention Field that lets you disable it early". Though a toggle would work fine, I suppose, and have the added benefit of auto-hitting. So I guess there's two routes to go with this.
  14. I'm neutral-to-somewhat-opposed it at the moment, because I think the shield powers are fine as they are; in other words, Absorb is a wishlist thing for people who might want it. As such, I'm kind of ambivalent - it's improving on something that doesn't need to be in my mind. I've already given suggestions on what I'd like for Detention Field - being able to cancel it early would be all that's necessary for it, personally. Though additionally having a higher magnitude, to the extent of trapping AVs would be even better. Though correction there; it's not a intangible status effect that it inflicts, it's untouchable and only affects self. Along with that, I've posted my suggestion on Force Bubble already; Philotic's suggestion for the power is one piece of how it might be better. I proposed this a few pages back in this thread: Main difference in my mind with Force Bubble and Repulsion Field is that the former is more focused on positional denial, while the latter moreso on soft control via knockback/knockdown. This suggestion merely aims to provide Force Bubble with further finesse at the job, building on Philotic's suggestion of making the radius of Force Bubble smaller.
  15. Alright, let's break this down...from what I'm reading, it sounds like one of your issues with Force Field is that in endgame content, it's mainly useful for boosting player defenses. Valid critique (though I take offence to you calling the set 'maligned' - that's your personal evaluation of it, and most definitely not universal), but in that case, I think adding more to Force Field's shield powers at this moment ignores 6 other powers which are in need of improvements, tweaking, and quality of life changes. Philotic provides some nice suggestions on how, and I'd like to think I did so with some others. I disagree. I think defense provides plenty of mitigation already - though it's clear that your view on it is different to mine, so we're at an impasse there. From what I'm reading, the main point that you appear to be making about "why Force Fields should have an Absorb mechanic" appears to be something along the lines of: Other characters have high defenses at high levels It would benefit other characters to have more health instead, as they already have high defenses I'm not entirely sold on that reasoning, honestly. Not only does it feel a little reductive (I think that Force Field has plenty of tools to provide support to others - not just its shields; though again in your words, that's something that we disagree with), but it ignores a lot of potential quality of life improvements that Force Field might benefit better from, without needing to implement a new mechanic into the set. Basically a lot of what Philotic's already suggested (and perhaps some of my own). Once those changes are discussed, and their efficacy evaluated (hopefully even implemented), I think we'd be in a position to discuss greater changes to the set.
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