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  1. Something like a single target Choking Cloud, by the sounds of things? That could certainly work as a way of reducing its potency somewhat. That being said, I do personally think that T3: Detain is in a good spot at the moment. That it can only affect one target at a time is quite substantial of a drawback given the game's crowd-heavy nature, in my opinion. I could maybe see it being ticked down to a Mag 3.5? But the intent was definitely to be able to lock down a single, relatively strong target at the cost of not being able to do anything else with the power. And yeah! T8: Comp
  2. Oh! And in addition to that, getting rid of the "deactivate/suppress toggles" clause from those Energy Barriers in the process. As mentioned before, T3: Detain should be more than enough to handle them, especially since I imagine its Hold component as automatically hitting things, similar to Telekinesis.
  3. Oh wow! Thank you for the in depth response, Replacement - glad you're a fan of the feel of it, which was definitely something I was attempting to keep in mind. You do have a stronger grasp at the specifics of the game, and it's reflected here. I'll try and address each part in chunks as best I can, along with trying to clarify things and the like. Mechanics I was definitely rather vague with how Barrier Control might work specifically, because I myself am not quite certain of how its summoned barriers around enemies might function. One thing that potentially
  4. Hey @Replacement! I've got a house made of energy barriers to sell you - would be interested in hearing your thoughts on it, and giving it a read. 😁
  5. Also going to give @MTeague a wave - I know you've talked wanting more Control powersets without a pet in the past before, so this might be of interest to you! While Barrier Control does have 'pets' in its energy barrier summons, they're immobile constructs that are a core part of locking enemies down as opposed to being independent damage dealers. Would definitely be interested in hearing your thoughts on it, and whether it'd be something that'd appeal to your preferences!
  6. Alright, I imagine it shouldn't be too hard, hopefully at least. Out of curiosity, do you also have Gravity Control's powers file? I kind of want to see what they did for Singularity for the whole attract mechanism, or if there's a more general form of seeing the different kinds of things that the new attract tech can do.
  7. Thank you, I'll think about it in that case! At the very least, it wouldn't harm to try and make something like this...and actually seeing the set being used in practice does admittedly sound very cool. To my knowledge, the power effects on display here are all things currently capable in-game, but I'm not too sure. Would definitely benefit from a dev checking through it and whatnot. And if it's a unique powerset that also doesn't require the creation of new assets, that sounds like an absolute win. Out of curiosity, what is the Generated by XLStoPowerDef.bat ver 57 annotation at the top of bo
  8. Thanks for the name suggestions! I ended up settling on T1: Explosive Sphere and T2: Razor Bubble for now. I think they're more evocative of the flavour I'm trying to describe about how the powers function in comparison. While it's true that Barrier Control doesn't have an AoE Hold, it does have a power of equivalent utility in T7: Barrier Empowerment with the same recharge time of 240s. This was quite intentional, as it's meant to serve a similar role: an emergency button whilst overwhelmed, buying time to survive further, just in the form of keeping your existing barriers aliv
  9. Glad you like it! I was definitely going for a very Invisible Woman kind of feel in terms of exploring the various kinds of things that Force Fields can do in fiction. And certainly I'm happy to hear that in terms of graphics, it'd be a rather easy powerset to implement. Unfortunately, I'm not confident in my ability to actually turn these writeups into actual powersets in-game; it sounds like a rather complex process, not to mention the game server itself needs a Windows machine, to my knowledge. That being said, I'm thinking of writing up a 'strategy guide' of sorts in the origin
  10. That's fair enough! I want more Control powersets is all, and the Invisible Woman is definitely a Controller, so here I am. 😅 Have you checked out @The Philotic Knight's two posts on Force Field buffs? They're quite solid! Pun not intended.
  11. Thanks! Glad to hear it's conceptually something you'd like to play. Name wise, I'm mostly fine with the T1 and T2 powers here, but it is true that most powers in the game with the phrase "shield" in them are supportive ones in nature, so I see the point. I did consider T5: Kinetic Bubble as one of its initial names, along with T8: Compression Bubble instead. It's certainly not without precedence either, with the Force Fields powerset having two of them named that way in Dispersion Bubble and Force Bubble. And of course, I did take some inspiration from its naming sch
  12. 🤔 Hmm...thanks for the suggestions, and I'll definitely keep them in mind! I think it's okay if the shield's behaviour is described offensively ('cutting', 'explosive', 'charge'), but it's true that they're very blunt and straight to the point name wise. If I were to change them, I'd probably think about something along the lines of "Sphere" or "Globe" (e.g. T1: Explosive Sphere and T2: Cutting Sphere), maybe. But I'm open to more suggestions - might ping @Tyrannical to ask for help in this case, given their experience with creating powersets and likewise naming their
  13. Thanks for your viewpoints! I changed it to T2: Cutting Shield along with adjusting the flavour text a little to match. That should give it some pairing with T1: Explosive Shield name wise without repeating itself too much (there's three powers with "Barrier" in their names already). And glad to hear it'd be something you'd like to play - I definitely tried to imagine myself using the set in-game whilst designing it, so I'm glad that reflected well in the proposal itself. Out of curiosity, which parts of Barrier Control do you think would be the most complex components to impleme
  14. Glad you like them, and thanks! They're definitely fun to properly flesh out. From a broad perspective, I was aiming to make a powerset that could demonstrate the wide variety of ways force fields have been used in fiction, and wrap it up in a way that translated well into the game. The elements that I did identify, along with how that affected how the powerset was shaped are as follows: Force field users are versatile and powerful => Barrier Control has a broad toolkit that can deal damage, reposition enemies, and lock them down Force field users need to
  15. Will also give @GraspingVileTerror a nudge - as it turns out, Barrier Control is indeed petless, so thought this might be something you might like to take a look at. Or at least, not reliant on a pet T9, and the summons it does create are just constructs that don't really behave like pets. Would be interested in hearing your feedback on it!
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