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  1. It's a mag 3.5 sleep to my knowledge, making it quite useful for sure.
  2. Per the developer of Island Rum's response.
  3. On the one hand, I don't think anybody agrees that "feeling powerful" is something people don't want to have, especially at maximum level. On the other, people have different definitions of "feeling powerful" that can run counter to different personal interpretations of what this means. For example, when a team steamrolls through content without much help (let's use the 2 Blasters example), is there much need for a Defender's support powers? They can certainly provide some damage of their own, but if they were there to do damage, they'd have rolled up a different archetype. I'd argue that "feeling powerful" for a lot of Defenders comes from "empowering others". And that's not always necessary at the higher levels.
  4. By 'hard or not', I was referring to changing the game code, Lines.
  5. The discussion about 'whether or not this is hard or not' is probably going to be just a back and forth of 'yes' and 'no' unless a dev chimes in, and so by its nature isn't really going to go anywhere.
  6. Another potential idea that's definitely in the Way Out There territory, if we're talking about 'restricting Judgement': what about changing the power into a fast recharging, single target attack? Or even a fast recharging, weaker AoE attack, leaning on the secondary effects that the different powers provide. It'd have a high base accuracy, and would be generally more damaging than most single/AoE attacks are. That'd have the potential to fill out an attack chain for characters that don't really have that, or free up a power pick for those that do out of the box.
  7. Perhaps enemies could gain temporary resistances to subsequent nukes after being hit by a single one? I imagine that a single 'nuker' alone isn't too much of a problem - there'll likely be a good amount of enemies still standing. Not sure what work would be involved doing that sort of thing though.
  8. I can't agree with just plain removing the 4 power pool limit, but I'd definitely be up for making the Origin power pools a separate group akin to the Ancillary/Epic ones. I figure that since they're mostly 'theme/flavor' powers, it shouldn't cause too much of a disruption - they don't really provide much in the way of a 'numbers benefit' (i.e. no easy always-on defence like the Flight/Leaping/Fighting pools). Allow people to pick a travel power that's outside the standard Speed/Leaping/Flying pools that better fits their character sounds fairly reasonable.
  9. There's definitely a difference between "feeling powerful" and "being overpowered to the point of feeling unchallenged/useless".
  10. Hmm...maybe the option to allow players to self-exemplar themselves down to level 44 might be a neat idea when they're doing missions in the 45-50 bracket.
  11. A change in lieu of Dimension Shift sounds reasonable, maybe with a spin that makes it more distinct from it.
  12. Ah well. Put together, it does sound like the game is flexible, but not in the ways that are meaningful for me personally - that is to say, fun and varied (and influential) crowd control, along with an enjoyable pet archetype. Not exactly riveting tanky/blasty/healy hero material, but that's mainly how I play in CoH.
  13. Something along those lines for Salt Crystals/Flash Freeze would be nice, yes. Not sure how it'd be calculated, but probably something to do with duration would be a good start, since they're long and enhanceable. The 'less fragile sleep' idea was kind of inspired by CO's "hold" (in quotations) - basically the duration of holds in that game were reduced when an enemy was damaged. I thought it'd make sense for some Sleeps to adopt that.
  14. Definitely some kinds of additions would be nice - debuffs are helpful for sure, though I do think that being able to improve the amount of control that different sleeps provide would be useful as well. So adding onto that: Mesmerize/Mass Hypnosis/Siren's Song/Spore Burst: implement the suggestion of making enemies knocked down when they're slept, meaning that they'll need to get back up once they wake up - all of these powers seem designed around physically putting an enemy to sleep, so it makes sense for them Salt Crystals/Glacier: implement a more durable sleep, reducing the duration with which a sleep lasts for depending on damage dealt/attacks received. These powers are based around trapping others in fragile prisons, so I think it'd make sense for them.
  15. I believe the last 20 merits are awarded as part of completing all the story arcs in Faultline (the Aftershock badge). Try checking the story arcs you've done in Ouroboros to make sure they're all counted as completed, or see if you've got that badge - it's located under Accolades.
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