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  1. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Buddy_Badge
  2. I see control-type powers at their best when they help increase safety for the team...but of course that use begins to trail off when such safety isn't necessary, such as in the higher levels, or in highly optimised teams. To that end, I'd personally go about incorporating things that address this by way of this question: "in what situations would control-type powers be uniquely helpful to a dangerous fight?" After some quick thoughts, I came up with some ideas: Enemies that deal percentage-based damage to a character (ignores high resistances/high HP) Enemies that have auto-hitting attacks or high base accuracy ones, such as many existing DoT patch powers (ignores high defences) Enemies that resurrect or spawn more of themselves after being defeated (mitigates high damage, slow recharge attacks) E.g. Devouring Earth, Apparitions Enemies that call for reinforcements/ambush teams at specific intervals (mitigates high damage, slow recharge attacks) Enemies with pulsing absorb powers that are shut down when controlled (mitigates low damage, fast recharge attacks) Enemies that are damaged for a percentage of their health per attack (mitigates high damage, slow recharge attacks) I tried to keep in mind the survivability of relatively 'squishier' characters, and to not disproportionately affect them in the process, while still increasing their overall difficulty. Of course, I wouldn't expect every mob to have enemies like this...but incorporating them here and there would probably give control powers room to shine here and there, by providing scenarios where their excellent safety mitigates damage in a way unique to them.
  3. Building on some of my previous thoughts on the power, what if Detention Field could also target allies, with the caveat of still allowing them to move around? Basically it'd act as a "can't touch you, can't touch me" button to help save an ally's skin if they're at low health, or even a fun way of letting a team member take an alpha strike here and there. Kind of like Personal Force Field, but for allies, and even more absolute. The main issue I'm seeing here would be its duration...but if there were a way to cancel it early, I'm sure it wouldn't be too bad. Maybe if they activate an offensive power after a few seconds of Detention Field being up, it automatically drops?
  4. Well, that's good to hear - in that case, giving those ice formations a higher threat level could definitely work as well. That being said, even if they did go the Taunt route, I personally wouldn't have too much of an issue with it. By that time, they'll likely be locked down via Arctic Air, so it's no big loss in my book.
  5. Mmm...I'm going to say "yes" for the most part - personally I don't see any compelling reason to change them. I'd argue that all of the Control powersets are generally competent at locking down the battlefield, even if some of them go about it in a way that doesn't really gel with some more prevalent gameplay styles. Going over the two powersets that seem to be brought up the most here: Mind Control while soloing is very potent - it's much easier to not avoid damaging sleeping enemies and so on while doing so Gravity Control can easily take a chunk of enemies out of the fight, letting one take out the rest of the group relatively safely - hard to coordinate and not to everyone's taste, but similarly strong
  6. If I had to guess, this was probably intentional, in an attempt to help avoid overcentralising towards those powersets with Power Boost in them.
  7. Hmmm...well. Darkness Control can be explained away easily enough: even without its secondary effects, it's a versatile powerset, so the -ToHit is more of a bonus. If Electric Control does indeed have the same values, then it'd probably make sense to have Ice Control's secondary effects similarly match. Or at the very least maybe modify Ice Control's -SPD on Dominators while in Domination, though personally I wouldn't go that route - there's already plenty of incentives to achieve perma-Domination.
  8. Do you think just creating Ice Formation pets with a high threat level might do the same thing as a taunt (i.e. have enemies "smash" through the structures after prematurely waking up), or could that have some side effects?
  9. I don't think that invalidates the statement that Ice Control already has something unique to it that other Control powersets do not - frankly, "current power levels" is shorthand for "damage is king", which seems to translate to "do more damage to make a powerset more relevant by whatever means". That's a game balance issue, as opposed to a single powerset issue. While I do think that Ice Control is a relatively low damage set even in comparison to other Control sets, and as such should be adjusted accordingly, I'm generally conservative in regards to going too far in the other direction (e.g. via -Res debuffs), especially given its secondary effect. Would you be opposed to the ice formations summoned by Flash Freeze having a very high Threat level then? A small taunt aura was the simplest idea I had in mind, but there are certainly other ways of achieving the desired effect that I was aiming for (i.e. creating fragile structures that enemies need to waste their attacks on if they prematurely wake up).
  10. Personally, I'm of the opinion that each power in a powerset ought to be worth taking: that Shiver is skippable at the moment is more than enough reason to change it (I also try to help Ice Control in the damage department, and initial lockdown phase, given its limitations there). Said design is heavily reflected in the newer sets, such as Darkness Control or Water Blast - there's a clear opportunity cost in not taking certain powers. Every power has impact. That's what I'm aiming for with the changes with Shiver. Combined with the proposed modifications for Flash Freeze, a player really doesn't have to have both powers, but can choose between them if they so desire, and they still provide differing effects: if they're so inclined, they can pick both, and be all the better for it.
  11. I actually think most Control sets are in a pretty good place damage wise at the moment. Personally, only a few of them really have an issue in that regard, with Ice Control being the main one (and to a lesser degree Electric and Earth, but they're much better in the control department, and have some neat proc options). It's why I went the route I did with the introduced changes: providing additional options for damage as opposed to fiddling with the numbers themselves. I'll argue that there's only one actual "blast" power out of all the Control powers: Illusion Control's Spectral Wounds, which Dominators don't even have access to - causing high amounts of damage and nothing else. While there are certainly other Control powers that deal decent damage, they generally come on top of potent soft-control effects: Lift/Propel from Gravity Control both knock enemies around, damaging them while also temporarily taking them out of the fight. Levitate from Mind Control is similar in that regard. The damage I'm envisioning for Shiver is quite minor, per the description of it: in a similar-ish ballpark to the AoE Immobilize powers. Main thing here is to provide more proc options for the power, rather than being damaging in its own right.
  12. What if the summoned ice formations just had a very high level of threat? It doesn't have to use the Taunt status effect, that was just the first thing that came to mind. The intent here was just to get enemies to 'break free' of these formations if they prematurely woke up by attacking them. This would do the trick too. Could you elaborate a little further on what you mean by that? The changes made to Shiver were made to take some enemies briefly out of the fight to provide time for Arctic Air do its work, while still being less effective than openers such as Flashfire to preserve Ice Control shtick of "gradual control over time".
  13. Mm...compared to Ranged T9s, AoE Holds are: Less accurate Doesn't actually damage enemies Recharge slower So what advantages do they have, exactly?
  14. Thanks for the mention! ❤️ Generally, I think when people say "in what ways can we challenge players further", what they really mean is "how can I make my character feel like they're contributing". And the latter doesn't always necessitate the former.
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