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  1. Base/SG name: Dark Wood Passcode: Woods-13802 Contact: @decomposey It is a public RP base, designed merely to be a canvas upon which other people can paint their stories.
  2. So I posted this a bit ago in the MacGyver thread because I think the wardrobe came out rather well: It came out so well in fact that I had to give it what ever well made wardrobe needs. A portal.... ... to Narnia
  3. Because I needed a place to store clothes, but the base layout didn't support a closet, I had to improvise. Two Bank Teller Bottoms on their sides doe the main body, two Bank Teller bottoms upside down for the base,, a row of Bank Teller Top over the top to make it flat and even, and two Tsoo Pens as the handles
  4. Ah, usually I run with form of the soul, so the endurance from energize isn't really needed.
  5. I'm curious as to why you invested so much into recharge and Hasten. I know on most builds you want your attacks as fast as possible but staff attacks, compared to most other weapons, take forever to complete, so your attack speed is more limited by the animations themselves instead of by your recharge rate. Also all of your attacks have toxic damage for some reason, and I can't for the life of me figure out where it is coming from. I would like to know, because I would love to steal it 😄 But below is one of my builds (I have 3), focused more on surviveability and accur
  6. Oh I ain't gonna lie, people -do- go to the D for that, and likley any time you visit there will be one or two who are pretty blatant about the fact that that is what they are there for. But to say -most- people go to the D for ERPs is inaccurate. Some do. Most don't, and saying that they do paints them in an unflattering light. Most people I see there go in order to interact with and meet people, make friends, or just generally hang out.
  7. Much has changed, but not in the past year. I'm not sure if the kitchen and bath items that were added were in the past year or not, but those are the last changes to base building that I can recall. Its been a while since anything new was added. But if that was in the past year, then yes, there are some new items in the base builder, mostly under the kitchen and bath tab. Plates, silverware, coffee makers, toiler paper roll holders and such. Other than that I don't think there are nay new developments.
  8. Honestly I think this is particularly biased, elitist, an unfair of you. Yes, there are some people in the D there to flirt, but just as many go there because it s a centralized place where they can be sure to find other RPers. Not everyone in game is on discords or even the forums, so they don't know what groups are out there unless they see in game recruitment in one of the global channels, they don't know about bases designed for RP, and they don't have any contacts, so they have to reach out to random strangers -somewhere-. I go there myself because I don't feel comfortable in
  9. I went with a pretty standard split for my portals. Redside, Neutral (including Praetoria), Blueside, and Hazard Zones However, I couldn't get everything to fit everywhere, with the new Shadow Shard portals. So I had to come up with a solution. Luckily my Incarnate Lore pets (storm elementals from the Storm Palace) were able to help! Both of them contain portals to all four Shadow Shard zones.
  10. This is why often when a magical character gets into a magical discussion with other magical characters, inevitably someone ends up uttering: "Magic is bullsh*t" Not that it isn't real bullsh*t. But that its not internally consistent, often contradicts itself, and follows strict rules except when it does the opposite, bullsh*t.
  11. No we don't. Have you -seen- some of the bargain basement cons Big Spider pulls out of the Zig and dumps in Mercy? Some of them don't even last a day before they disappear, never to be seen or heard from again. I think the snakes eat them. Look, Praetorian person, you want blue skies, green grass, and as many clenched sphincters as you can shove a steel rod up, you got to Paragon city. Just be warned, all the blatant crimes in broad daylight they have going on over there may come as a bit of a shock, after leaving Imperial City. You wanna do what you want and dare anyon
  12. I just tested it and the pieces are there for females. Spectrum bottom are under bottoms, spectrum. Spectrum boots are under the second option under many boot styles, such as Smooth, Stiletto, or Platform, and scrolling all the way to the bottom for the Spectrum option.
  13. I have one, up in the low 40s at this point, however I can't comment on the solo potential since I made the character NOT to solo, and have had friends help me with testing it group potential. I have some gripes, like the fact that it's almost impossible to chain stuff back to me unless I'm far closer to combat than I want to be when I target my friends. I hadn't planned on taking the sentinel, but I ended up doing so just so I could hit myself with my powers without running into enemy AOE range. Also the fact that no one ever stands close enough together for all of them to get hit
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