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  1. I also would like to turn off all the accolades. How do we do that?
  2. I just made a cold corruptor the other day too. I was disappointed that Chill Bill was taken 😞 but delighted I got the name Thrills and Chills instead 🙂
  3. In the city I live in all the things like construction signs and sewer covers are labeled "CoV".
  4. I like that the lights in the building windows turn on when it starts getting dark
  5. We should have a Halloween themed movie for October - ToT- The Motel Massacre And considering how popular DFB is I can see why Death from Bologna has been playing so long.
  6. I also tested it and found takeoff very weak. It is also clunky to use because the super jump power must be active. You have to click the jump power and then click the takeoff power. Otherwise it would be too much of an end drain to keep the superjump power active all the time.
  7. I am the opposite. The tier 9 blast cone power is actually turning me off my AR blaster. In the time that it takes me to position myself in combat I could have just pressed one button and killed them all. The other blasts are just so much more easier to use. And if you are using the cone while the enemies are moving, it is so easy to not hit them. So many times I fire off my cone and only hit 2 or 3 enemies wasting my blast power. It seems the only way to use this power is as an opener.
  8. wow inflation!! it used to be ONE....MILLION DOLLARS
  9. I am trying it on a Stalker but not really liking it so far. I got to level 32 and had thought that savage leaping from stealth into a group would be good, but actually it is not. I am not sure about the damage either compared to my other stalkers. seems to be lots of dots that take awhile to kill things
  10. My earliest memory for COH christmas is the giant snowman. Will he be back?
  11. what surprises me is how I hear things like "regen is horrible" and "willpower has everything regen has but more" and "willpower was the devs way of apologizing for how bad regen is" yet regen is the most popular secondary for scrappers and sentinels over willpower. So regen really isn't that bad then?
  12. I noticed the jump in price too, it used to be all rare salvage was 500k inf. But it looks like only select rare salvage has jumped to 1 million, such as chronal skip and essence of furries. So I think its only the salvage used in high level recipes and purples that has gone up. The lower tier salvage still is 500k.
  13. Thanks for the great advice everyone! I respeced my corruptor and removed all the leadership powers and picked new epic pool powers. which is kind of a bummer because i specifically soloed the black scorpion arc and died many times trying to kill Dr Qualextrin just to get that target drone for instant snipe. And then two days later the patch drops! But the overall extra boost to dps which someone mentioned would be around 7% just is not worth taking two powers and extra slots. The new powers I picked I think will be a better choice.
  14. Now that you do not need to slot +to hit to get instant snipes I am trying to decide if I should respec my corruptor. Here are the changes from the patch notes - - ToHit is no longer required to achieve fast-snipe. - for Corruptors Base 2.28 scale damage in their "quick" form, down from 2.76 scale. - Every point of ToHit buffing the player has will increase or decrease this damage, up to a cap of 2.76 scale damage with +22% ToHit buff. So if I slot +To hit buffs up to 22% snipe damage increases from 2.28 to 2.76 which is a 22% increase in damage. My corruptor had to take leadership tactics + patron power target drone to get 22% to hit. The other option would be leadership tactics + maneuvers+kismet which is still two power picks, Which means I have spent two power picks plus three slots of +to hit enhancements to get 22% more damage to snipe. Is it worth it to slot +to hit for that extra 22% damage to one power? Or would it be more effective to forget about the extra snipe damage, pick two other powers and use the 3 slots elsewhere? Thanks for any help
  15. Is there a possibility that that servers could be merged if the population further declines? I have noticed that Excelsior seems to be the only server that has red capacity now. I have considered transferring, but I have 30+ characters so would be a big move 🙂 and there is the chance I could lose some character names. so a forced server merge does worry me.
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