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  1. "Only 5%" and then another 5% is a large chunk of expensive items. I would argue that it does the opposite and encourages disproportionate pricing and jamming up the market. It does nothing to encourage people to list at reasonable amounts, because the people that sell high will sell high anyway, and it punishes the people who actually are keeping the market flowing. 10% is really huge. Other MMOs have fees in the 1% range. But I don't even care about the fee so much, I don't want to be punished for re-listing an item.
  2. Can it be modified so that listing fees are subtracted from the amount an item is sold for at the time of exchange, instead of just for listing it? It doesn't really make sense and it's kind of expensive and annoying to guess at a good price to sell an item, just to have to adjust it and pay hundreds of thousands if not millions of inf.
  3. I support the naming policy. If anything, I think it's too lenient.
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