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  1. You can't maintain perma Light Form in Dwarf Form, right? You have to drop to human form to cast it, so you do end up with a (small) window where you're pretty vulnerable, right?
  2. I also noticed this. Fooled around with "/settitle" and found that the command won't update the badge immediately, sometimes. So it's not a limitation of, or error in, the BadgeList menu, but rather a limitation of, or error in, the in-game command. Not sure whether clicking the badge in the built-in Badge menu triggers something else that makes the change occur immediately.
  3. Just came across this (working on my first PB, and was searching regarding Incarnates), and noticed you mention you farm with your PB, due to capped resists. Opening your build, though, I notice no DEF (but with resists capped with Light Form). Are you managing to farm on +4/x8 with no DEF and 85% resists? I usually farm on a 45% def 90% resist brute, so you should be taking 15 times as much damage, by my calculations (5% chance to be hit for 10% chance of the damage, for the Brute, vs 50% chance to be hit for 15% of the damage, for the PB). I'm not trying to imply you're being anything less than truthful, just wondering whether I'm missing something! Are you chomping on purple insps to keep DEF up? Are your healing through the extra damage?
  4. Tonio

    War Mace/ Regen Build

    Sorry about the thread necromancy... but I'm trying to build a WM/Regen, too, but don't know enough about either powerset to come up with something useful. Any chance either of you (or anybody else, for that matter) has a build I could look into?
  5. Anybody have, or can come up with, a softcapped build for Sonic/MM? Would like to try Blapping, if that works with Sonic/MM, but am fine doing standard ranged Blasting if not. Inf is not an issue. I could try to work on a build myself, but I have no clue which powers in either set are good and which are skippable, so any info regarding that would work, too! Thanks in advance!
  6. At least for me, running on Linux with wine, it's shift+RIGHT-click, not left click. Same here, it's RIGHT-click, for me.
  7. Thanks, that must be it, then. My host OS (Linux) is 64-bit, but I'm running wine with a 32-bit profile, which was recommended somewhere last time I checked, hehe. No biggie, I can wait until a 32-bit binary is published. 😄
  8. I'm not sure whether I'm doing something wrong... but I tried that download link, and get "Unable to read data - Bad Format" when trying to open files created by the version I was running (same version number, I tried with a fresh install, and with an updated DB from bleeding edge (version 20.2605), and got the error both times. Running in Linux, with wine, if it makes a difference. (Bear in mind, I can run MIDS fine, it's just the "bleeding edge update! (2020-03-25)" version I have trouble with.
  9. So the regular opener, from Hidden, would be Zapp -> Greater Psi Blade -> Telekinetic Blow -> Assassin's Psi Blade? Repeat, filling in with Mental Strike when needed?
  10. Thanks, really appreciate you taking the time to do this! Regarding the four points you mentioned for making my own build, I was aware of the first three, but didn't know about Moonbean/Zapp. Frankly, the biggest problem I have when trying to make my own builds is not knowing which powers "work" and which "not so much". For example, I notice you picked Mental Strike rather than Psi Blade. I've usually seen the harder-hitting attack picked over the fast-but-weak one (barring special mechanics, like Sentinel Opportunity), I'm guessing because eventually you get enough +recharge to make the hard-hitter fast enough not to matter. Was that more of a personal choice, a random pick (as in "either would've worked, just picked whichever"), or is there a mechanical reason for the choice?
  11. Does anyone have, or is willing to make, a build for a psi/elec stalker? If not, which powers are good, which are skippable, in each powerset? (Goals would be softcapped defenses, decent AoE, but still ST focused. Nothing out of the ordinary. :))
  12. Tonio


    Oh, I didn't mean to criticize your build, was asking out of curiosity; trying to learn the ins and outs of making builds, so I can stop pestering other people for them! ;D
  13. Tonio


    Why a Stealth IO in Combat Jumping, and not Celerity: Stealth in Sprint, and save slot?
  14. Ok, checking this out... I see empty slots in Thorny Darts, Flashfire, Kick, Combat Jumping, Health, and Stamina. I'm assuming you don't use Thorny Darts at all. Empty Kick slot is not unexpected, since it's there just to get to Tough/Weave. Flashfire... you don't use it? If not, why not skip it? Combat Jumping, Health, and Stamina, I'm assuming you're leaving the slots empty as a way of saying "your choice"? If PFF from Mace Mastery there just as a LotG mule, or did you find it useful as a power? If just a LotG mule, I guess you could switch that LotG to Combat Jumping, and free up a power choice (Assault? Tactics? Acrobatics?). Please don't take any of that as a complaint, I'm honestly curious as to the reasons behind the decisions. 😃
  15. Lovely, thank!!! Can't wait to get off work and check it out properly! Quick question, tho: why Cimeroran for Lore? Any specific mechanics reason, or you just like the way they look?
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