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  1. They don't share cooldowns, so there is incentive to get both. LRT costing the same as the "inferior" Base Transporter makes sense when you consider, like you mentioned, you can get it for free with a little effort.
  2. Hey there! Interested in your build, but neither of those links work (it looks like they broke with a forum software update). Is the last build in the thread the "top-tier, definitive" one?
  3. Oh it is? I must've misread, nice!
  4. I made an EB/SM blaster to try out the set. Mostly for soloing, so the KB was gonna be fun instead of problematic. Was awesome at first, since the T1 SM power is a high KB melee. Very fun. Unfortunately, the synergy stopped there. Disruption Aura's hardly ever used, since EB's KB keeps enemies out of its range. /SM should be pretty good for blapping, since it has 2 melee attacks (not counting T1, which has very low damage) and one PBAoE, plus the PBAoE -res aura. The cone stun/KB could be good mitigation with a kb-2-kd in it, or could be used to transition to ranged (knock 'e
  5. Tonio

    Fiery Aura

    So Burn mostly sucks on Scrappers. I've tried it, and although it does boost my survival a bit (since enemies just run when I use it), the damage it ends up doing is minimal. Is Fiery Aura no good on Scrappers? Or is it viable, or even actually good, regardless of how bad Burn works? Would skipping Burn be a good idea, or is /FA w/o Burn just a bad idea?
  6. I'm still relatively new to end-game build making (or build making in general, to be honest), and completely new to both War Mace and Regen, but thought I'd give it a try. Any help is welcome, all comments, suggestions, and advice will be considered. About the only thing I'm even close to "married" to is Super Jump as a travel power, but I wouldn't mind changing it for anything else if it helps, at all. Here goes...
  7. Came here to post this. Wondering if it has something to do with the command-line parameter changes.
  8. I considered this, decided to test it out, and no, you don't need to hit anything to get the full benefit. In fact, even while Afterburner is on, I can use FoT and get the +rec benefit in full. Nonetheless, certainly your build looks much tankier, although with lower recovery (probably offset by Power Sink, which I didn't take). I'm not 100% happy with my build (which I've tweaked a bit from what I posted above), it's still a bit of an END hog, and not nearly as survivable as I'd like. I'll see what I can switch up based on both builds posted here. Thanks!
  9. Still mostly new to making builds, so I'm sure there are some glaring mistakes here, so I'll appreciate any and all comments. I was going for survival (def/res), mixed offense (st ranged, aoe, and blapping; not sure whether that's a good idea, though). If at all possible, try to keep Hover/Fly/Afterburner in any suggestions. 😃
  10. I'm still working on my build-making skills, and would love some feedback. I'm trying to go for decent survival (would love softcapped defenses, but not sure whether that's viable) and high recharge, going for a mix of melee/pbaoe and ranged. Not worrying too much about what the final build will cost, so any suggestions that involve using more expensive enhancements are more than welcome.
  11. Tweaked it a bit, still not happy with def/res values, but can't figure out how to boost those:
  12. I'm very inexperienced making builds, trying to get better. This is my attempt at a BS/FA Scrapper. Any and all critiques are welcome. I'm trying to go for survival w/o sacrificing damage. Would love softcapped defenses, but this is as good as I managed. Would like to avoid Hasten if possible (I don't mind a longer attack chain), but if the difference will be huge, I wouldn't mind taking it.
  13. You can't maintain perma Light Form in Dwarf Form, right? You have to drop to human form to cast it, so you do end up with a (small) window where you're pretty vulnerable, right?
  14. I also noticed this. Fooled around with "/settitle" and found that the command won't update the badge immediately, sometimes. So it's not a limitation of, or error in, the BadgeList menu, but rather a limitation of, or error in, the in-game command. Not sure whether clicking the badge in the built-in Badge menu triggers something else that makes the change occur immediately.
  15. Just came across this (working on my first PB, and was searching regarding Incarnates), and noticed you mention you farm with your PB, due to capped resists. Opening your build, though, I notice no DEF (but with resists capped with Light Form). Are you managing to farm on +4/x8 with no DEF and 85% resists? I usually farm on a 45% def 90% resist brute, so you should be taking 15 times as much damage, by my calculations (5% chance to be hit for 10% chance of the damage, for the Brute, vs 50% chance to be hit for 15% of the damage, for the PB). I'm not trying to imply you're being anything le
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