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  1. I love fly, but it doesn't mesh with this particular toon's theme (he uses Super Jump). I'm sure I can adjust it, tho. Thanks!
  2. I'm assuming this build can be trivially translated to BS (iirc, WM and BS powers match one-to-one?)? I've got a SD/BS Tanker with a budget build, but have recently come into some inf and am looking to upgrade. :)
  3. Thanks, I'll see what I can do with that! (Fly/Afterburner don't really work with my concept, but I'm sure I can figure something out!) Sweet, I never would've thought! Thanks!
  4. So you would drop CK (and EC?) and replace them with "utility" powers? Ranged attacks from PPs? Cross Punch (as per below)? Of course, my first thought when seeing Kick as "on the way to Tough/Weave", but then I saw the FF, and was somewhat confused. I wouldn't think throwing in Kick into the rotation would help, even if it does proc FF, although to be completely honest, I don't know enough about all this to be sure. Would Kick + Cross Punch for AoE really be better than just ST'ing each enemy? (Please take all questions as actual questions, and not faux-incredulous sarcastic "you can't be serious" criticism, hehe.)
  5. Hey, I just started a MA/Nin Scrapper, too, and came across this... Couple of questions: Why the two Hamis in Focus Chi, and not a Gaussian Proc? Laser Beam Eyes... for Winter's Bite set bonus, or for actual ranged power use? (It doesn't fit my "Natural" concept, so wondering whether getting rid of it would be a problem.) Crane Kick: I noticed you left out the Knockback to Knockdown enhancement in the set. Just going for set bonus, or are you actually using it in your rotation? I notice you have 4 ST attacks fully IOd, one with 5 (Crane Kick). Does your rotation include them all? I'm finding 3 ST attacks are enough to fill out my rotation, (CAK, CS, SK), and I haven't gotten Hasted to perma, yet. Dragon's Tail: do you use it, at all? I find the damage is very low, especially considering it's the only AoE, although it's not terrible for its soft control. Force Feedback in Kick... how are you making space for Kick in your rotation?
  6. For me, it's gotten to the point that every time I see "DFB LFM" in /lfg, I start twitching. =/ I don't abandon the alts, either... I might not go back and play them as often, but I do, every once in a while, log in and play with them. I've only abandoned two toons: a TW/? scrapper or brute, my first TW toon, because I found TW too slow (I've since made TW toons and enjoyed them, but that first one I didn't "get"), and a dark/water defender (water tinted black, concept was "crude oil"), which I re-made (same looks, story, etc) as a water/dark corruptor, because it worked better (so that one really doesn't count... although the toon is still on the list, hehe).
  7. Actually, after our conversation in PMs, I'm seriously considering switching off Flight/Hover, to stay in melee range for Soul Drain.
  8. Been having a blast playing my ice/dark corruptor, enough that the toon's now level 50, alpha slot unlocked, and around halfway thru building my first alpha. But I built sorta haphazardly, w/o a clear idea of where I wanted to be, and it's now time to actually go ahead and made a good build, something I've never quite mastered, hehe. I picked Dark as my epic, but really mostly because it fit the theme. The only "must have" is Hover, although I do enjoy Flight+Afterburner for moving around, too. Thanks in advance!
  9. Tonio

    Too many powers!

    I don't think I expressed myself properly, although I do thank you for your replies and suggestions! I guess what I'm really trying to say is that Blasters have more useful powers for a given situation than other ATs. Other ATs have primary and secondary powersets that fill different roles (defense and damage, for tankers, control and support, for controllers, damage and support, for corruptors, etc.), so at any point in time, they'll basically pick from half their pool of powers, while Blasters have most of their pool of powers to pick from.
  10. Tonio

    Too many powers!

    One thing I've noticed with Blasters is that I end up with a LOT of non-toggle powers on my bar, especially compared to other ATs. On other ATs, I'm usually running a couple of toggles (which don't really require my attention, unless they're offensive toggles which can drop if I'm mezzed, or anchored offensive toggles, which I only usually need to manage between packs), with a relatively manageable amount of non-toggles (attacks, etc.). Is it just coincidence (I just picked powerset combinations that work like this for my Blasters)? If not, how do people usually manage this? Ignore some of the less performant powers, and focus on the best ones? I guess if I get enough recharge reduction, I'd end up using fewer of my attacks. Tray switching? Like, put all your ST attacks in one tray, the AoE ones in another, and switch between those as needed? Hunt-and-peck with mouse clicks?
  11. I've read the "dwarf to break holds" thing... how does that work? I don't see a "break mez" power in my dwarf form. Does switching to it automatically break holds? (I think I did see dwarf form has some innate mez resistance... is that what's going on? Switching to it raises your threshold, so holds are automatically broken when switching to it, if they're below your new threshold?)
  12. Question... am I supposed to (or is it worth it to) switch to Human form to use Inner Light, then back to Nova to keep on blasting? Or is Inner Light really only used while staying in Human form? I'm still leveling, and I'm at the stage where I really stay in Nova form all the time, only switching to Human for heals (and when I remember, Hasten), and am wondering whether I'll eventually want to do a quick switch to Human for Inner Light. If so, even if it's not particularly worth it now, I'd start doing it to start developing the rhythm/flow, to build up muscle memory, as it were.
  13. Oh, I couldn't play just clicking powers... I only click stuff like toggles, revives, inspirations (mostly cuz i'm too lazy to organize them and use the keybinds), oro portal... basically stuff I use infrequently, one-off stuff, etc. I did see Redlynne's "fallthrough" bind config, so I guess I'll give that a try, thanks. 😃 I've seen both of those (Redlynne's leveling and Doom's builds), great info on there, definitely. I'll give tri-form a try (hah, sorry); I'd decided against following Redlynne's leveling guide because it was tri-form, but you've both convinced me to try it out, thanks!
  14. I'm playing my first Peacebringer, and reading on the forums, I'm slightly overwhelmed with the whole Tr-form concept, particularly the binding, tray switching, etc. I'm also somewhat of a newb (played a lot back in live, but never "hard core", been playing a couple of months in HC now), so while I understand most of the concepts, I'm nowhere near an expert (e.g. I understand perfectly how IO sets work, but I still wouldn't know where to start designing a build to make good use of them). So I'm wondering whether playing a human-only PB will be worth it, or whether I should bite the bullet and start fiddling around with keybinds and stuff for a Tri-form (is there such a thing as two-form?). I'm sure human-only builds can work, at least from what I gather reading the forums, but I don't know whether they'd require more know-how and experience than what I currently have.
  15. Tonio


    Why can't I find any builds for WM/Regen Scrapper? It is a bad combo? I recently started one (bad case of altitis), and while still very low level, I've been having fun and have had no problems. Does it fall off later on? I see plenty of builds for WM/* and for */Regen, but none for that specific combo, at least not for Scrapper. I haven't checked Brute... is it just that it's much better as a Brute? Just curious. 🙂
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