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  1. Ok, checking this out... I see empty slots in Thorny Darts, Flashfire, Kick, Combat Jumping, Health, and Stamina. I'm assuming you don't use Thorny Darts at all. Empty Kick slot is not unexpected, since it's there just to get to Tough/Weave. Flashfire... you don't use it? If not, why not skip it? Combat Jumping, Health, and Stamina, I'm assuming you're leaving the slots empty as a way of saying "your choice"? If PFF from Mace Mastery there just as a LotG mule, or did you find it useful as a power? If just a LotG mule, I guess you could switch that LotG to Combat Jumping, and free up a power choice (Assault? Tactics? Acrobatics?). Please don't take any of that as a complaint, I'm honestly curious as to the reasons behind the decisions. 😃
  2. Lovely, thank!!! Can't wait to get off work and check it out properly! Quick question, tho: why Cimeroran for Lore? Any specific mechanics reason, or you just like the way they look?
  3. I guess I'd prefer perma-dom, which I guess isn't attainable w/o Hasten (although if it is, I'd probably prefer that). Softcap def would be the next priority. It would be for general play, not fire farming, so balanced defenses would be best, and not just fire def. In terms of budget, the sky's the limit ;D Edit: sorry if I seemed vague. I really don't know enough about Doms yet to really know what I'd need/want, hehe. As far as I can tell, perma-dom seems to be a huge boost, although to be honest I don't quite get how/why. Does domination do anything besides make your mezzes better?
  4. Anybody have, or is willing to make, a Fire/Thorny Dom build? I don't know Doms very well, and have found very little info regarding Fire/Thorny. =/
  5. Ooh, nice, then. I'll give that one a try, then... thanks!!!
  6. Sorry I sorta dropped out of the conversation... RL has been brutal lately! I like the last build, except for Mace Mastery, which really doesn't fit the character concept at all. I don't think I've ever seen those powers in use, so if the visual effects are "generic" enough, and don't involve using a highly technological device to produce tech-style effects, I could make it work. Web Cocoon and the pet (Summon Disruptor), are they expected to be used, or just there as set mules?
  7. Egads, just noticed the typo... sorry to disappoint!!!
  8. Disclaimer: this is only the 2nd build I've ever attempted to make by myself, from scratch, so I'm sure there are tons of glaring holes I'm missing, hence the request for criticism and help. 😄 It's supposed to be a "money is no object" build, so feel free to suggest changes that would make it humongously more expensive to attain. I'm not focusing much on global recharge (LotG, Hasten, etc.) assuming that as a kin, my recharge will be high often enough, but please feel free to correct me if that assumption is wrong. I had initially picked Maneuvers, Tactics, and Assault for better team buffing, but switched to Tough and Weave for more survivability (I'd rather buff the party than myself, but I do want to be able to do so, so I need to survive... plus I like to solo often, so I can't always rely on teammates for my survival anyway). If there's a way to make it work, I'd rather take the Leadership pool powers, instead. I don't have much experience with Dark Blast, so I'm not sure I'm picking powers there properly. No experience with Kinetics, either, so ditto. Thanks in advance!
  9. That's what nearly worked for me, except I'd chosen "Long Forum Export", and ended up with multiple spoilers with text between them. See my post as an example. I'll try "short forum export" from now on, thanks. 😄
  10. I JUST saw your DM, was looking it over. Posted before seeing it, tho. I'm really not particularly interested in psi mastery (or any specific epic power pool, to be honest), just looking to fill in powers/holes. I noticed you got Fighting, instead, which I never considered, since I'm used to Fighting as a way to get to Weave for def/lotg. I like your take on it much better, tho! I'll switch psi mastery to fighting; lemme see what I come up with, thank you so much! 😄
  11. Hey thanks! I'm sure the build is not well balanced. I started looking at your and @Sunsette's posts in the Sentinel Powerset thread, starting with AR, and then moving onto Invuln, all without really having a very good idea of which sets are best where (apart from the info on the aforementioned posts), so I ended up: a) kinda short on Invuln slots, b) having very little idea of whether I needed more recovery or not, c) not really sure at all whether my attacks were slotted usefully, and d) having no slots for psi mastery, hehe. I'm honestly not used to using/slotting procs (beyond Gaussian's for Build Up, really), but your post mentioned Burst and Slug could make good use of them, so I started with those. Regarding going overboard with Defense... 🤦‍♂️ Must be a bug on my Mids at work (I run it on Linux via wine, there), or something I forgot to toggle. I just opened the build here at home and am seeing the (correct, I assume) overcapped (softcap) defenses. At work I was seeing mid-20's for most defenses. I did not mean to go for such high defenses, haha! Regarding Burst and Slug missing, I actively avoided Acc enhancements when I didn't have slots for full sets, because I mixed up the "basic" and "advanced" slotting sections in your post, plus I misremembered/misunderstood and just assumed I didn't have to worry about accuracy. Don't shoot me, it's my first attempt at a build. 😄 So... with that in mind, I'm looking to move some slots/enhancements to reduce the overcapped defense, probably raise resistance a bit (?), improve accuracy, and make psi mastery powers useful (or get rid of them? replace them with what, tho?). So I'm switching over Devastation on Burst and Slug from Recharge to Accuracy, Got rid of Maneuvers (didn't need the Defense, not sure if I'll miss the LotG, tho) -- well, here's what I came up with: http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1530&c=735&a=1470&f=HEX&dc=78DA65944B4F135114C7EFD029EF477916A42DA5026D29F421E8C20D22AF18694220EAB21961C0319369D32946962EFC026EF8001A1F1B63E273EBCE072F5712051FD1E8CA4722082E4C3DCCFF501A3B69F3BBF77FEE39F79C3BE74EFCF270E5DDB12B0342AA1ED215D34C4CA946463354BD343E9F51325AD210F4C8F1647ABA8406EE7D73625231E6D499F0A0692AF37A2631A9CDEAAA37671D566755C354C3A78C4BF3BAA1A695F39AAE651644E54432A987C75525A5197335FB9319356D5ED052E5D67C2AA5AA3375D67094765513C9D9C4394DD75B4652DA7438B7C384A925E28A9951D30BCD945837FD9FF9053F59593C2D12A25E1645CBC418B1D846D9CB42BE2EACB97C133C11204AECB3456BFCB228FE6DB36CC5DB9897EE3077C1E77E761159BBD483F8E5BDCC3058196146C1EA18E8A453B4C157D836A0BDA47876E460B75F85E65840FE8E5BC8B3EE0693F36EE03A0629FF12F816956CA1C6866DE4DFB4032E51FC32DEB3EC0EE20F915F05EF59E1E2F56EB0D9C36C030F7999EDE049F2AD82AFADEA1AE2B9BCC8C7B588B9A703F37B41216A789F9A2DF87B383F0F9FB397F3F4EE32FF80CB94772D9F73ED06B4F64DE63BE67BF0F007E64770857CEBD9B77E49866D19EC5861AE32D7C0AE57E00BF26D64DFC623A8A7AB8FD90FFA8F328F313FC17784CEC6C9EFC3C9FD13E4FA82DC5FAB14BF85FBB4651D7EC13760F75BE60673131CA5B8AD882BB5364A96D6E3009BA8A7DC6C73FF675BA3BDDAB896B6FB78273D0FC0DE87CC47CCC760E40938467BFAB8161FC78DFC15568F457EA1A6CFF47E3B115FEA0CE12C6241F00BD9026C0B0C607DEC38F8956C21EEC910C7AEA33AC2D84F84DB91838FB428C78886A0C5982E3977DFE9478FB818DCBBCDF63D25DB5D608D1628B102A5AF40E92F50C6E5DC37832E166A9D9073DF042159ABCA1CB99B9EFD564E56F6907A91FD8F034D92CE4A5667549F01BFE7AF0F60FDCF7C8D6FD9696AF118B4ACE93C18BFCED317F3C6B77D07E37FF92C026F Better? I'm sure there's still lots of room for improvement (still doesn't feel balanced, way too much defense, but not sure how to lower it w/o losing out on global recharge!). 😃
  12. This is the first time I've actually managed to sorta come up with a build in Mids, and I'm sure it's nowhere near "good". I'll gladly take any criticism and/or help! I'm trying to go for decent ST and AoE (as in I'm not looking for really good ST or AoE, especially not if it means sacrificing the other), good enough survival for soloing content (I'd love +4/x8, but it doesn't have to be that). I'd rather not do fly/hover. I'm not married to psi mastery as epic, mostly picked it cuz I saw it recommended somewhere (to fill the psi defense hole, and as a LotG mule?), totally open to suggestions there. If anything seems off, it probably is, feel free to point it out. 😄 Here goes: (A) Run Speed IO (A) Numina's Convalesence - +Regeneration/+Recovery (40) Numina's Convalesence - Heal (A) Jumping IO (A) Performance Shifter - Chance for +End Level 50: Vorpal Radial Final Judgement Level 50: Reactive Core Flawless Interface Level 50: Ageless Core Epiphany Level 50: Assault Core Embodiment ------------
  13. Sorry for the newbie question, but I can't find the answer... how do I post builds on these forums? I've tried various export formats, but pasting them here just pastes the content, with no formatting. I can't find an option for "Raw" input on the forums. (I'd want to use short/long forum export... I know I can just use the data link, or the data chunk, but I'd like to use the nice, colorful format, if possible.) Edit: I actually managed to post it, by using a spoiler tag. Is that the "standard" way, or am I missing something? Edit again: *sigh* noticed it didn't quite work... the spoiler tag sorta gets broken up and it ends up posting several spoiler tags with some content "leaked" in between. =/
  14. I love fly, but it doesn't mesh with this particular toon's theme (he uses Super Jump). I'm sure I can adjust it, tho. Thanks!
  15. I'm assuming this build can be trivially translated to BS (iirc, WM and BS powers match one-to-one?)? I've got a SD/BS Tanker with a budget build, but have recently come into some inf and am looking to upgrade. :)
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