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  1. Hey, I'm a red-sider, if you look.
  2. Shouldn't this panel be on the inside of the elevator?
  3. Now all I have to do is convince Norton to let me install this. Mission accomplished, but it took a while.
  4. Well, at least I got to the server select screen again, no further, that's an improvement. I have other games I could play, but I don't wanna.
  5. Strangely enough, it's been working correctly for the last couple of hours.
  6. these are level 50 alignment missions being done in Atlas because it's usually easier to do there
  7. Rocki, my rock/rock tank takes aprx forever to get from point a to point b, at least without turning off granite armor. With my normal running 3 toons MO, it was, until recently, easier to use recall friend. Now there are times she is greyed out and I have to run (or more specifically jump) her. She has long range teleport. Team teleport sucks. They did something recently to recall friend. I never had trouble teleporting someone around Atlas or PI til yesterday.
  8. What happened to Recall Friend? Outside of a mission, everyone is greyed out util they are basically too close to bother to teleport anywhere. My Rock/Rock Tank is not happy. Jimpy A snappy message should appear here
  9. I changed my keybinds to suit my Razer Orbweaver keypad. I have almost all of my games set up so I just use the same profile. The keyboard "z" should be target next enemy ant the "tab" target nearest. The game changes that to "z" being target nearest and "tab" doing nothing. Changing the keys back and saving (and loading) the file does nothing. If I change it back how I want it, it only lasts till I enter/exit a mission or change zones. Is there any way to fix this? I tried renaming the keybind file and saving a new one, but that didn't work. Any help you could give would be...helpful.
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