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  1. Where should I post this? Seemed like the best spot.
  2. There are files for this powerset: https://cityofheroes.fandom.com/wiki/Wind_Control#:~:text=Wind Control is a control power set that,Control | City of Heroes Wiki | Fandom This would be pretty awesome I think. Do we know if there are plans to add it to the game?
  3. When I type /screenshotui 0 and then take a screen shot, the UI is still in the screen shot. I can't find any settings to turn that off in game either.
  4. DigitalDivinity, Oboritamos from Virtue
  5. Looking for someone who could build a modern tech themed corporation base for Role playing super group. The primary goal is to have a high tech research corporation that also provides living quarters to its employees. Please contact me using my global chat handle: @DigitalDivinity or on Discord with Nulde#5831 Anything that is mentioned as being "connected" to another room is its own room but I envision being able to get to it from the larger room it's connected to. Here are the goals I was hoping for but all of this is negotiable since I don't want to reduce anyone's creative choice. Technically we could scrap all this as long as the theme (high tech corporation/research center) remains intact. Roman themed courtyard (outdoor) area in front of the corporation where people can RP (fountains, gardens, benches, statues, etc) Modern office themed reception area when you enter includes a front desk where someone can sit as a receptionist waiting/seating area for people who are visiting I kinda see this as a Japanese type design (just for the reception area) with wooden floors and indoor fish pond maybe zen themed perhaps (just for the reception area) Large auditorium connected to reception area Hangar which can fit a plane and cars, connected to auditorium CEO's personal living quarters connected to the hangar (includes private bathroom, bedroom, office and kitchen) board meeting room inside auditorium (or connected to it if that's easier) a few private offices (3 to 5) for officers/high rank people; connected to the auditorium (if there is still space along the walls for more rooms to be connected) these private offices could also be distributed throughout the base if that's easier Two halls will leave away from the auditorium on two opposite directions. One takes people to the Residential Area, and one takes people to the Research District Residential Area larger room with apartment-like bedroom living quarters, rooms only need to be 2x2 I was thinking the living quarters could be one large room and then just have 2x2 bedrooms, sectioned off by building walls and multiple stories (about 3) kitchen/cafeteria connected to living quarters leisure/entertainment area connected to kitchen/cafeteria gym and looker room connected to residential area Research District (Large computer control room with lots of super computers, servers and computer terminals for employees to work and do research - uses mostly items from the Tech Power and Tech Workshop categories. high security vault connected to computer control room (can't get in w/o teleporting through a crack in the wall which is hidden or something like that) medical facility connected to control room medical research lab connected to medical facility Modern business office with cubicles modern library connected to the business of Arcane research area Arcane library and artifacts room connected to arcane library
  6. When it comes to Defender's Bastion's Chance for Minor PBAoE Heal what are the chances of it healing and for how much? Mid's doesn't show this. and for Vigilant Assault's PBAoE +Absorb what is the chance of proc and I assume the Absorb is applied to allies within a certain range of the enemy hit since this is an offensive ability enhancement? Is there a place that break down all the the enhancement effects? Paragonwiki doesn't have that much detail
  7. Oh okay, I thought Bio Armor was a Res set?
  8. You have a bioscrapper who is soft capped on defense? You mean resistance?
  9. I want to make a Scrapper that is good at soloing. Specifically for doing Flash Back arcs. The two main things I am looking for is: Good protection again Mezes (I want to be CCed as little as possible for obvious reasons if I'm alone) A lot of damage, there are so many primary powersets, not sure which one to choose. For my secondary, Willpower seems to have the most Mez protection against the main CCs like Hold, Stun, Immob and KB. Good Sleep resist too.
  10. Based on this information from the Wiki: "Set Bonuses and Exemplaring When a character exemplars down to a lower level access to set bonuses (and Global IOs that function as set bonuses) is based on the level of the Enhancement and not the power they are slotted in. Exemplaring more than three levels below the level of the Enhancements renders the set bonuses non-functional. However as long as the character does not exemplar more than three levels below the level of the Enhancement the set bonuses are retained even if the power they are slotted in is unavailable. Very Rare IOs and PvP IOs are exempt from this rule, the set bonuses function regardless of what level the character is exemplared to. Attuned Enhancements change their level based on the character's current Combat Level so the set bonuses will only shut off if the character exemplars more than three levels below the minimum level allowed for the Enhancement." If I am reading this correctly, Purple IOs and PvP IOs keep ALL of their set bonuses when Exemplared? So 5 Apaocolypse IOs will give me 10% recharge time to all abilities whether I am lv.50 or exemplared below 50? Always 10%? So if a set is not Very Rare, like Miracle for example, and my character is Lv.20 and I use the Lv.20 Miracle IOs then when exempt to Lv.15, I won't have access to the set bonuses anymore for Miracle?
  11. Ah, okay I figured it out. Thanks! Is there a way to zoom in and make the UI bigger? It's hard to read sometimes with everything small on the left
  12. This has literally none of the new content, like the Electric Affinity Powerset or Experimentation pool. I downloaded the Windows (main) version from the intro post and the instructions for the weekly update show: "Click __"Source code (zip)"__ under __"Assets"__ section of most recent Weekly * Open downloaded file * Extract contents of __"MRB-Updates-######"__ to Mids install folder, overwriting as prompted * _For a clean install, only extract the __"Data"__ and __"Images"__ folders_" Mids install folder only has 1 thing in it... Mids Reborn. Putting Images and Data in the same directory with Mids Reborn does nothing... updates nothing... Does anyone have a way to get Mid's or Pine's with the actual latest information that doesn't require knowledge of complex depositories for downloading? - I'm not a computer programmer lol
  13. This was perfect. Thank you for taking the time to help me 🙂
  14. I disconnected the small room which allows me to edit the base from the rest of the base and now I can't edit my base. I have seen other people do this and previous I could have sworn I would zone into the small room as the SG leader each time I entered the base but now I enter where the portal is and I can't get into the small room which allows me access to the edit window. Have not been able to find any edit commands.
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