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  1. This was perfect. Thank you for taking the time to help me 🙂
  2. I disconnected the small room which allows me to edit the base from the rest of the base and now I can't edit my base. I have seen other people do this and previous I could have sworn I would zone into the small room as the SG leader each time I entered the base but now I enter where the portal is and I can't get into the small room which allows me access to the edit window. Have not been able to find any edit commands.
  3. How would I post my specs and set up? A DXDIAG file?
  4. When I turn on the Windows 10 feature (Nightlight) to remove Blue light from the screen, as soon as I click the CoH window (it stops working). It does not do with with my other windowed programs, just CoH. I tried to download software that removes all blue light like f.lux but it does the same thing. I tried in borderless window mode and desktop (full screen) mode. Same thing. And only happens with CoH.
  5. I'm looking for an active RP Villain group but it looks like 95% of everything in Looking For Group is Hero Side. Is there even really a villain presence on Everlasting?
  6. I am trying to dual box on 2 accounts while the server is not full or close to the limitation mentioned in the Terms for dual boxing. The second account I log in to keeps crashing. And when I log into that account first then the primary account crashes. Never had this issue until now. My computer is definitely able to handle it, I have an uber gaming PC. So the only thing I could think of is that the servers must be detecting it and shutting it off somehow? Maybe for the ToT event? I am running 64-bit client btw.
  7. I don't get the formula and I can't find a straight answer anywhere. I am trying to create a Boss Only Fire Farm: Arc ID 16361 Boss Settings: Melee fighting preference - 100% experience at Lv.1 Primary Powers: Scorch, Fire Blast, Incinerate, Breath of Fire ((Fiery Melee) Secondary powers: Flares, Fire Blast, Fire Breath, Blaze (Fire Blast) I have done MANY fire farms and the best EXP and Influence I have seen come from Brigg's maps. The information from his farm is below. This information was gathered on a Lv.50 character, who was earning normal EXP and Influence. These amounts are the Rewards per 1 enemy type defeated in @brigg's farm. Minion: 8544 XP / 5,979 Influence Lt: 17,088 XP / 20,504 Influence Boss: 51,265 EXP / 64,081 Influence So, I figured a better way to get Influence was to create a Boss only farm, which i did for Arc ID 16361. With all of them being 100% Exp for Lv.1 or greater characters, I expected each enemy to yeild 51k XP and 64K Influence per kill, but mine is WAY less. Like, a 1/5th of what Brigg has. Mine: Boss: 12,817 EXP / 16,021 Influence.... so my gains are WAY less even at 100% EXP for Lv.1 or higher. I think it has something to do with the abilities I chose, cause the EXP amounts change when I change my skills but the formula and explanation AE gives for calculating EXP confuses me... it talks about ALPHA and BETA but the abilities themselves don't show how much ALPHA they give... so how does one know when their mobs are giving as much EXP and Influence as AE's mechanics will allow?
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