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  1. Psi damage is heavily resisted endgame then? Bad enough that it's not worth the hassle or manageable?
  2. Made a Paladin-y themed character, almost went Fiery Melee but Psionic looked a bit more fun. To be sure I have an idea of the playstyle, it seems like it's focused primarily on burst damage and single target debilitations? Comparing it to Fire it seemed to do on average more damage per hit with stuff like Psionic Blade vs Fire Blade and has some neat knockback tricks and such. Anything in particular I should be aware of? Powers I absolutely should not miss, or alternatively ones I SHOULD, things like that? Hopefully neither Psionic Melee or Shield Defense is one of the few bad power sets I've heard about (apparently the general consensus is Energy Melee is not great?).
  3. That is really interesting, and is very helpful. I thought melee felt really clunky when I tried playing that Brute, but I can see how it would be more fluid with that feature.
  4. Ahhh, gotcha. I'll try to get used to the default control scheme before trying that, but I'll definitely fiddle with binds. TEN sounds like a good one for one of my secondary mouse buttons. Based on advice I think I'll shelve the Mastermind (I dislike overly micro-heavy gameplay styles anyway) and was considering either a Scrapper or Blaster. Had a solid concept for a Fire Melee Psionic Melee/Shield Defense Scrapper with a "Paladin" theme that sounds fun. Have a few friends who are waffling on getting into it so i'm waiting for them to decide one way or the other first. Would be nice to have some other newbies to play with.
  5. Thanks for the responses guys; wasn't expecting this many honestly. Every MMO I've ever played tends to assume click move or hold mouse to move as the default, so you can rest your left hand on number keys for abilities. I guess CoH assumes you WASD move, Numpad for abilities, and always TAB target?
  6. I was never able to play CoH back in the day (I was an Ultima Online kid), so I was surprised when I saw this mentioned a few days ago. I've made a couple of characters (an Electric/Reflexes Brute and a Ninjas/Pain Mastermind; I've spent more time in charop than game so far, but can't say I regret it) and gotten a feel for the basic mechanics (though using WASD to walk in an MMO feels...wrong), but have an assortment of questions that don't really each deserve their own thread and I didn't see an definitive answer for elsewhere while lurking: 1.) What's the difference between the different pet specs for Mastermind? They all seem to get the same set of abilities but reskinned; three 'small' pets, two 'medium' pets, one 'big' pet, a fats attack, a slow attack, and some stuff to permanently buff your pets until they die. Am I missing some nuance that only becomes visible in play? 2.) How many people around still play the lower level content? I haven't played too long, but all for LFG is 'DFB' runs, which I've come to understand are quick powerleveling runs? Is everybody at the top end content ATM or racing to get there? 3.) What Archetype and Power combinations do really good AoE damage? 4.) How do Inspirations work? The game seems to assume you know, but the tutorial never mentions them. 5.) How much do I have to worry about slotting Enhancement slots for low level abilities? Are they retrainable at high levels or am I screwed if I upgrade, say, Call Genin at level 3 or whatever. 6.) How much do Archetypes matter beyond available powers? I.e. is the difference between Brute and Scrapper really that huge, or is it just a matter of a bit of HP or damage either way? 7.) How much does Origin matter? I understand some items give bonuses based on Origin, but how big of a deal is that? Is there some optimal combo of Origin/Archetype/Powers I would be a fool to miss out on for certain combos because there's some Uber-weapon for Dual Blade/Ninjitsu or whatever that only works if you're a Natural Talent character? Thanks any and all for your responses.
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